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Best Ever

Just want to sum up this plan a bit differently... It's creative, intelligently simple and much more than just a diet plan... It's an unbelievably fun way to understand what our bodies do want us to do, so that we can then really enjoy life inside that “happy body.“ Am I making sense? Go for it! I really mean that........ you will never regret it.

Matthew Oct 8, 2020

I love this app

I have tried many food tracking apps but this one is the easiest to use and understand while keeping track of food and nutrition without paying for it!

Sep 28, 2020

Best calorie tracker I've used (and I've used them all). Free, easy to use, cool interface, has everything you need. Food is easy to register, has a lot of options for portion sizing. In-app, custom or bar code food. Water intake tracking. Exercise tracking with all of the options. Purchasing gives you access to more detailed explanations and recipes.

M. Balcheva Sep 28, 2020

Love MyNetDiary!

I’ve tried a few different weight management apps and this one is far superior!

Sep 25, 2020

Great app

Helps you keep track of your calories and best of all it doesn’t have any ads even on the free version. It’s super intuitive.

Sep 22, 2020

Excellent diet app that gives you more features than Lose It! app. Could use a few tiny tweaks to make entering food faster. I've found it to be accurate and quite useful in my weight loss journey.

Alexander Kofsky Sep 22, 2020

BETTER than MyFitnessPal

MFP is nothing compared to this app. Makes logging food SO MUCH easier! Especially for losing weight. The scan feature is great and so is the autopilot mode! I’ve made amazing progress and the weekly synopsis helps me tune in my nutrition so much more I’m so grateful for this app!

Sep 11, 2020

I’ve lost 53 lbs!

I’ve lost 53lbs with the help of this app. It's easy to use and I don’t feel restricted. I recommended this app to my friend and he lost 47lbs after he tried other dieting ways. This is what really worked for him too.

Sep 11, 2020

Brilliant App

I find this app to have the best database of foods. I also love how I can make a custom recipe as I always cook home meals and find its great for knowing what an appropriate portion size would be and how many calories it comes to. I’ve used this app to help me lose weight as well as maintain that weight. 100% recommend

Sep 2, 2020

I've tried a lot of different food tracking apps. I like this one the best for these reasons: Premium is entirely optional and ads for it are light. There are a lot of basic features that are available and I hope it stays that way. The app is not pushy or flashy when it comes to design or reminders. It's simple - and that's exactly what I need. I also don't have to have an account to use the app - it's optional. Thank you for creating this app. Hope to continue to use it for quite a while!

Snowy Ashton Sep 2, 2020

It works! I've been using this since the end of May and I've lost 23 pounds. This app makes you realise how many calories you are consuming. It requires you to be honest and to input EVERYTHING you eat / drink. This was an eye opener as I started seeing the excess calories I was consuming which then allowed me to make better choices. I have not cut anything out but I now plan ahead and stick to it. I have my Fitbit synched so exercise is also measured. Worth getting premium for the recipes.

N Osta Aug 31, 2020

Very thourough, lots of easy shortcuts, does the conversion of weight for you, whether you want to log in ounces, grams, or whole item, etc. Also, lets me easily log my vitamins and supplements. Easy, better than Myfitness Pal, and NO ADS!

Marilyn Tally Aug 30, 2020


Your myfitnesspal is slow because they load the start page with video ads. It leeches your data and slows this app. That does not happen with MyNetDiary. They have now earned my daily usage.

Aug 25, 2020

I am currently on the Weight Watchers paid app at $25 CAD per month. MyNetDiary app is the bomb. It motivates me so much and so clinically organised to show all those important info. I love it and will level up to the Premium which is 30% off today only. I will most likely ditch the WW app after subscription is over. MyNetdairy beats all other calorie counting apps, trust me I had them and was so overwhelmed with how busy and complex the layout is. Calories in vs calories out baby works. GET IT.

SherryAnn D Aug 24, 2020

Keeps couples up to date

My husband did a lot of research before settling with MyNetDiary. It is the best app out there and keeps me informed even when we’re states apart. I strongly recommend this app for everyone!

Aug 20, 2020

Best App ever

I’ve tried a lot of these types of apps in my time. This is by far the most comprehensive user friendly app out there. Use w confidence

Aug 20, 2020

Love this app! I have used my fitness pal and I find this app so much better. There is a lot more features, very detail macro info that you can view per food item, per meal or per day. Try it. You will love it!

