15 August 2017 The Link between Diabetes and Thyroid Disease

Do you or anyone you care for have diabetes? If so, learn more about the link between diabetes and thyroid disease by reading this post!

8 August 2017 Supplement wisdom for older adults

A quick scan of the multiple vitamin supplement display turns up plenty of choices labeled "Silver" or "50+" or "Senior". Are they really that useful for older adults?

1 August 2017 Do I need to eat breakfast?

People have strong opinions about breakfast. Is breakfast necessary for health or weight control? Read this post to help you decide for yourself.

25 July 2017 4 Simple Steps That Will Make Your Day Better (and Healthier)

If weight loss is your goal, stop staring at your Pinterest breakfast idea boards and motivational quotes to improve your day. Instead, follow these four simple steps to make your day better and healthier!

19 July 2017 What's Up with All the Milks?

Why have non-dairy milks become so popular? Find out the reasons for the change in consumer demand. Did you know that the different plant-based milks vary widely in nutritional content? Learn some tips to optimize your choice of milk and find out the pros and cons of some of the non-dairy milks out there.

11 July 2017 Do Vegans and Vegetarians Need Supplements?

Vegan and vegetarian diets have a well-deserved reputation for health, but omitting meat from your diet does create some potential nutrient deficits. Here's the scoop on what those problems might be and whether supplements make nutritional sense.

4 July 2017 BBQ Ready Coleslaw

Here's an easy and flavorful recipe that's sure to be noticed at your next BBQ. With only 105 calories per serving, your waistline will thank you!

28 June 2017 The Potatoes of Summer

We tend to think of potatoes as cold weather comfort food, mashed or baked or fried. But there are wonderful ways to use them in summer. Added bonus: local potatoes at the farmer's market or from your own backyard garden are especially tasty.

21 June 2017 Supporting Each Other for a Healthy Lifestyle

We can learn and gain inspiration from each other to be healthy. Positive social support for a healthy lifestyle is essential, especially with a society that tends to pull us in less-than-healthy directions. So, what could creating a positive healthy lifestyle support network look like for you?

13 June 2017 Portion Control School Dropout? Try These P's and Q's

Are your food quantities out of control and you feel like a portion control school dropout? If so, mind these five P's and Q's to get back on track and meet your weight loss goals.

8 June 2017 Strawberries: delicious, sweet, and healthy!

Strawberries are weight-friendly, diabetes-friendly, and delicious when they are fresh and in season. Ditch the junk food and try fresh strawberries for your indulgent treat - your body will thank you!

30 May 2017 Lentils: The Convenient Bean

Lentils are growing in popularity, perhaps because they cook quickly and are an excellent protein source for vegetarian and vegan diets. There are many different varieties on the market now that work well for salads and soups.

23 May 2017 The Importance of Nutrition with Cerebral Palsy

Food and activity trackers are not just tools for people who are trying to lose weight. For example, parents of children with cerebral palsy (CP) can use trackers like MyNetDiary to help monitor their child's nutrition intake and activity to help promote healthy growth and development. Read the blog to learn more about Cerebral Palsy nutrition and physical activity issues and to explore links with more information on CP.

18 May 2017 Smoking and Weight Loss

What are the risks of smoking and weight management? Does smoking make us skinny? Which one is worse: tobacco or obesity? Lots to discuss on this topic.

9 May 2017 The Best Kept Secrets of Rhubarb

What are the three best-kept secrets of rhubarb? Growing up with a rhubarb patch in South Dakota, I thought everyone knew. Read on to find out.

2 May 2017 The Importance of Sleep, with Tips for Getting ZZZ's

Consistently meeting your calorie budget, getting in at least 150 minutes of physical activity a week and still not seeing weight loss results? Consider taking a look at your sleep habits.

25 April 2017 Expand your Probiotics Horizon with Kefir

Kefir is a unique probiotic food that originated in Eastern Europe long ago, and is gaining in popularity in other countries. What is it exactly and what are the benefits?

18 April 2017 Why Eating Slowly is a Good Idea

There are a lot of reasons why eating slowly is a good idea. Learn about the physical and psychological issues related to the eating process. You may find that when you eat more slowly, you will get more pleasure from the foods you eat.

11 April 2017 Try Meatless Mondays: Better for your Health, Wallet, and Planet

If your New Year's resolution has worn off and it feels more like a fleeting April Fool's joke, try Meatless Mondays as this month's health challenge. Read on and follow these four simple steps to improve your health by just changing your intake by 15%!

4 April 2017 A Healthier Gut Microbiome Thanks to Prebiotics

You've likely known for some time that your food choices make a difference when it comes to losing weight and preventing and treating disease. Did you realize that your food choices also impact the microbes living in your lower gut? Read on to learn about which foods contain prebiotic fiber and why it is important for health.
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