28 August 2014 Late Summer Vegetable Bonanza Salads

So many late summer vegetables, so little time. If you’re tired of plain steamed green beans or corn on the co b or sliced cucumbers, shake up your taste buds by combining these and more into chunky vegetable salads.

19 August 2014 Easy Travel Snacks for Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

The summer is coming to an end but many of you are still vacationing. This post includes ideas for healthier snacks that travel well for plane, train, and cars.

12 August 2014 Tips for Testing Your Blood Glucose (Blood Sugar)

Are you using proper technique to get an accurate blood glucose (BG) reading at home? Be sure you know the basics of good technique so that you can avoid frustrating swings in readings that seem unrelated to your food intake, exercise, or medication schedule.

8 August 2014 Forget Couch to 5K – Just Log Some Miles Say Researchers

New research is out that logging a modest mileage each week running will add years to your life and protect against heart disease.

5 August 2014 Stay Slim and Enjoy Food: European Secrets of the Super-Healthy

Have you ever wondered how people in some European countries enjoy their cheese, bread, chocolate, wine and pasta and continue to have the best health statistics in the world in terms of longest life expectancies, lowest rates of diabetes, heart disease and obesity?

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