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Plateau? Recharge Your Diet 22 April 2014

All dieters hit a diet plateau and lose motivation. Here are some tips on how to cope with that inevitable event.


Easter Nutrition 18 April 2014

Easter doesn’t have to equal a calorie splurge. There are alternatives.


Basic Tips for Losing Weight 15 April 2014

Trusty go-to tips for losing weight.


Healthy Weight – What Is It? 10 April 2014

Think you know what the “right” weight is? You might be surprised what healthy is and is not.


10 Smart Snack Ideas 8 April 2014

It's 3:00 in the afternoon and your stomach starts to grumble. All of sudden, those donuts in the break room are very tempting. You hear the potato chips in the vending machine calling your name. Your fingers start to walk towards the mini individually wrapped chocolate bars in your desk drawer. Try one of these 10 Smart Snack ideas that combine a protein and a carbohydrate.


Raising Healthy Children 4 April 2014

Raising healthy kids will have long term positive effects on their adult lives.


Is Chocolate High in Caffeine? 1 April 2014

Chocolate contains caffeine but not in especially high quantities compared to coffee or even black tea.


Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss: What Experts Say 27 March 2014

Most women gain about 20 percent of their body weight during pregnancy, but did you know there’s a good “window” after delivery for losing the baby weight?


Is a High Protein Diet Unhealthy? 25 March 2014

High protein dieters take notice: recent studies on mice and humans suggest high protein intake, as a percent of calories, significantly increases cancer mortality, and increases overall mortality.


5 Spring Foods for Weight Loss 21 March 2014

Spring has arrived and with it comes a variety of fresh, healthy foods to “clean” up our diets and shed winter weight. Here are five foods that do just that.


Trying to Gain Weight? 18 March 2014

Although the majority of people using food and activity trackers are trying to lose weight, many of you are using a tracker to gain weight. This post provides tips on how to use MyNetDiary to gain weight.


FDA Proposes New Nutrition Facts Label 13 March 2014

For the first time in two decades the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is proposing to significantly update Nutrition Facts labels on packaged foods.


Three Steps to Stop Emotional Eating 11 March 2014

Emotional eating or eating for reasons other than physical hunger is a challenge for many people trying to lose weight. Try these three steps to identify your craving triggers and then focus on an alternative activity.


Do You Get Low Blood Sugar? 5 March 2014

Low blood glucose can be identified, corrected, and prevented – so know the symptoms! This post is for everyone – for people who do not have diabetes as well as for those who do.


The #1 Exercise 27 February 2014

What is the greatest exercise of all? The answer may surprise you. Find out more here.


10 Things to Clear Out of Your Pantry 25 February 2014

Diets are easily sabotaged when tempting high calorie food is within easy reach in the refrigerator or pantry. Here are 10 foods to toss.


What Does it Take to be an Olympic Athlete and What’s the Reward? 20 February 2014

Ready to be an Olympic athlete? Find out some of the keys to their success and one of the real benefits to their healthy lifestyle that doesn’t include a medal.


3 Habits to Change If You Struggle with Your Weight 18 February 2014

Restaurant food, processed food, and beverage calories are three factors to keep in check if you are struggling to lose weight. Read more about each factor in this blog post.


Food-vertising – Is There Honesty in Marketing Foods? 13 February 2014

Do you know just how much exposure your kids have to food ads? Do you know how “unhealthy” those ads are? Find out more here.


Your “Get Back on Track” Meal Plan 11 February 2014

Tired of complicated meal plans to lose weight? If you can count to three and know your food groups, you will quickly be able to follow this 3-2-3-2-3 meal plan which I developed for my weight loss clients.


Cold Weather, Exercise, and Injuries 7 February 2014

Ready to exercise outside or do you feel to achy when the weather changes? Read on for a few tips about exercising outdoors and why rains bring pains.


Diabetes Diary: How Do You Count Your Carbs? 4 February 2014

This post describes different carb counting methods and why some methods might be more helpful than others.


Coconut Fat: Miracle or Marketing Hype? 30 January 2014

Coconut oil is being promoted as a healthy miracle cure, but so far there is little evidence for the claims.


MyNetDiary VS. MyFitnessPal 28 January 2014

The New York Times thinks MyNetDiary is “friendlier” than MyFitnessPal. Find out why.


Do You Manage Your Diabetes Digitally? 23 January 2014

Should you use a diabetes app for managing diabetes? Find out why you definitely should, but how few people are.


Want to Lose Weight? Start with Five Simple Steps 21 January 2014

Five steps are identified and described to help you get started with weight loss or to help kick start a stalled effort.


What to Do With All That Data 16 January 2014

There is a lot of data connected to calorie and exercise tracking. Make sure you’re using it properly.


Exercise is Medicine. Take the Weekly Challenge! 14 January 2014

Exercise is medicine. Did you know that no current drug or medicine provides as many health benefits as a regular physical activity program? Take the weekly challenge and follow your prescription to exercise!


A Grain of Salt: Information Overload with Diets 9 January 2014

It’s always best to take all information with a grain of salt, especially when claims are made that seem too good to be true.


Diabetes Diary: Not Enough Sleep Could Be Impairing Both Your Weight and Diabetes Control! 7 January 2014

Not getting enough sleep could impair your ability to control your weight as well as your diabetes. What's going on?


Is It Worth Setting Goals This Year? 3 January 2014

New Year’s resolutions are common, but many people set goals and barely make it past week one. So is it still worth it to make them? Read on to find out.

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