Meals Screen

We highly recommend viewing this short video to learn the fastest ways to enter foods.

This screen leads to individual meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks), while showing calories for each meal. Optionally, you can configure in Settings to show carbs as well. Finally, the Pro and Maximum versions support food time tracking, and you can use that to record multiple snacks in between of large meals.

You can also use this screen for planning your day in advance and tracking actual food consumption.

Once you enter at least one food, this screen will show day nutrition summary at the bottom, comparing your plan (entered on the web site) with actual nutrient amounts consumed and display remaining amounts in your plan.

The "ratio" value in the "Cals" cell indicates the ratio of calories obtained from fats, carbohydrates, and proteins, respectively (following the same nutrient order as in the table).

With MyNetDiary PRO and Maximum, you can customize the nutrient list with the Settings button at the bottom.

The "Report" button on the bottom toolbar opens the "Daily Details Report" screen, displaying all nutrient details for each food, meal, and the entire day.

You can navigate between dates by tapping the arrows at the top part of the screen. To quickly return to Today's date, tap on the date.