Tamara Baer Aug 19, 2020

Best App in Food Tracking

I don’t write reviews often but I have to say this app is by far the best app to track food intake. The bar code scan feature is absolutely my favorite, and their database has almost everything. It only occurs to me 2 times for international groceries during my month of using it. Also I really like the recipe features. You can create your own recipes and they calculate nutrients from your ingredients. You can also create meals from all food base and recipes, which helps people meal prep to quickly record what they eat. Brilliant! The grocery comparison is handy too. When I shop for cereals for example, I can scan several candidates at the store and the app will tell me which one is the best from the nutrition standpoint. The UI is fast and easy to use. The team behind this app really uses their product and hit the pain points. Recommend 5 stars!

Aug 16, 2020


I’ve downloaded a few of these kind of Apps, this one is by far the best and most user friendly. I’ve been able to load in items through the bar code, and even foods that aren’t listed with the barcode, you can enter manually. Thanks for an amazing App!!! PS, this app has assisted me in losing 2 kilos in 2 weeks.

Aug 15, 2020

Best diet app ever!

I love this app! I searched and tried at least 5 others and none came close to how user friendly and helpful this app is. It allows you to get rid of all the stuff you don’t want to use and caters it to your needs.

Aug 14, 2020

So much better than MFP!!!

The layout of this app is very straight forward. Plus it shows ALL the nutrients unlike MFP where it only shows 5. This is a great app to ensure you’re getting all the vitamins and minerals you need from your diet!

Aug 6, 2020

Clear-cut and Forthright Tracking!

After years of Weight Watchers, MyNetDiary offers simple straightforward means of tracking honest to goodness CALORIES and other nutrients significant to my body’s health! No clouded “points” and “zero point foods”! In one month, I’ve lost the six pounds I’ve been trying to lose for the past three years to get back to my WW goal weight, using the ever changing WW program! Thank you, MyNetDiary, for providing a food tracking app that makes sense; that is easy to use; and that is visually encouraging! I’m a big fan! I will continue to use this app to lose my another 10 pounds, which has seemed impossible since 2013! Hooray for MyNetDiary!

Aug 2, 2020

Great app

Started using this a week ago to try and help me lose weight and so far so good! It’s great for helping you monitor and reduce calorie intake and in my first week I’ve lost 7lb! Tried lots of different diets including following slimming world but until this app, nothing worked. The great thing with this app is your not restricted on the types of foods you eat, it just encourages you to eat in moderation to keep within your calorie budget and the more you stay within it, the better the weight loss! Great app as far as I’m concerned!

Aug 2, 2020

Excellent for Diabetics!

I absolutely love this app!!! It is easy to log food and get full nutritional information. This app is easy to read and has more integration of information, so if you need any information for doctors; you can create detailed reports. By the way, I tried MyFitnessPal and that was difficult to read due to the fonts. I did not stay with it. MyNetDiary integrates with Apple Health, Fitbit, and multiple other apps. As a diabetic; I love that I can have my insulin, food, carbs, measurements, calories, sleep data, etc. all in one place. My doctor can see how the the insulin is responding to my carbs so I can adjust appropriately. I am losing weight, so my needs and body mechanics are also changing. I don’t remember what I did day to day, so it is great to have a log of it. Looking at other apps, both free and paid version; MyNetDiary wins hands down.

Jul 28, 2020

Great for losing weight and being healthy! I used My Fitness Pal religiously for many years, but since I started using My Net Diary I'll never go back. It's so easy to use and offers many good insights into your weight and well being!

Barbara Tafoya Jul 27, 2020

Excellent App for patients, doctors, and everyone in general

I cannot stop saying how amazing is this app. As a physician myself I have never encounter such a complete app where not only one can meet weight loss goals, but do so in a safe manner, with excellent recommendations by expert nutritionists, that above all make sure the process is safe for you, so not to go into dangerous fad diets, unhealthy BMIs. As well, it has been such a learning experience for me to realize how many empty calories, dangerous amounts of sodium, dangerous fats one can consumed thinking you are eating healthy. It increases your awareness and helps you recognize healthier options in food while filling satisfied. The free app is very good BUT the paid app is unbelievable. I am not one to be spending money as many a times it tends to be a completely useless purchase, not with this! This app is awesome. It is so accurate since you have an option to create your own recipe and it will calculate the nutrients for you by portions. I recommend this to anyone who not only wants to loose or gain weight but to anyone who wants to eat healthier to decrease risks of so many preventable diseases such as diabetes type 2, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease and many more.

Jul 24, 2020

And...I’m back in the game

I’m in love with this app. I just tried MyFitnessPal for about 6 days and I was so bored with it. My Fitbit versa 2 app and iOS health app on my iPhone 11 did not sync at all. I was very frustrated and sad that I lost 6 days of less than desirable tracking. Not to mention that MyFitnessPal seems expensive for what little it offers in my opinion. That said...this app is beautifully done and all my corresponding apps sync up immediately. I’m in love 🥰 so easy to use and so informative about where you land on your daily target 🎯 you are really going to lose weight with this app at your side. I also want to add that it is visually appealing and overflowing with quality :) I also use BitGym with my Nordictrack treadmill and it recognizes my activity from that app through iOS health app. Impressive :)

Jul 24, 2020

Great Health App ..!

