Diabetes Home Screen

The Home screen provides an overview of your day and leads to other screens - Blood Glucose, Meals, Exercises, Weight, and the rest.

Blood Glucose

The Blood Glucose row shows the last blood glucose reading for the current day, as well as average daily blood glucose, and average pre- and post-meal blood glucose.

MyNetDiary supports mg/dl and mmol/L units. You can change blood glucose units on the Settings screen.

The following blood glucose labels are considered pre-meal, and will be included into average pre-meal calculations: Before Breakfast, Before Lunch, Before Dinner, and Before Snack.

The following blood glucose labels are considered post-meal, and will be included into average post-meal calculations: After Breakfast, After Lunch, After Dinner, and After Snack.

Meals and Carbs

The Meals row shows both calorie and carbs information.

For calories, it displays total calories consumed and "left" calories - per your Plan.

For carbs, the Meals row displays Total Carbs (as per Food Label - including fiber and sugar alcohols). Also, on the Settings screen, you can select additional carbs type display - either "Net Carbs" or "DiabetesCarbCount".


If you are an insulin user, you can turn on insulin tracking on the Settings screen. If insulin is on, it will show up at the top of the Home screen, along with insulin:carbs ratio.

The insulin:carbs ratio is calculated for the type of carbs you have selected - either Total Carbs, Net Carbs, or DiabetesCarbCount.

Other Rows

"Remaining" in the Analysis row calculates calories as "Food Plan" - "Eaten" - "Exercise Plan" + "Burned". It's the same value as on the website and in the iPad app.

For Weight, you can switch between displaying weight lost and current weight on the Settings screen.

If you are concerned that someone else may see your food diary and your weight, you can turn on PIN code protection on the Settings screen.

You can navigate between dates by tapping the arrows at the top part of the screen. To quickly return to Today's date, tap on the date.

Privacy, Security, and Data Policies

Please see Privacy, Security, and Data policies. In case of substantial updates of the policies, a notice will be posted here and on the MyNetDiary website.