MyNetDiary Home Screen

The Home screen provides an overview of your day and leads to all other screens - Meals, Exercises, Weight, Plan, Community and other screens.

The "sandwich" menu button in the top left corner opens "Popup Menu" with additional tools - Settings, Before and After Photos, Support, and more.

Customizing Home

You can customize what you see on the Home screen using "Configure Home Screen" button at the bottom of the Popup Menu. You can re-arrange screen contents, move items between Home and Popup screens, or even hide some of the tools you don't use.

Going to another date

You can navigate between dates by tapping the arrows at the top part of the screen or using the Calendar. To quickly return to today, touch and hold the date at the middle of the bar.

Numbers Displayed

In the Meals row, you can see "Eaten" and "Food Left" calories.

"Remaining" number in the Analysis row calculates calories as "Food Plan" - "Eaten" - "Exercise Plan" + "Burned". If you entered your weekly exercise plan but haven't done exercise on this day, the remaining number will be smaller than food left. This number is calculated the same as on the website and in the iPad app.

The Weight row can display either weight lost or your current weight. You can switch between them on the Settings screen.

If you are concerned that someone else may see your food diary and your weight, you can turn on PIN code protection on the Settings screen.

Connecting with friends

If you have connected with friends in MyNetDiary community, "Me and My Friends" row displays the latest news from your friends. If you haven't connected, it shows information about friend invitations. We always recommend connecting with MyNetDiary on Facebook and joining MyNetDiary Community - a friendly place where you can team up with other people to get support and keep your motivation high!


Privacy, Security, and Data Policies

Please see Privacy, Security, and Data policies. In case of substantial updates of the policies, a notice will be posted here and on the MyNetDiary website.