Tracking Foods with MyNetDiary

Please see MyNetDiary for iPad Help for application overview and more help options.

This is the most important screen of the whole app, this is where you spend most of the time, hopefully much less time than manual tracking on paper!

Simply start typing food name directly in the table, and you will immediately see matches found. Tap the food you need, then enter or select amount, and you are done.

Each meal row also contains a set of buttons - Barcode scanner, Favorites, Copy Foods, Custom Food, and Recipes, letting you scan a barcode, select from favorites or another day, or create a new custom food or recipe in the current meal.

For more options, you can touch food nutrients and a popup menu will be displayed. You can see food's Nutrition Facts, delete this food from the day, or, for custom foods and recipes - edit the food or recipe.

Nutrition Facts are not Right

If some food's nutrients are not up to date, you can request foods nutrition data update with PhotoFoods and we will update it for you - just send us the photos! Alternatively, if you don't want to wait 24 hours until we process it, you can always create your own custom food with correct nutrients.

Entering Food Amounts

Amount entry in MyNetDiary is so unusually simple and efficient that, surprisingly, some folks are having a hard time finding it. To get the most of it, we are providing very detailed instructions here.

Once you have selected the food, you should see one or several serving amounts listed, depending on the food. For foods with volume servings, you will see cups, fl oz, ml, and so on. For restaurant foods, sometimes you will only see "serving". If you ate this food before, your previous amount payments will be displayed as well, in blue. Sometimes, depending on the Internet speed, it may take up to a second to update the amount popup.

If you want to enter not just one serving but some other quantity, for example half a cup, you need to type "0.5" (without the quotes) on the iPad keyboard and then tap "cup" in the amount popup. If you want to enter two cups, you need to type "2" (without the quotes) and then tap "cup". Please note that while you can enter any quantity, you can select only among listed serving types. If some serving type is not listed, then MyNetDiary does not have nutritional information for it and cannot calculate calories and nutrient amounts.

If you changed your mind, and it's not "2 cup" but "2 fl oz", you can simply tap "fl oz" in the amounts. Whatever the number you have entered, it will be preserved. If you want to change the number, simply edit it with the keyboard delete key and enter new number and tap amount.

After the amount box shows what you need - the number and the serving, then tap elsewhere to dismiss the amounts popup and automatically save your food entry.

This way, it is very easy to enter any amount, be it one serving, 2, 0.35 lb, or 245 g. On top of that, all your previous amount payments for each food are remembered and will be listed above other servings in blue, so the next time you eat this food and the same amount, you will only need to tap your previous amount entry.

Deleting Food Entries

There are two ways to delete a food entry. You can tap and hold the food nutrients, and then select Delete Food Entry in the menu appearing. Another way to delete a food entry is simply erase food name from the foods table with keyboard delete key.

Custom Foods

The only piece of information required is food name (the food will get zero calories if not entered). We recommend entering food group as well.

If you don't know food weight, you don't need to enter it, you can enter only serving name, for example, "salad", or "sandwich".

We also recommend entering more nutrients, especially the ones you track - this will help keeping more accurate track of your consumption.

To edit a custom food, you need to tap an existing food entry with it in the table, in nutrients columns. A popup menu will be shown, with an option to edit the custom food.