27 February 2014 The #1 Exercise

What is the greatest exercise of all? The answer may surprise you. Find out more here.

25 February 2014 10 Things to Clear Out of Your Pantry

Diets are easily sabotaged when tempting high calorie food is within easy reach in the refrigerator or pantry. Here are 10 foods to toss.

20 February 2014 What Does it Take to be an Olympic Athlete and What’s the Reward?

Ready to be an Olympic athlete? Find out some of the keys to their success and one of the real benefits to their healthy lifestyle that doesn’t include a medal.

18 February 2014 3 Habits to Change If You Struggle with Your Weight

Restaurant food, processed food, and beverage calories are three factors to keep in check if you are struggling to lose weight. Read more about each factor in this blog post.

13 February 2014 Food-vertising – Is There Honesty in Marketing Foods?

Do you know just how much exposure your kids have to food ads? Do you know how “unhealthy” those ads are? Find out more here.

7 February 2014 Cold Weather, Exercise, and Injuries

Ready to exercise outside or do you feel to achy when the weather changes? Read on for a few tips about exercising outdoors and why rains bring pains.

4 February 2014 Diabetes Diary: How Do You Count Your Carbs?

This post describes different carb counting methods and why some methods might be more helpful than others.

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