Low Fat Plant Based Diet is saving my life. Topic

13 years with type w diabetes, struggled with eating because I was told a low carb diet was key . . . not true. I eat hundreds of grams of carbs every day now, as long as I keep my fat and protein below 15% daily average and I exercise daily I have reversed my numbers greatly. This diet has saved my life, I had an A1C of 10.3 which is a blood glucose average over 200, 90 and under is healthy. MyNetDiary is saving my l life. The key is plant based foods that are low in fat and protein. Our cells don't process protein, we only need a few grams of protein a day even if you are a power lifter. We have been lied to. Protein is a huge molecule, cannot pass through cell walls, amino acids are what a cell needs, chicken has 2 amino acids, peaches have over 10 amino acids. LOL vegans don't need to worry about protein. I feel better than I have in years, and I ate a plant based diet for years, the key was lowering my fat, and increasing my carbs that made all the difference. Fat blocks the cells ability to accept insulin, which is the glucose transport molecule. Please, research this if you don't believe me. Science isn't about finding facts to match our opinions, it is about facts that are proven repeatedly by multiple independent unbiased sources. Unbiased Sources. Be skeptical, its a huge corporate world out there.

Thank you for this post . It has been exactly what I need it today . Bless you

Low Fat Plant Based Diet is saving my life.