MyNetDiary Plan Help

Please see MyNetDiary for iPad Help for application overview and more help options.

After you completed initial diet profile setup, you can use this screen to adjust your plan. You can change your weight loss rate, target weight and date, and also adjust macronutrient balance.

Updating your personal information automatically recalculates your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and Weight Maintenance Calories - how much you should eat to maintain your current weight. If you eat less than Weight Maintenance Calories, you will be losing weight. It does not get simpler than that!

Updating both your personal information and targets automatically recalculates your Target Calories.

Choosing a realistic target date and weight loss rate, losing between 1-2 lbs a week, makes you more successful in the long run. Heavier people might lose more weight in the beginning, but average weight loss over time should eventually reach 1-2 lbs/week to avoid very low caloric intake to meet weight goals. Very low caloric intake is associated with poor nutrient intake and nutritional risk. People closer to their goal weight might want to lose weight at a slower rate, for example, ¼ - ½ lb per week.

Please note that MyNetDiary calculates weekly weight loss rates up to 2 lbs. If you have a doctor's recommendation, you can override MyNetDiary's calculation entering calorie target directly. You can enter directly any number of calories, as you need.

Restarting Diet

Sometimes, people want to get a fresh start with MyNetDiary. MyNetDiary considers your first weigh-in date to be your start date. The Start Over button on the Plan tab lets you quickly delete weigh-ins prior to today. This is "fresh" start, as if you only started with MyNetDiary today.

If you only want to update your diet plan, set another weight loss rate, target date, or target weight, you don't need to start over! Simply update your targets and MyNetDiary will re-calculate everything based on your today's weight and new targets.


MyNetDiary allows to customize and plan your macronutrients - carbs, fats, and proteins. Daily foods table has a special row displaying percentage of calories obtained from each of the macronutrients. This helps people interested in low-carb and low-fat diets make sure they are on track.

MyNetDiary is very flexible with macronutrient ranges, allowing to go as low as 5% or as high as 95% of calories coming from a particular macronutrient. MyNetDiary does display a warning, if you go out of the safe range for macronutrient, but still allows you to save it. Make sure you consult a qualified healthcare professional if you go out of the safe macronutrient ranges!.

Save Your Plan

After you are done with the changes, make sure you tap the "Save" button, to apply your changes.