Food Entry Screen

We highly recommend viewing this short video to learn the fastest ways to enter foods.

This is the main screen for entering foods.

Simply tap on the food name box and start typing. MyNetDiary instantly searches as you type, either in its online food database, or in the offline database, displaying best matches.

MyNetDiary remembers your recent searches and displays them first, in the blue font.

You can scroll the foods found, and you can hide the keyboard to see more foods found.

Once you found the food you want, tap on it and MyNetDiary will display available serving sizes. For many foods, you can enter weight in grams or oz in addition to servings. You can also enter fractions, like "1.5 cup". MyNetDiary also remembers you recent serving sizes and shows them at the top in the blue font.

If you ate the food before, you can also type first few letters from each word and MyNetDiary will find it for you.

If you cannot find your food in MyNetDiary's food database, you can enter it as a custom food by tapping on the Custom Food button. As always, we suggest to use MyNetDiary's PhotoFood Service to get all nutrients entered, which is available in MyNetDiary Pro.

Optionally, you can enter time when you had this food. You can specify in the Settings whether the time should be displayed, and if you want to pre-populate it with the current time or with some delay. For example, if you typically enter foods within 30 minutes after a meal, you can configure in 30-minutes delay and food time will be pre-populated with the current time minus 30 minutes.

Finally, the toolbar at the bottom allows you to see the food label and to delete the food entry.