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Available on ios, android and web

Available on ios, android and web

Available on ios, android and web

Support your clients

MyNetDiary Professional Connect is a free tool that makes it easy to review client food logs and other data at a glance and provide feedback on food, exercise, and other metrics important for weight loss, helping your clients get the maximum benefits of your professional guidance.

See Entire Client Diary

See full client Data

Food, exercise, macros, 108 nutrients, water log, daily steps, sleep, body measurements, blood glucose, medications, and custom trackers.

See long term trends

See long time trends

Review weight, calories, macros, and nutrient charts, average over a period. The weekly trends report organizes and provides data for trend analysis over weeks and months.

Communicate with client

Communicate with client

MyNetDiary Professional Connect includes built-in messaging. A professional can also leave feedback for any particular day, to provide a context for the feedback.

See full client Data

Set and manage Clients goals

View client profile information including weight and calorie goals. For clients that need more guidance, it is possible to send weight and calorie plans. Also, a professional can prepare meal plans in MyNetDiary Meal Planner and then send the meal plans to clients.

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frequently asked questions

What is Professional Connect?
It is a feature that turns our dieting apps into complete nutrition coaching software that allows nutritionists, dietitians, personal trainers, and health coaches to follow the dieting progress of their clients through detailed reports and charts, communicate and direct them.
No, the feature is free and available to all MyNetDiary users, regular ones, nutrition coaches, trainers, dietitians, their clients, and everyone else!
No, you can use your existing account to turn on the Professional Connect feature and connect with your clients.
That is easy! Please see our FAQ short guide on that: How to activate Professional Connect
There are no limits on how many clients you can have.
Sure thing! Professional Connect can be used on any device: iOS, Android, and website. All features would be available no matter the platform differences that you have.
All the client’s tracking data would be available: food logs, exercise, macros, 108 nutrients, water logs, daily steps, sleep, body measurements, blood glucose, insulin, medications, and custom trackers. The client can choose from what date the data can be shared.
You will be able to create personalized meal plans for the client, you can chat with the client and send specified feedback for certain days.
Download the app, or open the website and start the sign-up process. Once you complete that, see our guide on how to turn on Professional Connect: How to activate Professional Connect
In that case, please contact us at Our support team will gladly assist you.