Over the years, I’ve watched this app develop ... They’ve done a phenomenal job, and it’s so complete in the health information you can gather and track; I find it hard to believe there’s something better for this purpose ... The developers are updating constantly with new features and bug fixes ... Yet the app actually gets easier and easier to use ... If you’re new to diet apps, you can’t go wrong here; and libraries of information are immediately available including recipes ...

Jul 24, 2020

Keeps Getting Better

I’ve been using MyNetDiary off and on for over 8 years. The app keeps getting better and better. I am always happily surprised with their newly added features and how easy they keep making it help me be healthier.

Jul 23, 2020

I’ve Had This App for a Year...

...and I am still using it every single day. If you need some accountability in your food choices and exercise, this is the greatest app I’ve found for that. It opens your eyes both to how many calories you’re REALLY consuming and to how many calories you’re REALLY burning. Folks, there are no magic pills or potions for weight loss. The bottom line, most effective approach, is simply to expend more calories (energy) than you consume, period, and My Net Diary is a wonderful tool for that. I watch what I eat about 90% of the time and for the other 10%, when I splurge, it’s easy to see how many calories it “cost” me and that number in and of itself is usually sobering enough to get me right back on track with an extra workout and healthier food choices so that I don’t backslide completely (it’s a slippery slope, amirite) and can continue to lose weight. It’s an easy to use app with a potpourri of useful info that I’ve even recommended to my patients, and those who’ve tried it, without exception, have loved it. Highly recommend My Net Diary!

Jul 23, 2020

Great app!

So easy. Helps me stay honest and on point with my weight loss goals. Very comprehensive and easy to use. Love the scan feature. Helps make accurate recording quick and easy. The recipes you can browse through are delicious, I have tried several! I feel like I am losing weight without starving myself and while getting needed nutrients. Also easy to add your own recipes and it will break down the nutritional info for you! I love this app! Busy Lady

Jul 22, 2020

Easy Peasy

I really should make it a point to use this app far more frequently than I do. Every time I come back to it there’s some new kind of improvement that has made tracking my food easier. Although I deviate and don’t always track my food (I have pre-diabetes and suffer when I don’t track) this app takes me back to where I need to be and almost makes it fun again. The easy settings; the friendly interface; just makes it a lot less cumbersome and entices me to do it more consistently.

Jul 20, 2020

The best

The best app I have tried. I’m using it for 10 years.

Jul 18, 2020

Amazing app

I have tried countless calorie counting apps, but this one definitely stands out. It’s easy to use, even the free version offers so many things. I love the daily reports. I can create my own recipes and track the calories. Amaaaazing! For sure will try the premium version as well.

Jul 17, 2020

Really works

I have always been skeptical of weight loss apps, I tried intermittent fasting in the past after my first child and it worked then after my second my body couldn’t take it so I had to count calories, this app has helped me to lose 10 pounds in 20 days. I absolutely suggest buying the premium subscription. It’s really fun to set it to auto adjust and have it help you avoid plateauing. Love this app! This is the first 5 star review I’ve ever written and I am so excited to continue to lose weight!

Jul 17, 2020

I tried all the applications of this type and this is without a doubt the best of all, the best visually, the best in features, the best in everything. There is nothing you need that is not, everything you can think to modify or see is. It is in English, it is not in Spanish, for me it is not a problem. And the synchronization with garmin, fitbit and others is paid. But the truth is that it was the same as I was paying for myfitnesspal that does not remotely have the characteristics of MyNetDiary. I highly recommend it VERY, I think if they translate it into more languages, the others disappear.

Pablo Marcelo Moia Jul 17, 2020

Makes it easy and fun to lose weight

Ten years ago I learned that logging food daily was the best ‘diet” for me. I used a simple online food diary and it worked Now I need to lose again and discovered this super easy to use app. My Dr had recommended another one, but My Net Diary is easier to navigate. I love the dashboard layout. it is quick to log because the app remembers foods and portions you use frequently, There is tons of nutrition info, a food scanner and lots of helpful tools. In one day I was a pro. It’s that easy. And yes, I am losing weight. Highly recommend.

Jul 14, 2020

Love it!!

I’ve had this app for years. When I follow the plan, it works perfectly. I lost 50 lbs a few years ago using this app. It taught me so much about what foods are better for me. Like sometimes the burger has less calories than the salad. Recently I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. So I’m not as focused on calories as I am on carbs. This app is such a huge help with all the foods in the database. I highly recommend this app for anyone trying to lose weight or just eat healthier.

