Customizing MyNetDiary

Please see MyNetDiary for iPad Help for application overview and more help options.

Planning Calories

MyNetDiary calculates weekly weight loss rates up to 2 lbs. If you have a doctor's recommendation, you can override MyNetDiary's calculation entering calorie target directly. You can enter directly any number of calories, as you need.

Planning Macronutriens

MyNetDiary allows to customize and plan your macronutrients - carbs, fats, and proteins. Daily foods table has a special row displaying percentage of calories obtained from each of the macronutrients. This helps people interested in low-carb and low-fat diets to make sure they are on track.

MyNetDiary is very flexible with macronutrient ranges, allowing to go as low as 5% or as high as 95% of calories coming from a particular macronutrient. MyNetDiary does display a warning, if you go out of the safe range for macronutrient, but still allows you to save it. Make sure you consult a qualified healthcare professional if you go out of the safe macronutrient ranges!.

Customizing Vitamins and Minerals Targets

You can pick and choose the nutrients you want to track. Use the "gear" settings button in the top right corner of the Daily Foods screen to select and de-select nutrients.

For nutrients selected, you can further customize their target values, so MyNetDiary will calculate remaining amounts and show when you are exceeding or missing your plan. Tap the nutrient header column to customize a nutrient or learn more about it.

Customizing Measurements

You can pick and choose the measurements you want to track from a pre-defined list. Use the "gear" settings button next to the Measurements table of the Daily Details screen to select and de-select measurements. MyNetDiary supports many measurements, including body measurements, hours of sleep, daily step count and more.

The measurements you select for tracking will be available for charting on the Progress screen.

MyNetDiary Premium members can also use advanced blood glucose, insulin, medication, and custom trackers (could be anything!), currently available online and in the Diabetes iPhone app only.

Customizing Foods

If some food's nutrients are not up to date, you can request foods nutrition data update with PhotoFoods and we will update it for you - just send us the photos! If a food is not in the database and you cannot find it by name, you can also use PhotoFoods to let us add this food for you. Alternatively, if you don't want to wait 24 hours until we process it, you can always create your own custom food.

Customizing Exercises

You can create your own custom exercises - anything that burns calories! If you have an iPhone, you can use MyNetDiary's GPS Tracker feature to accurately calculate calories and automatically sync calories to your iPad and online.

For any exercise, you can enter calories directly, overriding MyNetDiary's calculations. Simply enter the number and select "calories" as the unit in the "Amount" column.