Getting Started

MyNetDiary lets you automatically import recipes written in English from most websites and as well as shared from iOS recipe apps. MyNetDiary imports all recipe ingredients, cooking instructions, and calculates complete recipe nutrition for your food log.

You can type a website address, or paste a link into the address bar above, or go to one of the recommended website:

Once you have located and opened the recipe you want to import, tap the Import button in the bottom right corner of the screen. MyNetDiary will attempt to identify and import recipe ingredients, cooking instructions and more, guiding you through the steps.

If MyNetDiary cannot figure out how to import the recipe automatically, you can enter the recipe manually.

Check out our blog Import recipes to your MyNetDiary account for easy and accurate tracking for more details and helpful tips!

Using iOS Share from Safari and other apps

Another way to import a recipe is sending the recipe to MyNetDiary from Safari or a recipe app using the "Share" button. If you already have the recipe opened in Safari or another app, tap its "Share" button, scroll further down the available action list and select "MyNetDiary Recipe Import". See detailed instructions.