26 July 2016 Do you have to get divorced to lose weight?

A BBC series about overweight couples has an unusual strategy for weight loss: separate the couple for awhile so they can develop better food habits. Do couples have to separate to lose weight?

21 July 2016 3 Fun Ways to Move More & Burn Calories

For those of you who don’t like to exercise in any shape or form but need to move more for health, then it is time to figure out how to make your “fun” more physical.

12 July 2016 2 Easy, Healthy, and Tasty Chicken Recipes

Instead of spending a ton of money on take-out and restaurant food, learn how to make a few tasty options at home. These are fast and easy chicken recipes that have been modified to be a bit healthier and lower in calories.

6 July 2016 Wondering what to bring to a summer potluck or BBQ? Enjoy these three healthy fast ideas!

Rather than bringing the traditional pasta, potato or cool whip salad to your next neighborhood potluck, create one these healthy alternatives, Fiesta Bean Salad, Red, White, and Blue Meringue Fruit Dessert or a Summer Spritzer and keep your healthy eating on track. Note also the nutrition bonuses for each recipe.

28 June 2016 July 4th foods: watermelon, blueberries and cake batter truffles

Serving Red, White and Blue food for the 4th of July BBQ usually means using lots of food coloring and processed foods. The Internet has plenty of ideas for that, such as the infamous Cake Batter Truffles. But if your picnic is more about flavorful healthy food, I’ve got some alternate ideas.

21 June 2016 Why Write One More Book About Diabetes?

I believe that being positive about diabetes – in other words, taking it on and fitting it into life, instead of the other way around – is the most effective way to live well with diabetes. I felt that I needed to share that with those who are new to diabetes, and those who love someone with diabetes. I’d like to think there’s something in the book for everyone, but those are the two primary audiences.

14 June 2016 «I lost 4 pounds in three weeks just by writing down what I ate and drank!»

If you want to lose weight or have hit a weight loss plateau or are concerned about food allergies or are an emotional eater, try tracking your food and beverage intake to gain insights into your eating patterns.

7 June 2016 Slow Down To Help Weight Loss: Your Gut-Brain Connection

If you are wolfing down a meal in less than 20 minutes, then you might be eating too fast. This could affect your ability to limit calories at meals regardless of macronutrient content (fat, carbs, or protein). Learn some tips to help you feel full.

31 May 2016 Staying Motivated – What’s Getting in Your Way?

This post offers tips and reflections for staying motivated so that you can reach your health goal.

24 May 2016 The Biggest Loser: Metabolism Buster?

Six years after the show, many Biggest Loser contestants have regained weight. A new study suggests the reason is permanently lowered metabolic rate. Is the Biggest Loser weight loss plan a failure?

17 May 2016 It’s Time to Go Nuts and Get Seedy

If you haven’t already gone nuts or seedy, then it’s time. Research supports including nuts and seeds in the diet for numerous health benefits! Worried about the calories? Learn why that may not be so important. Also, discover creative tips for adding nuts and seeds to your diet.

10 May 2016 2 Ways to Boost Your Iron Intake without Supplements

What is the most common nutrient deficiency in the world? Iron! Iron deficient anemia affects over 3 million Americans, making it the most common blood disorder in the U.S. Try these two quick and easy tips to boost your iron intake without supplements.

3 May 2016 Step Bonus – Your Reward for Moving More!

Learn about Step Bonus – a new and nifty feature for MyNetDiary members who have Maximum subscription but do not link with FitBit, Withings, Jawbone, or Garmin activity trackers. Get “rewarded” for moving more than expected!

3 May 2016 Parenting an overweight child

Dealing with an overweight child can be a tricky business for parents. Should you monitor weight or calories or put your child on a strict diet? Some tips to help make the process easier and more successful.

19 April 2016 Herbs and Spices: A Win-Win Situation

Do you want to learn about the health benefits of a diet rich in herbs and spices and low in sodium that go beyond lowering blood pressure? Read this post to find out which herbs and spices are most likely to benefit your health. You will also learn some simple, practical tips for their use in cooking.

12 April 2016 Water – the other caffeine

Do you ever feel less alert and have a decreased ability to concentrate in the afternoon? When this happens, most people head toward the coffee machine; however, it could be that you are slightly dehydrated and just need a big glass of water. Water could be the other caffeine for you. Try these three ways to increase your water intake and see what happens to your alertness, mood, and concentration.

5 April 2016 What You Can Do To Curb Weight Gain Caused By Medication Use?

Is your prescription medication causing you to gain weight? Maybe! But the solution may or may not be to change medication. Read the post to find out what you can do to prevent weight gain despite your medication.

22 March 2016 Weight gain: for many people it’s not as easy as it sounds

Weight gain is a problem for a surprising number of people, from teen athletes to people who have lost significant weight due to illness. In both cases, weight gain and muscle building depend on consistently increased calorie and protein intake.

15 March 2016 How do you rate with your home kitchen safety?

Are you taking the time to practice food safety in your home or are you putting your loved ones and yourself at unnecessary risk of foodborne illness. Why not pretend you are a food safety inspector and make a safety check of your home kitchen.

8 March 2016 Evening Snacking: Embrace it or Eliminate it?

Evening snacking: Should you embrace it or erase it? Even though eating at night has been associated with weight gain, other research validates that a calorie is a calorie regardless of what time you eat it. Consequently, with these controversial results, what is a person to do when 9 PM nighttime nibbles occur? Try these four nighttime snack tips to prevent from sabotaging your healthy eating during the day.

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