Jul 13, 2020

Super Easy To Use

I really like this calorie tracking app. I tried the other one that everyone mentions, My Fitness Pal, but I didn’t like it. That one had a lot of things going on that I wasn’t interested in like recipes, articles and videos and the site just looked messy. I was interested in basically just tracking my calories and sometimes macros and this app is perfect for that. It has a very clean, uncluttered look that’s easy to navigate. MyNetDiary makes it so easy to track your daily and weekly calorie intake. There are thousands of food items already listed in its database but if you don’t find your specific food listed then you can create an entry for it. You can even scan the bar code of your food item (if it has one) and upload photos of the product too. There’s a place to keep track of how much water you drink each day and a place to add daily notes too. You also can enter in your exercise routine and calories burned and this app will factor that into your daily calorie intake. It also keeps track of your steps but you have to pay for the premium version to have steps factored into your calorie intake. However I’ve found the free version of this app to be more than enough for me. It really is a very good calorie tracking app and I recommend it highly.

Jul 12, 2020

Very user friendly!

I downloaded several food tracking apps to test them out and this one blew them all out of the water! It’s so easy to use. The food library is extensive and it’s simple to add your own on the rare occasion your search comes up empty. It tracks your calories and the percentages of carbs, protein, and fat of your allotted intake. You can add exercise and and connect with your fitness watch. I have the FREE version and it gives me a daily analysis with tips! And it works! I saw major results within the first week that I hadn’t seen trying for a month and a half prior!

Jul 12, 2020

Best Food Tracking App Available

I’ve tried more calorie tracking/fasting apps than I could possibly my count, at least until I came across My Net Diary. Combining the fasting app Simple with MND has given me the perfect dietary fasting system. It’s every measurement I need and I don’t know what I’d do without it at this point. Majors props to the creators!

Jul 11, 2020

Best Nutrition Tracking App

I had 2 goals: to lose weight and to make sure as a vegan that I was getting the nutrients I need in the process. This app tracks calories, macronutrients, and you can set it to track other things such as fiber, sugar, vitamins, etc. It is easy to use, and it has just about every food brand and restaurant in its database already so there’s very little you have to input. You can scan the barcode of packaged food or just search. It is completely customizable, keeps track of your goals, progress, readjusts your recommended calories as needed. It syncs with my Apple Watch and other fitness trackers to keep track of steps and exercise, and my watch reminds me to log my meals. I recommend paying for the pro version, as the upgrades are very helpful but try the free one first to get a feel for it. It also suggests articles to read as you learn about nutrition, that explain the numbers it gives you. I had no idea a “diet” app could be this good! 5 enthusiastic stars!

Jul 11, 2020

Love the new update!!

I’ve been using this app for the last 8 or 9 years and I must say, it’s helped me immensely. I love that they included a recipe section in the new update that has vegan and vegetarian recipes...and they actually look good!

Jul 9, 2020

Great app

While my diet has been hit or miss, this app is on point. Fully appreciate the effort put in to maintain and keep this app updated. Today I was happily surprised to see a keto plan with the ability to track ketones. In the past, when I hit a snag, the developer was quick to respond to my email and explained what I needed to do. That was years ago and I am still a subscriber. This app and the premium subscription is money well spent.

Jul 5, 2020

Top App

Seriously one of the best apps to track calories and nutritional value of what you are eating. Easy to use, beautifully displayed and highly helpful. I’ve never been one to count calories but seeing this way has helped tremendously. Try it and you’ll see.

Jul 5, 2020

Intuitive and motivational

The app is easy to use, and provides data in a way that is pleasing to the eye and is easy to understand. The immediate feedback for what is going well as well as areas for improvement are consistent not only with research on weight loss, but also with theories of motivation. Extremely effective app.

Jul 5, 2020

I’m impressed

I’ve tried a few “calorie tracker” apps but wanted something more health oriented than just weight loss focused. MND is the best one I’ve tried. It’s a really, really versatile app - even the non-premium version does most of what I wanted. You can start simple and add/tweak to make it your own as you go along - track food, of course (it has a huge database and allows you to add your own custom entries or star favorite foods). You can track meds, hydration, BP/heart stats, macronutrients or pretty much anything else - there’s a daily notes function for whatever it doesn’t track specifically - mood, migraines, pain levels or what have you. The app runs native on iPhone, iPad, 🍎 Watch and on the web and the icing on the cake is support - I’ve pestered them with several questions and their responses have been quick, polite and very helpful. MND does it right. 👍

Jul 4, 2020

Way Better than MyFitnessPal

Although I used MFP for nearly 2 years, it became frustrating to log foods or exercises. It took a lot of time, especially when there would be so many entries to choose from for just plain oatmeal with differing calorie counts. MyNetDiary has clear food choices in the database and plenty of measurement options to click immediately without having to do mental math every entry like MFP. So much faster on MND! The dashboard for MyNetDiary alone is a game changer. Has all I want right up front without layers to wade through.

