MyNetDiary Dashboard


The Dashboard tab provides a general overview of your day, and provides access to all other tabs - Coach, Social, and Me.

Everything you see on the Dashboard is tappable - your taps will open screens with more details, explain numbers you see, and provide tips.

In the Coach tab, you can check or update your diet plan, look at your weight and nutrient charts, and search through Premium Diets and Premium Recipes.

The Learning section in this tab is especially important - with the App Guide, Diet Library, and Tips & Tricks. These provide a wealth of information about the app, as well as about healthy diets, foods, and exercise.

The Social tab connects you to the MyNetDiary community with access to forums and the Dietitian’s Blog.

In the Me tab, you can manage your foods, recipes, and body measurements, as well as access your account, App Settings, and the Support screen.

Dashboard Items

The top of your Dashboard shows you your Daily Calorie Budget and lets you know how many calories you have left for the day. To learn more about how your Calorie Budget is calculated, see How is Calorie Budget calculated? FAQ.

To the right of the Calorie Budget is your calorie count per meal. To the left is where your logged exercise calories, steps, water glasses, and daily notes show up.

If you link the iOS Health App or a fitness tracker to MyNetDiary, your steps/exercise data will be imported from there into MyNetDiary. Check out the FAQ on importing step data and linking a fitness tracker.

Replacing Calories with Another Nutrient

If you are a Premium member, on the App Settings screen you can select another "primary" nutrient to track instead of calories. Please note that you can also select a "secondary" nutrient to be displayed for foods and meals, in addition to calories.

The easiest way to log your meals is through the green “+” button at the bottom of the screen. You can search for a specific food or scan the barcode on the packaging.

MyNetDiary on YouTube

Check out MyNetDiary Channel on YouTube - it has many helpful videos and howto-s. Learning MyNetDiary iPhone App playlist is especially recommended to get the most out of MyNetDiary.

To see an overview of your meals for the day, you can click on “View All Meals” on the main item of the Dashboard. To view a specific meal, click on a meal on the right hand side. You can also log foods and get more food tools in the meal screens.

The “My Analysis” item lets you know if you are on track with your weight loss goal. Here you can view your daily and weekly analysis with calorie consumption details, weight loss projections, nutrient highlights, and personalized recommendations.

The Bar Chart under the My Analysis item shows you an overview of your progress for the past week. A green bar indicates that you were within your calorie budget, while a red bar indicates that you went over your budget on that day.

It is recommended that you weigh yourself once a week to track your progress. The “Weigh-in” item at the bottom of the screen allows you to easily log your weight. Weight can go up from hydration, so weigh yourself first thing in the morning.

Pulldown Weekly Statistics

Pulling the Dashboard screen down reveals the total number of calories leftover or in excess added up from each day of the week, up until today. Data for the past three weeks is shown. For example: “Prior to today I am 671 calories under my weekly budget” means that adding up the amount of calories you went under or over your budget each day of the week so far, results in the total of 671 calories under your calorie budget for this week.

Dashboard Configuration

You can reconfigure your dashboard at the bottom of the screen, in “Configure Dashboard” > “Select Dashboard”. You can choose one of the built-in layouts based on what you want to track: calories, macros (like carbs and proteins), diabetes and BG, or a Low-Carb diet.

dashboard selection

In “Configure Dashboard” you can also customize your Dashboard to add items you want to display, remove items you don’t, or rearrange them in any order you like.

More Tips

The menu button in the top left corner opens the Menu where you can review or rate the app, go to App Settings, get support, or share MyNetDiary with a friend.

MyNetDiary is very flexible - make sure to visit the App Settings screen. You can choose units, nutrients, set reminders, link with fitness trackers, and much more.

On the Dashboard screen, you can navigate between dates by tapping the arrows at the top of the screen, using the Calendar, or simply swiping the screen from side to side. You can also tap on the date to open the calendar.

The Dashboard will periodically show you personalized advice to help you stay on track, lose weight, and eat healthier.

MyNetDiary guides you with personalized tips, diet advice, and feedback as you keep logging.

Check Help on Other Screens

MyNetDiary looks simple, but it's very powerful and has many tools to help you succeed. Make sure you check Help on other screens, especially Meals, Finding Foods, and Food Entry - you will be able to log faster and easier, eat smarter, stick to your plan, and succeed in reaching your goals.


Privacy, Security, and Data Policies

Please see Privacy, Security, and Data policies. In case of substantial updates of the policies, a notice will be posted here and on the MyNetDiary website.