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I rejoined yesterday and in searching for groups thought this might be good--I am soon to be 74 and if I don't do this now--never will--if my sis at 77 can lose 60 pounds, I sjhhould be able to also
I am in N Maine, read alot, listen to music, love to travel--went out TO oLYMPIA IN dec for first time in 20 years to see family--hope brother and wife are coming this way fairly soon
Anyway am tryinmg to follow ww's new program and I guess it is too soon to tell--anywy--here I bee--Sassy74

I've just joined this group today. I'm wondering how are you doing?

Apparently the group has little activity. I?m in this for the long-haul so I?ll continue to post. I?ve been using MND for a month and lost 8 lbs. i am *not* a gym rat so this is great results. My doc, Dr. Steve, says food is 80% of weight loss. Right so far! PS: i?m 72, 43 lbs overweight

I sloughed-off exercise for 2 days? not an ounce los. Played 9 holes (lousy) golf and...magic! Not. The daily exercise plan Must. Be. Followed. Stiiiiill learning....

Well I?m back to using this app again. I lost 95 lbs by using this app a few years ago but I have put a lot of weight back on so I?m going to do it again to get back to where I was and make sure I stay there this time.

Hello to everyone on here, Just rejoined. Struggled with plantar faciitis for 8 months and gained too much weight back. Ugh! This app helped me lose 35 lbs. last time around so I know it works; also tracking carbs, cholesterol and sodium. I discovered an exercise series online that I joined (growyoungfitness.com). It?s just like having a personal trainer and I can do it in my own home. So far so good. Just started last week.

I joined 63 days ago, have had plantar fasciitis in the past. I'm 74, retired 20 years ago because of plantar faucitis. I purchased some stainless steel inserts designed to fit my feet and haven't had a problem since. (I can bring it on if I start walking again) Right now I'm bored to death with weighing and counting calories. It did pay off because I've lost weight every week since I started, down 16 pounds. I have a ravishing sweet tooth which got away from me about a year ago. I just couldn't stop eating sweets! It wasn't until I hit 150 pounds, couldn't put my big toe into my jeans that I joined this site. I would love to have someone to talk to every few days or so. Looks like most forum have no talkers!
Anyone around here? I was thinking of starting a new forum but decided to try here first, ANYONE?

I Need To Get The Job Done