Food Entry

This screen lets you enter or edit how much of the food you have consumed - by changing serving type and the number of servings.

This screen is used for logging foods during your day, and also for editing amounts of ingredients in recipes and "my meals".

Finding Foods

Make sure to review Finding Foods. You need to find the right food before you can enter how much of the food you have consumed!

Portion Guide

Take advantage of the Portion Guide to accurately estimate food amounts.

For more details about portion sizes, please see Measuring and Estimating Portion Size article in MyNetDiary Library.

Mark Food as Favorite

Tap Favorite "star" - the food will be added to Favorites list. Tap Favorite again to remove the food from Favorites list. All foods you marked as favorites will appear in Favorites tab during food search.

Note: Manage My Foods screen has a special tab for Favorites, where you can see, add, remove, and re-arrange your favorite foods.

Customizing Food Entry

MyNetDiary provides many settings to customize the app to your liking. The default settings work well for many users, but you might want to adjust the settings to see and track more information, or, to the contrary, to simplify screens and see and track less information.

To illustrate flexiblity of MyNetDiary, the screenshot below displays how the Food Entry screen looks like with Minimalistic Mode ON, and Food Photos, Timestamps, Carb Display in OFF. It's simple and efficient - just the basics.

Settings Tips

Timestamping Foods

You will be able to track time of each food, as well as group snack meals by time. Tap on Settings, turn Timestamp Food & Exercise ON to see consumption time for every logged food.

Carbs Display

This screen and Meals screen can show additional information about carbs - carb grams and carb totals. Go to Settings, then turn Show Carbs to ON and choose your Preferred Carbs Type: Total Carbs, Net Carbs or Diabetes Carbs Count.

Customize Search Tabs

Do you know that you can customize search tabs in Settings - re-arrange them to put the ones you use the most to the beginning, and even hide some tabs that you don't use?

Tip: search tabs customization is also applied to the "press and hold" on the "+" button, so that you can slide your finger up, to open the tab you need.

Make sure to visit Settings to customize this and other screens, to make MyNetDiary look and work the way you want!

Learning MyNetDiary iPhone App Videos

If you haven't seen it yet, we recommend checking out MyNetDiary's YouTube channel, it has a special playlist Learning MyNetDiary iPhone App covering search, logging, recipes, favorites, and a ton of customization settings.

Please notice that this is a playlist, with many short videos. Use the playlist button in the corner of the video box to select any video from the playlist.