Jun 24, 2020

Best food/calorie tracker

This app is so intuitive that after a day or two it recognizes the foods I eat and practically write them in for me. It recognizes, in a few keystrokes, what I am searching for with my food entries. I can save whole meals, swipe to duplicate a previously days meal, which is great for breakfast. I can enter my own recipes and the app will define all nutritional facts per serving so I can easily save it and enter it any time I have this food again. It’s a great feature to have since I don’t purchase a lot of pre-made foods. The barcode scanner is lightening fast to use. Whoever designed this app must have worked for Apple at some point because it’s all so intuitive. I can’t say enough good things about this app. The best thing is, I lost all the weight I wanted to lose in just two months and haven’t had my Pre baby weight back in over 25 years! I look in the mirror ( from the neck down,lol!) and I see the figure I always had for the first 25 years of my adult life. Best of all, all my clothes fit and look great. Using this app works. Be honest and enter everything. Stick with the metrics and calories it advises and you will see results. Nothing and no one can make you lose weight or be more fit but this is a tool that is sensible, informative and will help.

Jul 4, 2020

The best calories counter out there

I was using MyFitnessPal for 4 years and I just discovered this app and I can tell you it’s wayyyy better, easier and colourful than MyFitnessPal. Really worth the premium membership. Good job team 👍 👍

Jun 10, 2020

Best Calorie Tracker. Useful free version

Okay so I have tried a lot of calorie trackers and this is by far the best. It is not cluttered with meals etc. There is free and premium but you can use the app to a great extent with only the free. It even has a huge food bank so you can scan the barcodes of foods and it will automatically add the calories which you can tweak the quantity if you want. Get this !

Jun 10, 2020

Great app

Much better than any other food tracker app I’ve used. No obnoxious ads making the screen only half visible like another popular tracker app. Great looking layout and easy to use. Keep up the good work.

Jun 9, 2020

This is a great application

This app has helped me significantly lose weight, stay healthy, and made it fun. It is a tremendously well thought out, well planned, well designed app. It accomplishes one of the hardest things in the app design, which is to make it approachable yet very complete without making a user feel lost. Great job.

May 31, 2020

Helped me lose 109 pounds!!

I have been using this app for years. I lost 109 pounds in years, and have kept it off for almost 4 years. My initial goal was 155#. I reached it & decided to go to 135#. By then my eating habits had changed completely & now I’m 116#. I purchased the premium version a year ago & it’s worth the price. This app keeps me honest. I fill in the info for my daily meals each morning. I’m in my 60s & I love being thin again. My senior years would be a lot more difficult if I was still morbidly obese. I recommend this app for all yo-yo dieters!

May 31, 2020

UPDATE: STILL #1!!! 5 STARS (Deserves 50!) Don't bother with other apps! This app does it all! Calories, fats, carbs, net carbs, vitamins, minerals, tracks EVERYTHING!. You will not find anything better than this, and it has the fastest scanner, most complete list, used by professional nutritionists. I say it like it is, there is no other app that works flawlessly as this one. None.

LM May 30, 2020

I used MFP forever and had to pay 20 something a month for a decent nutrition tracking app. Didn't care for their features, they just have the best food database. THIS APP on the other hand, so colorful, user friendly, can make your own meals and recipes, has an even BETTER food database than MFP, plus portion size visuals and weight loss forecast. And that's even before premium which is well worth the price. I'm grateful for this app and for me it's perfect!

Alicia Harvey May 28, 2020

Best and easiest tracking app I have ever used and I've tried a lot of them. Easier than WW, Fitbit, LiveStrong, MyFitnessPal and a few other popular ones I have tried. No ads, even for the free version. Has a huge database of foods. And you can scan food packages. Easy to track exercise and you can enter your steps. And if you pay for the premium app it will link with your Fitbit and other devices and do that for you. This is the best tracking app ever!

SL Smith May 20, 2020

MyNetDiary is a GREAT app! So grateful to the friend who recommended it. That its basic functions are FREE is AWESOME! Having used the app for many months, I can heartily endorse its ease of use and the effectiveness of its "gentle" reminders that keep one mindful of exactly how much and what crosses the lips every day.

Pamela Tubbs May 19, 2020

I downloaded various calorie counting apps that were terrible, this one stands out head and shoulders above the rest. The app is very user friendly and easy to navigate from the diet dashboard. The full catalogue of foods is comprehensive and it's easy to add a food that isn't there and it gets added very quickly! Love the bar scanner that makes it easy to find the food. I was trying to think of any negatives and the only one I can think of is that homemade foods aren't always easy to find.

