Daily Details Help

Please see MyNetDiary for iPad Help for application overview and more help options.

On this screen, you can enter your current weigh-in, other measurements, notes, water glasses, and see the analysis of your day, with helpful nutrition tips.

Customizing Measurements

You can pick and choose the measurements you want to track from a pre-defined list. Use the "gear" settings button next to the Measurements table of the Daily Details screen to select and de-select measurements. MyNetDiary supports many measurements, including body measurements, hours of sleep, daily step count and more.

The measurements you select for tracking will be available for charting on the Progress screen.

MyNetDiary Premium members can also use advanced blood glucose, insulin, medication, and custom trackers (could be anything!), currently available online and in the Diabetes iPhone app only.


Water tracking may help you to ensure you meet your daily water goals. The glass size is not pre-determined, you decide yourself what constitutes a glass, for example, 6 oz, or 200 ml. MyNetDiary does not include water consumptions into any calculations.


The Analysis section provides analysis of the current day. You can perform detailed analysis of your weight goals, and plan your diet on the Plan screen.

If you consumed enough calories (more than 1,200), the top section - Day Energy Balance - analyzes your day from the calories perspective. The equation displayed at the top calculates the total daily calorie loss based on your current weight. As you start losing weight, your body needs fewer calories, and this screen takes that into account estimating actual calorie loss for the day.

Remember, to lose a pound of fat, you need to lose 3,500 calories (not within a day, but in the course of several days).

The second section - Day Highlights - analyzes your eating patterns and individual nutrient consumption.