27 June 2013 With Exercise, Do Less?

IS there a place in our healthy lifestyles for the micro-workout? This topic has been recently discussed at the American College of Sports Medicine conference.

25 June 2013 Get Your Potassium from Plant Foods

Most people have heard the message about eating more plant foods. While fiber and vitamins are key nutrients, the high potassium content, and the unique form of potassium make plant foods the ideal source of this key nutrient.

20 June 2013 The Benefits of Sunshine

Love summer? Find out why sunshine can do a lot more than make you feel good. It can actually be healthy!

18 June 2013 Good Food Sources of Fiber: Not What You Might Expect!

Do you struggle to consume enough fiber? Not all foods are equally well-endowed – some foods are naturally higher than others. This post focuses on food sources of fiber rather than fiber supplements.

13 June 2013 Be the Best Workout Partner You Can Be

Working out with a partner can really boost your exercise routine, but are you holding up your end of the bargain and being the best workout partner you can be?

11 June 2013 Thanks Dad! The Game of Diabetes Risk

My father passed on to me many wonderful things: a strong work ethic, a sense of humor, dimples, to name a few. He also passed on to me the genetics for type 2 diabetes. Thanks Dad. You may get dealt the hand that includes the type 2 diabetes gene. How you play that hand with lifestyle choices can determine whether or not, and how soon in life, it plays itself out.

6 June 2013 Didn’t Sleep Much? Tips for Today’s Energy Boost

Have a bad night’s sleep? Here are a few tips to get you through your day without ruining the next ones.

4 June 2013 Diabetes Diary: Carb Controlled Snacks

Need tips for controlling carbs from snacks? You have landed on the right post — includes snack ideas and comments regarding sugar free products.

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