A Google User May 19, 2020

I've counted calories for over 14 years and I've used a lot of calorie tracking apps. I've found MND to be the least time-consuming and the most intuitive. I also like the insights on the nutritional value of what I eat.

Krista Lough May 14, 2020

Wayy better than MyFitnessPal and Lifesum

This app is great! Offers a nice UI and a lot of features. Great Apple Watch (and 3rd party trackers) integration.

Apr 23, 2020

Greatest app existing related to Diet and Health...

I am absolutely very satisfied with the MyNetDiary app I had bought the ,,pro" version 8 years back in 2012 or 2013 and then later on for some reasons wasn't ambitious in logging. I am that kind of user who does a lot of research, investigation and comparative analysis when it comes to ,,health" and especially if it costs, for example, subscription, but the app offers also ,,premium" on top of ,,pro" and I have since the beginning this year been paying subscriptions for 4 major health tracking app hence Diet and these are MyNetDiary - MyFitnessPal - Yazio - Fitatu, and it's very expensive to pay 1 month subscription for 4 apps, but health should not be the factor to overlook well this is my experience.

MyNetDiary is absolutely the greatest app when it comes to:

  • User interface, it's absolutely brilliant the design of it...
  • Customization, it's so incredible you can customize every mineral, vitamin and have several different layouts within the app, so it has so many functions as well as beautifully designed the metrics, bars, chart is heaven for the tech-nerd...
  • Food database, search engine, and customization is flawless I am amazed about that the even me as do also juicing detoxing there is every vegetable or fruit in raw form with all detailed information and it offers you even to ,,design lookwise a recipe" for example ,,icon or photo" and category...
  • Configuration and dashboard is unbelievable both design and all the features such as analysis, recipes, measures and tons of possibilities to geek it further...
  • Healthkit, it does the job even my blood pressure syncs in as well as steps etc...
  • Grocery check, This is so brilliant you can ,,compare and scan 2" products, for example, if you are in a grocery store it compares 2 side by side...
  • Diet types, it has much more diet follow-up programs than any other app I ever seen...
  • Autopilot, it adjusts you presenting the curve; for example, if your goal is weight loss, then it guides you on...
  • There are so much more you just gotta try it out yourself...

I have done comparison now for the last time and honestly speaking, MyNetDiary is the very greatest app there is I have never written a review about any app, but MyNetDiary creator and its team deserve a compliment because this is ambition, this is design, this is exactly the brilliance in an app related to health which I was looking for, and now I can cancel the subscriptions of the other apps as I will only use MyNetDiary with Premium deal to get the most out of it....

I highly recommend this app as nr. 1

Apr 21, 2020

From Martin Lisboa

A pleasure to use, as fast and easy to log food, track progress and start to focus on eating healthy food, losing weight and improving fitness too. At its core, it’s a sophisticated but easy to use calorie counter but after a few days of use, you start to see it is much more than that with added functionality that gives you more data and content to help you reach your goals.

Apr 19, 2020

Favorite food tracker

I’m a registered dietitian and this is my favorite app to track my food intake on. I love the presentation, simplicity, and ability to make my own recipes. I’ve found this very handy in teaching and maintaining my health goals.

Apr 18, 2020

I love this app

I used this app to get my weight in check before each of my vacations. Now that I’m retired and can add more exercise to my day I use this app to keep me in check every day. I was with WW for 10 years...I’m convinced that tracking your food intake is the best way to go. Thank you My Net Diary.

Apr 13, 2020

Better Food Lookup Than MyFitnessPal

Best food/exercise logger. Food lookup is way better than MyFitnessPal, MyNetDiary is way more "name-brand aware". I like the interface better too, looks more apple-like, less commercial website-like. I like that the app uses the outline of an apple for the calorie meter...since i have an apple fone ;o)

Apr 12, 2020

Better than My Fitness Pal

I have tried them all. This is by far the best free and paid tracker. Recommend to all my clients. User interface is great.

Apr 9, 2020

MyFitnessPal vs MyNetDiary

I’ve been using MyNetDiary for about three months now after using MyFitnessPal for six years. MND is the clear winner. The database is better, the features richer, and it’s just prettier to look at every day.

Apr 7, 2020

Great App

This is a fantastic app for keeping track of your calories, exercise, etc. I’ve replaced My Fitness Pal with this because it is much easier to use and also has a large food database.

Mar 31, 2020

Best App - Better than My Fitness Pal

Used many different app trackers; I like this the best.

