30 April 2013 Burn Off that Cheeseburger!

Would you order lower calorie food if the menu told you how many minutes of walking you'd need to burn that food off? A new study suggests that approach works.

25 April 2013 Mini Meals May Reduce Hunger and Help Lose Weight

Eating more than three times a day is gaining popularity, but what are its exact benefits for weight loss?

23 April 2013 Strategies to Ensure Proper Nutrition for the Seniors in Your Life

Is there an elderly person in your life that you love, assist, or care for? Learn about nutrition risk in the elderly by reading this excellent article by guest blogger, Scott Roberts, LPN, CDM, DTR. Scott is just about to finish his dietetic internship and will be a registered dietitian in the near future!

19 April 2013 It’s Not Just Logging Food. It’s How You Log Too

It‘s better to log foods while trying to lose weight, but how you log foods may affect just how successful you are achieving your weight loss goal. Mobile apps, online logging, and paper journals prove different.

16 April 2013 Low Fat vs. Full Fat Foods?

Choosing reduced fat or fat free versions of certain foods could make it easier to control calories but it depends upon the person's typical eating habits, food preferences, and how the food swap affects their overall calories intake. Suggestions on when to experiment with lower fat foods are included.

11 April 2013 What’s Hidden on Nutrition Labels?

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to really understanding what is in our food. Be aware of these common “tricks” found on food labels and always read the Nutrition Labels.

9 April 2013 Trying to Lose Weight & Eat Healthier? Join a CSA!

Join a CSA (“Community Supported Agriculture”) to help you lose weight and eat healthier. CSAs are farms that allow consumers to buy “shares” in advance of the growing season. Payment to you is made in the form of weekly boxes of produce — fresh and seasonal fruit and veggies. More fruit and veggies in your home will encourage you to eat more of these very nutritious foods — which will then support your weight control efforts.

4 April 2013 Incentivize Your Way to Weight Loss Success

Money may not buy happiness, but it may help you lose weight, at least according to a new study.

2 April 2013 Calcium: Get Enough But Not Too Much!

A recent study has shown that calcium supplementation is linked to an increased risk for having a heart attack. This is a problem since many people take calcium supplements to prevent osteoporosis. So what can we do to keep our bones strong while keeping the risk of heart attack low?

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