MyNetDiary White Labeling Primer

Do you really want to build your own calorie tracker? The task seems to be fairly straightforward: buy a food catalog, build food log facility, then do the same for exercise.

From our 6+ years of experience in building and operating a state-of-the-art online food diary,, and developing top-rated, bestselling companion mobile apps for all major platforms – iPhone, Android, and iPad — it is far from trivial.

Counting calories has no value unless it helps a person control their body weight, so you must combine food intake and exercise into a calorie-based plan and help the user stick to it. It also helps to build reports, charts, achievement notifications, user groups, a diet knowledge base and other tools for analysing a user′s progress and providing the user with relevant information. And, of course, everything has to be mobile, work seamlessly and be supported on smartphones, tablets and personal computers. The food database has to be continuously updated and expanded, to keep up with food recipe and restaurant menu changes, and new foods being introduced to the market.

The MyNetDiary team provides everything listed above for our white-labeling partners. We provide a set of functional components while customizing graphics, layout, sign-up, workflow and account management features. All MyNetDiary features, including Diabetes and Health Tracking are included in white-labeled service.

Every white-labeled component is marked with a gear image below. The component can be selected as-is, visually customized for white-labeling or simply hidden from the end user.

You may also find it useful to review our White Labeling Features and Benefits executive summary (PDF).

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps support top-notch native implementations of the features listed below on the iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, and iPad.

Some features vary from platform to platform, in particular the BlackBerry app does not include planning tools, relying on online planning tools.

Barcode scanning is available on iOS and Android devices with cameras.

Daily Food Log

Smart in-place editing of foods and amounts with free-text entry combined with real-time food and amount suggestions.

Streamlined, smart food entry

  • By Instant Food Search: type into a food grid and select from a suggested list;
    most recent, frequent and popular foods show up at the top of the list.
  • By selecting from Food Catalog
  • By selecting from MyFoods dialog
  • By using Same feature (recall complete meals from previous day)
  • By selecting Recent (individual food entry recall from previous days)
  • By scanning product barcode with camera-equipped mobile phone

Instant Food Search

Results are displayed while user is typing, with found keywords highlighted

Search by:

  • multiple complete keywords
  • multiple keyword prefixes
  • phonetic similarity

The results are sorted by a community-based food rank and by personal relevance.

The most-frequent and the most-recent foods are displayed at the top of the results list.

Auto-spelling correction of mistyped food keywords.

Food catalog

Contains more than 1,030,000 foods (767,000 carefully monitored high-quality system foods, 263,000 contributed)

Every food can have multiple standard serving sizes (doughnut hole, stick, honeybun, etc.)

Automatic suggestions and input recognition for standard volumes: tsp, tbsp, fl oz, cup, etc.

Hierarchical catalog containing vendor names and vendor food categories.

Hierarchical browsing combined with Instant Food Search: search a food by keywords; the tree shows other foods from the same vendor and category.

Food Grid and Catalog integration: current food entry can be shown in the tree; user can select a food in the tree and quickly create a food entry.

Food Catalog nutrient information is continuously carefully updated by the MyNetDiary team.

MyFoods dialog

  • Shows custom foods as well as previously used catalog foods, grouped by category
  • MyFoods collection is created and managed automatically, as a user enters foods
  • Add/modify/delete custom foods. Selective manual MyFoods cleanup.
  • Food Grid and MyFoods integration: current food entry can be shown in the tree; a user can select a food in the tree and quickly create a food entry.
  • Short food names and amount names: MyNetDiary remembers user inputs “as-is” and uses those inputs as short names for simplified display and quick suggestions, which makes it very easy to distinguish a user′s previously used, familiar, foods and amounts from the rest of the huge food catalog.

Food Details dialog

Shows up to 45 nutrient values for multiple serving sizes.

Food score — a single number evaluating both harmful and beneficial components of a food.

Shows nutrient percentages relatively to a personal plan (in addition to a 2000 calorie diet).

Allows the editing of custom and contributed foods, and reporting system food anomalies.

Copy and customize — a feature for quick customization of an existing food.

