Settings Screen

This screen provides several customization options. The options are synchronized with your online MyNetDiary account.

MyNetDiary Account

If you have not created a MyNetDiary account during profile setup, you can do this from the Settings screen, by going to the "Create Account" screen.

If you have not created a MyNetDiary account during profile setup, but you already have an existing MyNetDiary account, you can sign in with your online account. At this point, as you have some data on your iPhone and some data in your online account, you will be asked which one you want to keep - please make sure you make the correct choice here!

Diabetes Settings

For blood glucose, MyNetDiary supports mg/dl and mmol/L units.

MyNetDiary supports Type 1, Type 2, Pre-Diabetes, and Gestational diabetes. If you don't have diabetes, please select option "None".

Show Insulin option manages if Insulin is tracked and displayed on the Home screen. If you don't use insulin, please turn it off.

MyNetDiary allows to select the type of carbs you are interested in most. This setting affects insulin:carbs ratio display in the Insulin row on the Home screen (if you track insulin), and carbs display on Meals and Meal screens. MyNetDiary supports Total Carbs (as per food Nutrition Facts), "Net Carbs", and "DiabetesCarbCount".

Food Time Tracking

If you turn food time tracking on, you will be prompted for food consumption time when you enter food entries. If you turn on "Pre-populate Time" and specify delay, time will be pre-populated the number of delay minutes back. For example, if you have delay configured as 20 minutes, and now is 9:35, the pre-populated time will be 20 minutes back, that is 9:15. This is helpful when you typically enter your foods into MyNetDiary at the same time after your meals.

Other Settings

Turning on the kiloJoules option results in energy shown and entered in kiloJoules on the Nutrition Facts and Custom Food screens, so that you can enter as printed on food label per your country's standards.

The "Spellcheck Foods" option enables automatic spelling correction for common mobile misspellings. If you are from a non-English speaking country, you may want to turn this off, as some English misspellings may be words in your language!

The "Show Weight" option results in your current weight displayed in the Weight row on the Home screen. If this option is off, then your weight loss (or gain) will be shown.

The "Show Carbs" option being on results in carbs shown on Meals and Meal screen instead of amounts, which could be convenient for those managing carbs closely.

The PIN protection option lets you set personal 4-digit code that will be asked each time you open MyNetDiary, to protect your personal information.