MyNetDiary PRO Guide

Thank you for purchasing MyNetDiary PRO app!

The PRO app is built on top of the proven foundation of the free MyNetDiary app. If you are upgrading from the free app, it will look almost the same, as it restores your previous settings from the free app. But the PRO app is configurable with many more features and improvements, it's all in there!

If you are upgrading from the free app, make sure to sign in with the same MyNetDiary account name as you used in the free app (learn more.)

This short guide should help you get the most from many features unique to the PRO app.

If you are new to MyNetDiary, check out these two short videos:

iPhone App Introduction

The Magic of Food Entry in MyNetDiary

High-Quality Barcode Scanner

The PRO app includes a high-quality barcodes scanner licensed from RedLaser. This scanner works faster and more reliably in low-light conditions. The scanner uses the same MyNetDiary's online food database.

Track More Measurements

With the PRO app, you can add more measurements for tracking, including all body measurements, tracking blood pressure, hours of sleep and work, and daily step count. Use the "gear" button at the bottom of Measurements screen to select more measurements to track.

Track More Nutrients

MyNetDiary PRO lets you track over 30 nutrients! Choose the ones you are interested in on the Meals screen, with the "gear" button at the bottom.

Editable Recipes

You can edit any previously created recipe and add, delete, or modify any of its ingredients. Simply tap the Edit button on a food entry with this recipe.

PIN Code Protection

Optionally, you can protect your diary with a PIN code. PIN code is set on the Settings screen.

Track Food Time

If you would like to keep track of food time, to better understand your eating patterns, you can enable food time tracking on the Settings screen. This is particularly helpful if you eat smaller and more frequent meals - you can log them as snacks, keeping track of each one. Optionally, you can pre-populate food time with a delay - if you enter your foods shortly after having a meal.

More Charts

On the Chart screen, use the Options button to select different chart types and periods. In addition to the weight chart, you can chart nutrient day and meal compositions in calories, grams, or percentages to visualize where calories come from. Also, you can chart any of the measurements you have selected for tracking.

Customize Macronutrient Balance

Whether you are a low-carber, or looking for a low-fat diet, use the "Customize" option on the Plan screen to customize you macronutrient balance. Drag the sliders or enter grams directly to plan percentages of calories coming from fats, carbs, and proteins. As always, if you have a doctor's recommendation, you can customize daily food calories there as well.

Exercise Planning

The PRO app can also help you plan your diet better by planning your weekly exercise and thus adjusting your daily food calories plan, calculating how many more food calories you can eat on the average. There is a special weekly exercise planning screen available from the Plan screen.

Selecting Vitamins and Medications

If you use MyNetDiary to keep track of your vitamins, medication, and supplements, in the PRO app you can use Favorites button to quickly select from your previous entries, similar to food and exercise favorites. This is quite a time saver!

Keep Tracking!

If you keep tracking, MyNetDiary will help you make better food choice and your eating habits will start to change. It does get easier over time! We always recommend getting connected with MyNetDiary on Facebook and joining MyNetDiary Community - a friendly place where you can team up with other people to get support and keep your motivation high.

More from MyNetDiary

If you would like to get even more tools, such as wearable activity tracker (e.g. Fitbit or Withings) synchronization, full-featured website, health and diabetes tracking, and more - check out MyNetDiary Premium. MyNetDiary also has a great iPad Food Diary app and a special mobile Diabetes Tracker app.

We hope this brief guide will help you get the most from MyNetDiary PRO app!