Real-time nutrition analysis

  • Real-time tracking of up to 45 nutrients, with user selecting what nutrients to track.
  • Real-time meal and day calorie totals.
  • “Remained in food plan” totals.
  • Calories ratio: energy percentage from fat, carbs and proteins.
  • Food calories remaining for the day, based on food and exercise plan and actual values.

Recipes can be quickly created from meals containing foods and other recipes and stored as custom foods.

Food time tracking with minute precision, with smart and customizable pre-population strategy.

Undo/Redo for safe editing, day-specific, lasts for the duration of a session and survives closing of a browser.

Food images 300+ images, well-crafted for major food types and categories. The images make editing safer and diary review easier.

Printing: daily pages can be printed out.

Sorting: The food entries are sorted within meals when a user clicks column header.

Daily Exercise Log

Exercise tracking features are the same as Food tracking features.

Daily Details

Daily Body Measurement Log

Select up to 20 body measurements for tracking and set up their target values.

Free-text value entry while recognizing any input formats and converting to US or English units.

Automatic BMI and BMR calculation.

Daily Water tracker — for up to 15 glasses of water daily

Daily Notes , Vitamins / Supplements / Medications — free-text fields for unstructured daily entries

Day Highlights

Real-time user-specific advice on daily cholesterol, sodium, sat fat, trans fat, fiber, etc.

Daily and Weekly Analysis

Real-time calorie analysis of calories spent and consumed: determination of how today′s actual calories correspond to a user's weight-loss/gain plan and actionable advice on additional exercise or food allowances for the day and week in order to adhere to calorie balance required by the user's weight-loss plan.

Weight and Nutrition Planning

It is very easy to plan your weight with MyNetDiary: you start with defining your weight target and get your initial calorie plan. Over time, you can refine and override every aspect of your plan, when needed. Thus, the simplicity in use and flexibility are provided simultaneously.

Specify your current weight, target weight and target date, provide some personal information and MyNetDiary will calculate a user′s recommended Target Daily Food Calories

Weight loss, gain and maintenance goals are supported equally.

Select Planned Weekly Rate (e.g. losing 1lb/week) and MyNetDiary will specify your daily calories and when your target weight will be reached.

Plan Fat/Carbs/Protein by entering percentages of energy coming from these macronutrients. MyNetDiary will always keep your macronutrients in balance.

If you decide to override Target Daily Food Calories, MyNetDiary will comment on your decision: it will try to predict your estimated weight loss and provide health safety warnings in case your override causes a high rate of weight change or becomes unsafe .

Plan exercise with MyNetDiary , MyNetDiary helps planning exercise with a weekly exercise worksheet.

Once you start losing weight, your body requires less calories. Every day you come closer to your target date is one less day you have to achieve you target weight. You can choose to manually adjust your plan periodically or rely on MyNetDiary′s AutoPilot feature, which results in auto-adjusting your plan as soon as you enter a new body weight or any other information influencing your weight plan. MyNetDiary AutoPilot automates calorie planning completely.

In addition to calories and macronutrients, MyNetDiary provides recommendations for approximately 40 other nutrients that can be tracked by user.


MyNetDiary charts are automatically scaled for any screen size. Chart period varies from 7 days to 1 year.

Weight Chart can be correlated with weight factors: food, exercise and carbs and related to planned values. This single chart combines a user′s plan and actual information for the selected period, while highlighting problematic days and showing overall weight trends.

Nutrient Chart summarizes macronutrients for the period while breaking averages down for meals. Fats are broken down to good and bad fat components. The nutrients can be shown in grams, calories or percentages of calories. Daily plan values are also provided for comparing actual values to one′s plan.

Measurement Chart shows individual measurements over time, plus a target value. Both components of a user′s blood pressure measurement are shown on the same chart.


Daily Report represents one day′s worth of information logged — including foods, exercises, glasses of water and free-text notes.

Report period varies from 7 days to 1 year. It is possible to navigate to next / previous period.

Reports can be printed and exported to Excel.

Food Report contains every food entry for the selected period, with food icons, all nutrients, meals and daily totals, averages over the period, calories percentages and links to individual Daily reports.