Feb 21, 2020

THE best tracking app

I have tried nearly every calorie tracker in the App Store and this one is hands down the absolute best! I am a bariatric user on my way to losing the last part of 100lbs. This app is my greatest ally in tracking everything from food (huge database), my custom recipes, just about any micro and macro nutrients, BMI, BMR, fat and muscle mass, steps, distance, weight loss of course, a day timeline, measurements and then some. You can customize your dashboard and set reminders. The support is FABULOUS! I pinged them to find a way to test drive the app for a bit for free before I bought it and they gave me a full month free, and resounded within minutes of my email. Try it - it’s really that good!!! Also, there are way more features than I can hit on, but I doubt you’d be disappointed. And no, I’m not affiliated with the app. It’s really just a fantastic product. Bariatric users, try this. Better than Baritastic, Lose It!, Noom and WW put together.

Jan 7, 2020

The best app to count calories and more!

I really love using this app from the first day. You can count calories, learn more about nutrition, healthy recipes. All food is easy to add, just need to scan a code. It shows when I need to do some exercises. Very smart, informative and user friendly app. I wish only the best for them. Keep growing & developing!

Dec 8, 2019

145 lb loss and maintaining for over 3.5 yrs now

I think only my tennis shoes might rate as an equally worthwhile investment

Dec 5, 2019

The best app to count calories and more!

I really love using this app from the first day. You can count calories, learn more about nutrition, healthy recipes. All food is easy to add, just need to scan a code. It shows when I need to do some exercises. Very smart, informative and user friendly app. I wish only the best for them. Keep growing & developing!

Dec 8, 2019

I love this app! Over the years of me using it, it's been updated and is very user friendly! Thank you makers of MyNetDiary!!!

Amanda Bickel Dec 26, 2019

One of the best apps I have ever used for nutrition, even works offline. Definitely recommend. Just stops searching for other apps and use this one you won't regret it.

alidad Rehman Dec 22, 2019

Most helpful diet app

I’ve used MyNetDiary and MyFitnessPal. MyNetDiary does WAY more of the math for you. Entering calories for portions of a whole is as simple as entering calories for a single item. I love all the charts and graphs. I’ve lost 34 pounds with MyNetDiary, a kitchen scale (a game changer), and discipline & patience. This app lives in the favourites bar on my phone. Update: goal weight achieved. 38 pounds lost. So long as I keep using the kitchen scale, & MyNetDiary does the math, I know I’ll be able to maintain it, too.

Jun 25, 2019

49 down; 23 to go!

After having a baby and breastfeeding for a year and a half, I had gained a lot of weight. Got all the way up to 219. In the past, Atkins/keto diet worked for me but not this time. I had to go back to basics; back to what worked for me in high school... I had to count calories. This app has been indispensable. Most user-friendly layout I've seen. Very complete list of foods and nutritional info. Simple, to the point and so supportive. I've lost 49 pounds so far -- 31 since April of this year -- and I have another 23 pounds to lose to get back to my pre-baby body. Just walking and counting calories consistently has done it for me. Don't think I could have done it without this app. 👍🏽👍🏽 Update 12/19: Another baby and another big gain. This time, I have paid for the premium subscription in order to sync with my FitBit and earn more food calories from day to day. Loving the upgraded features! Once again, when I consistently stick to MyNetDiary’s recommended caloric intake, the weight comes off steadily. 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

Dec 18, 2019

Well made app

A lot of attention to detail in this very useful app. I was able to track many foods, create recipes, and manage my diet accurately with zero frustration. If you’re looking to count calories and macronutrients, the app (the free version) is all you need.

Dec 13, 2019

Love this tracking app! If you get the membership it tracks everything you could possibly want. Reminders are helpful and it's so easy to use.

Michelle Lauer Dec 12, 2019

Great app I've kept off 20kg of fat for 3 years This app is by far the Best, with a wide pantry list syncs well with Fitbit I'm able to create custom recipes as I'm a vegan this helps me a great deal! The Premium Version is Awesome as I need to know my Vitamin & Mineral intake also!

tranzit fitness Dec 23, 2019

This app is genuinely an awesome tool

The free version itself is spectacular, the premium is even better.

Nov 10, 2019

It's made all the difference

I love this app. It gives me everything I need in one place to chart my own health and nutritional needs. The Premium Recipes are amazing! Thank you! Self empowering, too. I'm an information junkie and learning the inter-relationships between sodium, fats, carbs, calories and protein has made a success of my desire to lose weight. In fact, I'm on a solid 2 lbs a week loss streak for 7 weeks now. The feedback has taught me a flexible and adaptable eating style so I don't feel deprived. I can adjust other foods throughout the day if I'm having lunch out or traveling. I am in control and can plan ahead. Paired with the barcode scanner, this app has given me the tools to eat real food without the stress of not trusting what I am eating. I use a portion plate to help visually but otherwise, this app meets all other needs to become your best nutritional self.

Dec 12, 2019

Better than MyFitnessPal!

