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3 Nutrition Tips to Optimize Your Work Out 9 February 2016

Want to optimize your workout? Feel fatigued and lack the stamina and energy you desire for your exercise training? Poor nutrition and inadequate hydration can decrease your ability to workout in an ideal way. Since you have already devoted the time to exercise, try these 3 tips to optimize your workout.


Tracking Food & Exercise is Not Just About Calories 4 February 2016

Tracking food and exercise is much more than just counting calories. It’s about discovering relationships between what you put in your mouth, your activity, and your health. Read this post for ideas on what tracking can do for you.


13 ways to flavor popcorn without adding calories 27 January 2016

If you’re looking for an unusual but healthier snack to serve for the Super Bowl, or for movie-watching on cold winter nights, try some of these popcorn flavor ideas.


Set Yourself Up for Healthy Cooking 19 January 2016

Yes, home cooked meals are usually healthier than restaurant and prepared meals. Looking for tips to successfully prepare healthy foods at home? Find out how to equip yourself with kitchen tools and learn about key staples for the pantry, refrigerator and freezer. Learn how to make food tasty and adventurous, and hear about simple menu planning tips.


3 Ways to Put Fun into Exercise and Keep Your Resolutions! 12 January 2016

Exercise routines based on activities you do not like, are not going to stick or be sustainable. Read on for an enthusiastic report from one of my weight loss clients who changed her exercise routine and thus, changed her attitude and motivation. She put the fun factor back into exercise. You too can put enjoyment into moving your body more in 2016 by trying these three tips.


What's a Realistic Weight Loss Goal? 5 January 2016

Congratulations! You have decided you need to lose weight and are ready to get started. Read this short post to help you set a realistic weight goal.


Happy New Year! 29 December 2015

MyNetDiary wishes you peace, joy, happiness, and health for the New Year. Post includes a couple of helpful links.


The 12 Calorie Bombs of Christmas 22 December 2015

Celebrating the calories in favorite holiday treats with song.


Why We Should Find Time for Home Cooked Meals 15 December 2015

In 2005-08, Americans consumed 32 percent of calories away from home. This is up from 18 percent in 1997-98. There are many reasons individuals obtain their food and drink away from home, including convenience and saving time. Find out why this might be a problem for our health and learn 10 tips for successfully cooking healthy meals at home.


Five Ways to “Hold the Holidays” 8 December 2015

How many pounds does the average American gain over the holidays? Though the media touts one number, research demonstrates another number. Read this article to find out 5 ways to “hold the holidays” and why “holding the holidays” is important.


4 Tips for Feeling Full on Fewer Calories 1 December 2015

Feeling too hungry while trying to lose weight? Read this post for 4 easy tips to feel fuller on fewer calories.


5 Ways to de-junk your Thanksgiving 24 November 2015

Thanksgiving is a holiday devoted to sharing a good meal with friends and family. It can also be a caloric tsunami. Learn how to de-junk your meal with five easy tips.


Five Reasons a Plant-based Diet May Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes 17 November 2015

Statistics show that without a healthy lifestyle, 15-30% of people with prediabetes will develop type 2 diabetes within five years. If you are looking for a practical approach that may help prevent type 2 diabetes, consider a plant-based diet. Learn five reasons why a plant-based diet may help lower type 2 diabetes risk.


Tapas: Portion Control and Sociability in One 10 November 2015

In a world where bigger is better, it’s often difficult to figure out a healthy portion size. Even though portion sizes in Spain are smaller than in America, the serving sizes are perfectly adequate to fill our stomachs. Thus, use the latest food trend to lose weight – eat tapas which are healthy, fun and delicious! Keep reading for three ways that tapas help with weight control.


7 Behaviors to Help Control Blood Sugar 3 November 2015

Learn about the seven self-care behaviors that will help you manage diabetes for life.


5 Easy ways to use tofu 27 October 2015

Tofu is plant protein at its best: easy to use, nutritious and adaptable to many different types of recipes.


The Colorful World of Fruits and Vegetables 20 October 2015

Why should we eat a colorful diet? Does it really matter where the calories come from as long as we meet our calorie target? Read the blog on the colorful world of fruits and vegetables to learn why quality is as important as quantity.


Healthy Quick Pancakes: Made at a Moment’s Notice 14 October 2015

Homemade, healthy and delicious! Who can resist 10-minute tasty and good-for-you pancakes made with bananas, oatmeal, nuts and cinnamon? Eat them for breakfast, after a fall hike or for an afternoon snack “on the go.” Follow these step-by-step directions to create nutritious pancakes at a moment’s notice.


Questions & Answers about Aerobic Exercise for Health 9 October 2015

This post focuses on aerobic exercise for health versus guidelines for athletic training.


Why Are My Vitamin & Mineral Totals So Low? 29 September 2015

If you have noticed that certain vitamin and minerals totals are always low on your nutrition reports, it may or may not be because your intake is truly low. This post will describe ways to improve accuracy of your vitamin and mineral totals on reports.


Yes, Big Portions Do Cause Overeating 23 September 2015

A new study validates what we’ve known all along: big portions cause overeating. Now what can we do about it?


The Saga of Trans Fats 17 September 2015

Learn about the history of industrially produced trans fats (partially hydrogenated oils) and the FDA’s final ruling. These are the worst type of fats for cardiovascular health.


Be Sugar Savvy! Lose Weight by Decreasing Added Sugars in Your Diet 8 September 2015

Knowing the major food sources of added sugars and identifying hidden sources of added sugars by reading the ingredient list, can help you become sugar savvy and meet your weight loss goals.


Tips for Losing Weight 4 September 2015

The following practices will help you lose weight - whether you are just starting out, trying to break out of a weight stall, or simply want more tips or ideas.


Healing Nutrition 2 September 2015

Well-nourished cells from good nutritional health are a plus for healing. Some of the big player nutrients involved in tissue repair and the decreased risk of infection include dietary protein, zinc, vitamins A and C. Good nutrition can give you a fighting advantage for faster healing. A steak with quinoa, broccoli, a glass of milk and cantaloupe for dessert could be just what the doctor ordered.


Breakfast Studies with Advice for Dieters 28 August 2015

Two new studies offer clues about the best breakfast for dieters.


Is snitching sabotaging your weight loss efforts? 25 August 2015

Have you ever wondered why your weight loss efforts are not working? You eat your fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low fat dairy, and don’t eat the skin of your chicken; however, the scale does not seem to budge, and if it does change, it moves in the wrong direction.


20 Tips for Eating in France without Breaking the Calorie Bank 11 August 2015

France is a foodie destination, but that doesn’t mean you can’t control your calorie intake while still enjoying delicious cuisine.

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