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Greetings all the way from NL Canada! i just joined and am using the app on my iPad. I lost 40lbs in 4 months with revolution weight loss but have leveled off since not using their food anymore. Looking to kick start again and meet some friends along the way! Has anyone looked at the Dukan or 4-hour body diets?

I have looked into the 4-hour body diet. I am following something similar with with appears to be great results in my first week.

In my first week of a low carb diet I lost 9lbs. Has anybody experienced that much weight loss in the first week?

Hi. I started a low carb diet Jan 1st. Am losing slowly, but steadily - < 1 lb/wk. have lost 15 lbs, so far. But, I am happy with that. I'm hoping I won't have a lot of saggy skin on my 68 yr old body if I do it this way. Still have about 65-75 lbs to lose.

Good job theTLC!

Ha ha, I meant LTC!

Good Morning - I updated my profile today and made it public to all of you. Later today I will post a picture of my high weight in 2010. My big weight loss was from Low carb eating. When I got to goal I went back to eating and drinking carbs. Over the course of 5 years 40lbs came back.

So for me I need to get to goal and practice staying there.

Cheers, NTXBelle

Hi, I know that feeling. I did well then gradually slipped back. Now onto round two of the fight - wish me luck

hi guys,im new here ive 100 pounds to lose.

Hi Guys, I am new to this team, but have been using the app and website for a couple of years now on and off.

I am looking to drop around 30lbs through calorie control and reducing my carbs, a method which normally works well for me for dropping but not so well for maintaining.

This time round I have decided to actually use the community features here to try to get a little support and a few ideas to help me on my journey, and hopefully this time manage to maintain my target weigh

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