My Plan for Weight and Diet

Start planning by entering your Current Weight and Target Weight. MyNetDiary will recommend Daily Food Calories and target date for reaching your goal, as well as daily allowances for fat, carbs and protein. MyNetDiary supports weight loss, maintenance and gain goals.

If you want to achieve your goal faster, change the Target Date or choose a higher Weekly Rate, MyNetDiary will suggest Daily Food Calories for your weight target. You can override the calories with a value recommended by a doctor or dietitian. Our Calorie Planning article explains how calories affect your body weight.

You can always tap the bulb icon to get MyNetDiary planning advice.

Your Personal Information is used for calorie calculations. Basal Metabolic Rate - BMR and Weight Maintenance Calories serve as reasonable calorie limits for weight planning. If you eat less than Weight Maintenance Calories, you will be losing weight.

Choosing a realistic target date and weight loss rate, losing between 1-2 lbs a week, makes you more successful in the long run. Heavier people might lose more weight in the beginning, but average weight loss over time should eventually reach 1-2 lbs/week to avoid very low caloric intake to meet weight goals. Very low caloric intake is associated with poor nutrient intake and nutritional risk. People closer to their goal weight might want to lose weight at a slower rate, for example, ¼ - ½ lb per week.

If you are not significantly overweight, but choose a high weight loss rate, e.g. 2 lbs/week, your daily food calories may be calculated below BMR. In such cases, we recommend adjusting your targets to at least meet BMR calories by lowering the weekly loss rate or pushing out your target date.

If you think MyNetDiary's calorie recommendation is too high, make sure you entered correct weight, height, age, and especially activity level, which is one of the biggest factors affecting calorie needs.

MyNetDiary Premium subscription provides nutrient planing features adjusting macronutrient balance. Also check our Nutrient Planning article.