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Calorie and Protein Requirements for Healing After Orthopedic Surgery 31 March 2015

Leading a life filled with playing sports and being active offers many mental and physical rewards. Yet, the reality remains that sometimes an active lifestyle results in a physical injury.


Women: Should PCOS Be on Your Radar Screen? 26 March 2015

PCOS affects 1 in 10 women, and one of the common signs is resistance to weight loss.


Vitamin A: Keep Your Eyes Out for It 24 March 2015

If you want good vision (especially at night) as well as healthy skin and teeth, and optimal reproductive function, look for dietary vitamin A. In proper doses, other benefits of vitamin A include protection from infections and antioxidant power that could reduce risk of cancer and other age-related diseases. Eating five servings of fruits and veggies daily will help you increase your vitamin A intake. Look for more intensely colored fruits and vegetables to maximize vitamin A content. Your eyes and skin will thank you for it.


You're Going Paleo, But What Do You Do with That Old Food? 20 March 2015

After you decide to change your eating habits you still need to do something with your “old” foods, but what? There are actually a lot of choices to make. Find out more!


How to Navigate a Gluten Free Vacation 12 March 2015

Even though I do not have celiac disease, I have chosen to eat gluten free (GF) for two weeks while my American friend, Debbi, who has celiac disease, is visiting me in Seville, Spain. For those of you who have felt restrained from traveling because of dietary restrictions, learn from the example of Debbi who just moved from Colorado to Scotland, how to live and enjoy traveling with these five GF traveling tips.


Are you Asian American? Get Screened for Diabetes if Your BMI is over 23! 3 March 2015

If you are Asian American, then get screened for diabetes if your Body Mass Index (BMI) is greater than 23 kg/m2. An elevated BMI is associated with a higher risk of diabetes, and the standard BMI cut point of 25 kg/m2 for the general population in the United States is too high for Asian Americans.


Doing More Harm than Good with Our Healthy Lifestyle? 27 February 2015

You’ve committed yourself to living a healthier lifestyle. You get to the gym early and go through your routine. You eat your vegetables and drink your water. But somehow the scale seems to be moving in the wrong direction. Why is that?


Restaurant Menu Calorie Counts: An Expert Q&A 24 February 2015

Restaurants with 20 or more locations must start posting calories on the menu by December. This isn’t as simple as it sounds. One expert explains some key issues.


Vitamin C: Enough is Enough 18 February 2015

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that the human body does not produce nor store, so we have to ingest Vitamin C regularly. Controversy exists about vitamin C’s role with the common cold and some researchers think that mild vitamin C deficiency may be more common than you think. As is the case with most nutrients, it is best to get enough vitamin C, but not in excessive amounts.


Some Like it Hot: ‘Spice’ Up Your Weight Loss 17 February 2015

Valentine’s Day is a holiday for spicing up things in our lives. Well, we can actually ‘spice’ up our efforts with weight loss, thanks to a new study that is linking chili peppers with obesity-fighting benefits.


Why Warm Up with Tea this Winter 10 February 2015

A cup of tea or a cup of infusion? Warming up with a cup of hot tea not only soothes the soul, but also when used to replace a sugary beverage can decrease calories and help you lose weight. Drink tea often to keep your antioxidant levels high throughout the day.


Coffee Can Help Lower Your Risk of Diabetes 3 February 2015

Coffee lovers rejoice! A recent study showed that both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee consumption is associated with a lower risk of developing diabetes.


Genetic Testing for the Ideal Diet? 27 January 2015

Genetic testing companies promise personalized advice on your ideal weight loss diet. Is our scientific understanding of the gene-diet-weight interaction really that advanced?


Fish Oil: Fish tale or not? 20 January 2015

More than 5,000 studies have been published examining the beneficial effects of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids have been studied in many areas of medicine, from heart disease to brain health. The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends eating fish, especially fatty fish, twice a week, and most health experts recommend individuals get 250-500 mg of omega-3s per day.


4 Things You Did Not Know About Olive Oil 13 January 2015

What country produces the most olive oil? The answer may surprise you. Should I add olive oil to my smoothie? Enjoy this article sharing four morsels I learned while recently touring an olive orchard and cooperative processing plant during the winter harvesting season in sunny southern Spain.


Be Nice: It Will Help Others Lose Weight 9 January 2015

Being nice is something we were taught as kids, but being nice can actually help our family and our friends be healthy. Here’s why.


Getting Started with Weight Loss in the New Year 6 January 2015

You CAN lose weight. I don’t care if you have lost and regained weight a hundred times before, you can lose weight and keep it off this year. The most important factor in reaching your goal is to stick with a realistic plan.


Time for 2015 New Year’s Diet Resolutions 23 December 2014

If you’re going to make diet or weight loss resolutions for 2015, set realistic goals to make success more likely.


Do You Like to Workout, but Love to Eat? Change that Around 19 December 2014

Exercise should be loved a little more than eating if you want to change your DNA for a healthier lifestyle. Here’s why.


Using Glycemic Index to Your Advantage 17 December 2014

Yes, we are lucky to have the availability of convenient foods for our busy lives. The downside is that most of these foods are more processed. As a result, they may make it easier to gain weight and ultimately lead to health issues that may be difficult to manage. Glycemic Index (GI) can be a useful tool for those looking to better control their glucose response after meals, and it may also help with weight loss and insulin resistance. Try a few of the suggested strategies to help control the glycemic response after meals and snacks.


Try the 80/20 Rule and Improve Holiday Eating! 9 December 2014

Life is too short to ban foods that you love. By trying to eat healthy 80% of the time, there is room in your diet to feed your soul, and enjoy the pleasures of eating! Not only is the 80/20 rule appropriate during the holiday season, it is a great way to manage your weight throughout the whole year.


Simple & Healthful Meal Planner - Plate Method 3 December 2014

If you want a simple meal planner, there is nothing quite as simple as the original Plate Method. This meal planner controls both total carbohydrates at meals as well as calories.


10 Thanksgiving Survival Strategies (for your diet!) 25 November 2014

Dieters usually dread the high calorie holidays. Here are 10 ideas for enjoying Thanksgiving dinner without sabotaging your diet.


Think Brain Food 18 November 2014

It is well established that nutrition impacts brain structure and function. Common themes are emerging in neuroscience to show healthy nutrition can play a critical role to enhance brain function, prevent dysfunction and ward off disease. So, whether you are a college student trying to ace the next exam, a pregnant woman wanting to grow a smart baby or a baby boomer wanting to hang on to every last brain cell, nutrition matters.


Stay Full Longer: Take the Fiber Challenge 12 November 2014

Have you ever noticed how quickly you feel hungry again after eating a piece of white bread for breakfast with jam? Does your afternoon snack seem too far away when you just eat a salad for lunch? For me, it does.


Quick Weight Loss or Gradual Weight Loss? 6 November 2014

When we want something, we want it now. But this might not be the best approach to losing weight. Find out if rapid weight loss or gradual weight loss is the best road to success.


Are You At Risk for Diabetes? 4 November 2014

November is “National Diabetes Month" – so I am writing an official plea to you, my dear reader, to get tested for diabetes. I have also included data on who is at risk for diabetes.

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