This app is so much easier to navigate and provides all the necessary functions for free, even though you can upgrade to premium but it’s really not needed.

Sep 9, 2019


Huge amount of different functionality - not only carbs, fats and protein tracker, but also micro elements, minerals, vitamins, water. Even diabetes if you need it. Helps to drop or gain weight with actually working metrics. And if you configure it correctly you can track all you food without any hustle just by using simple commands with Siri. Have amazing web and Apple Watch versions too. Customizable widgets for Apple Watch and Dashboards for mobile and web app. Everything is integrated with Health app, so if you had a workout and tracked it with different app - it will get all data and use it in your diet planning. Must have for everyone who tries to balance their diet. For me it turned out to be the most useful app that I’ve ever used.

Nov 9, 2019

I love this app!

The food rating helps me encourage me to eat better, and to choose healthier foods. I’ve tried Noom, SparkPeople, and MyFitnessPal and this far is my favorite!

Oct 31, 2019

God's Word Evangelism

This app is great. It has more functionality than other apps do. Before I installed this, I was using Yazio which I liked, but it updated and wouldn't work anymore so I found MyNetDiary and have been pleasantly pleased. I can log my weigh-ins, count my calories, watch my macros, and so much more. It helps me stay on track even without paying for the premium features.

Dec 4, 2019

Excellent app. Wish I had discovered it a long time ago. I want to lose weight for health reasons so it is not a quick fix for me. It is the slow and steady approach for me. I am 65 and never felt so good. I don't miss out on any of my is pretty good right now !

Diane Deschoolmeester Dec 10, 2019


Makes MyFitnessPal look silly. What a great app with more features than calorie count.

Sep 12, 2019

So easy to use and so much information! I love this app so much and recommended it to anyone that has mentioned weight loss

Molly Gomez Dec 6, 2019

I love this app. I have faithfully used it everyday for several months and it has totally changed my nutritional outlook. The makers seriously thought of everything when they created this app... it is so nice to have a food, fitness, weight, water etc tracker all in one easy spot. Definitely recommend.

Sarah Livermore Dec 5, 2019

Wow best experience so far! Can't believe the depth of the library of recognized foods. Amazing, great interface too very easy to use and make better educated decisions about what and how much you eat and drink

Matthew Biggar Dec 4, 2019

Absolutely recommend

I used to use MyFitnessPal but tried this app on a whim and never went back! This is the absolute best tracker I have ever tried, at least for me!

Jul 22, 2019

Super motivating! Very easy to find and log foods. Takes a little practice to get the quantities right on some foods but makes you aware of portion size. The free version is darn good so if you can't afford the premium version still go for it! I finally feel like I have control over gradual weight gain as an older person instead of powerless to prevent. My relationship to food has significantly improved after only 1 week. This is an excellent tool for promoting a healthier lifestyle around food.

William Stanhope Dec 2, 2019

This app is amazing. I have been using this to lose over 80 lbs in the past half year and it is an incredible tracking tool. The interface is very good and intuitive.

Christoph L. Dec 1, 2019

This is the best food diary app i have found. Lots of preprogrammed info and you can add your own. I also like the reminders to log your food. Very helpful. I also use it to keep track of exercise and workouts. It can link to a fitness watch and Google Fit.

Megan Bowes Nov 28, 2019

Changed the Way I Think About Food

This app has helped me figure out how to lose weight, finally! I’ve always considered myself a healthy eater, but could never figure out why exercise and diet were not enough to lose weight. When I started logging my food in this app, I quickly realized that while my food choices were healthy, I was simply eating too much and not getting enough protein. Seeing all of this data through the charts and logs helped me refocus the way I eat, recalibrate what “hungry” feels like and gain control over portion sizes. I’ve lost 13lbs in the last few months and I have not even been strict. I have been faithful to a work out plan and to logging my food, but never starved myself and frequently bent the rules. This app has helped me become much healthier and more in tune with my body and I am so grateful!

Nov 12, 2019


I’ve tried so many exercise, weight loss, and calorie tracking apps, and I ended up deleting them all after the first day. But I’ve been using this app for over a month now and it’s helped me lose 10 lbs already. I can’t recommend it enough. There are so many features and they’re all easy to use. You can customize your goal, your plan, and your dashboard as much as you want. If you’re looking for an app that’ll make weight loss less painful, this is the one.

Oct 24, 2019

Great app!

I like the interface much more than MyFitnessPal. The quick, easiness and pleasantness of noting my intake (less clicks required) ensures I am more likely to use it in daily life. Not being bombarded with ads really helps with usage as well. I like the insightful articles I have the option to click on but am not forced to click on. Just an all round great interface! Hope more people use this so more food calories from merchants are added.

Oct 6, 2019