29 August 2013 Long-Term vs. Short-Term Goals in Exercise and Weight Loss

Get yourself in the long-term mindset when it comes to losing weight and exercising, and the results will follow.

27 August 2013 Foods of Hawaii: From Fresh Fruit to Spam and Shave Ice

Hawaiian cuisine features dozens of unique and delicious foods, from fresh tropical fruits to Spam Loco Moco and Plate Lunch.

22 August 2013 Gluten-Free Beer: A Tasty and Healthy Option?

Like beer but concerned about gluten and keeping a healthy diet? Find out about gluten-free and gluten-removed beers here.

20 August 2013 Is the Food Label Accurate? The Error in Calories Goes Deeper Than You Think!

Must read post if you struggle with calories counting — it focuses on hidden sources of error. The Nutrition Facts information could differ from the true caloric cost of a food or drink.

15 August 2013 Calorie Budgeting While Traveling in Europe

How to manage body weight while traveling in Europe, thanks to calorie tracking and setting a calorie budget.

8 August 2013 Water for Weight Loss Workouts

Water provides about 15 times the resistance than air, so why not train hard in the pool for your next weight loss workout.

6 August 2013 Diabetes Diary: Great Websites for People with Diabetes

Want more information to help you understand and control your diabetes? This post is a collection of my favorite websites for basic information, self-care, and recipes for people with diabetes.

1 August 2013 Tips & Tricks for Entering & Correcting Foods in MyNetDiary

MyNetDiary has an extremely rich and powerful food database — know the tips and tricks for entering and using food items so that your tracking is super-fast, easy, and accurate.

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