28 May 2013 Simple Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is important, but it doesn't have to be complicated or high calorie. Here are some simple tips to get your day going right.

23 May 2013 MyNetDiary Releases GPS Tracker Running/Activity App

The new MyNetDiary GPS Tracker logs exercise and automatically syncs with your MyNetDiary account, or it can be used on its own for training runs, cycling, skiing, walking, or hiking.

21 May 2013 Supermarket Dietitians - Providing Nutrition Information Where It Counts!

Did you know that many supermarket chain stores now offer free individual nutrition consultations, nutrition talks, and even diabetes education with a registered dietitian?

16 May 2013 To Cool Down or Not to Cool Down, That is the Question

Should you cool down after exercising? Here are the pros and cons, according to new research on the subject.

14 May 2013 Minding Your Own Business of Eating

Mindless eating, distracted eating, mindful eating, call it what you like. It's the same concept. What's your eating style?

7 May 2013 Diabetes Diary: The A1C Test

Find out what the A1C test is and why you should know about it. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, then put this post on your must-read list. Includes helpful online resources.

2 May 2013 Refreshing the Family History of Eating

Our family’s past food choices do not have to become our own. Here is how we can learn from past food mistakes and embrace a healthier future.

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