Daily Summary Report summarizes nutrients for days; also has daily notes, vitamins, water glasses, averages over the period, calorie percentages and links to Daily reports.

Exercises Report contains every exercise entry for the period, with activity icons, calories and average daily exercise calories for the period.

Measurements Report contains every measurement entry for the period; it shows only the days with measurement entries.

Diabetes and Health Tracking

White labeled service includes comprehensive and easy to use tools for tracking diabetes and other health conditions:

  • Blood glucose tracking with multiple ranges, such as pre-meal, post-meal, and custom ranges.
  • Optional insulin tracking.
  • Blood pressure tracking.
  • Cholesterol tracking.
  • Custom trackers - for medications, daily steps, stress level, symptoms - anything!
  • Flexible system of assigning labels to tracker entries to classify your data and understanding dependencies and underlying causes.
  • Comprehensive specialized charts.
  • Powerful Day Timeline - consolidated view of your carbs, medications, blood glucose, exercise grouped by parts of a day.
  • etc.
Read more on Diabetes and Health tracking with MyNetDiary.

MyNetDiary Community

A specialized community for peer support, motivation and accountability. Supported by a Registered Dietitian. User communication is built around a forum, public teams, custom groups, pairs (friendships) and personal blogs.

The following diary information can be shared with peers, trainers and dietitians via the MyNetDiary community: personal textual profile, “before” and “after” photos, blog, daily analysis, weight plan, weight chart, all other charts and reports. Sharing is controlled by the user via the community profile. Community participation is anonymous; nicknames are used for representing the users without disclosing their identity.

It is easy to get involved in MyNetDiary Community:

Integration with third-party services

Twitter Integration

MyNetDiary can automatically update your Twitter status when you enter foods, exercises and body weight changes. Food, exercise, weight and daily analysis notifications are supported in brief or detailed format.

Withings Integration

Linking MyNetDiary to Withings allows you to download (if available on the Withings website):

  • Daily calories counted by your Withing activity tracker, recorded in MyNetDiary as an exercise record and included into calorie balance and analysis.
  • Daily steps counted by your Withings activity tracker.
  • Sleep hours recorded by your Withings activity tracker.
  • Weigh-ins, updating your weight measurement records in MyNetDiary.
  • Systolic/diastolic blood pressure and heart rate data, adding both to Daily Tracking and to Measurements in MyNetDiary.
More on Withings integration...

Fitbit Integration

Fitbit trackers calculate your activity calories, daily step count, weigh-ins, and more, and sync them to the Fitbit website. MyNetDiary keeps track of your foods logged online or via mobile apps. By creating a link, you allow MyNetDiary to talk to Fitbit website and exchange the following data:

  • From Fitbit to MyNetDiary
    • Exercise burned calories (Flex™, One™, Zip™, Charge™, Charge 2™, Charge HR™, Surge™, Alta™, Alta HR™ and Blaze™)
    • Daily step count (Flex™, One™, Zip™, Charge™, Charge 2™, Charge HR™, Surge™, Alta™, Alta HR™ and Blaze™)
    • Hours of sleep (Flex™, One™, Charge™, Charge 2™, Charge HR™, Surge™, Alta™, Alta HR™ and Blaze™)
    • Body weight and body fat percentage (Aria™ WiFi Smart Scale)
    • The amount of water you drink
  • From MyNetDiary to Fitbit
    • Daily foods - including food name, calories, fat, fiber, carbs, sodium and protein content.
    • Body weight and body fat percentage
    • The amount of water you drink

You can choose which data can be downloaded from (and uploaded to) Fitbit. Use Fitbit Settings page.

More on Fitbit integration...

Priority Technical Support

Priority technical support is provided via our Support web page, support screens built into our mobile apps and direct e-mail requests. MyNetDiary support personnel responds to support requests via e-mail within 24 hours.

Please request additional infromation via MyNetDiary provides the best online food diary and health-conscious community for the fraction of the cost of traditional corporate wellness programs.

You may also find it useful to review our White Labeling Features and Benefits executive summary (PDF).

Disclaimer: The information provided here does not constitute medical advice. If you are seeking medical advice, please visit your healthcare provider or medical professional.