28 March 2013 The Healthy Dollar Menu

There really is a healthy dollar menu out there. Check out our 10 suggestions for cheap, healthy foods!

26 March 2013 Have Irritable Bowel Syndrome? Learn about FODMAPs!

Sufferers of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) take heart! Experimenting with a lower FODMAPs diet might help you control symptoms. And part of this experimentation includes keeping a detailed food log with notes about how well you tolerate meals and snacks.

21 March 2013 Just How Fit Are You?

You might know your weight, but do you know how fit you are? Take these simple tests to see where you rank and how far you have improved over time.

19 March 2013 Not Getting Enough Sleep Can Cause Weight Gain

A new study shows that people who are sleep deprived (restricted to 5 hours) consume more calories and gain weight compared to when they are allowed to sleep up to 9 hours. Tips on how to get more sleep are included.

14 March 2013 Trying to Lose Weight? Accept Your Body Along the Way

To make your weight loss journey easier, you must learn to love yourself along the way.

12 March 2013 Soothe Yourself without Food

Emotional eating can prevent you from reaching or maintaining a healthy weight. Find out ways you can tame mental hunger without consuming calories. Content based upon the book, “50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food” by Susan Albers, Pys.D.

7 March 2013 Understanding the Glycemic Index

The Glycemic Index is important, but it's also important to understand its limitations when trying to eat healthy and prevent diabetes.

5 March 2013 Eating More Mediterranean Style

Key dietary features of the Mediterranean study diet published as an appendix to the NEJM study “Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease with a “Mediterranean Diet” in February 2013.

1 March 2013 The Hunger Rhythms

Your body is an expert on hunger. You should know how to listen to its cues.

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