MyNetDiary in the News

Year 2011

The Wall Street Journal

Calorie Trackers: When a Kati Roll Is Like a Burrito

“ was the quickest to use because it guesses what users are searching for as they start to type. Many of the specific foods we ate (like Japanese Kani salad) were listed thanks to 300,000 contributions from the site's community.”
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Apps to help you keep those New Year Resolutions

“Number one on everyone’s New Year’s Resolutions is losing weight and the top system I can recommend you get right now is called My Net Diary. There’s a version that works on your computer but for the Blackberry, Droid and the iPhone and iPad, their $2.99 app is the best one I’ve ever experienced.”

Lifetime TV

The Balancing Act

“You can lose weight and keep it off IF you keep track of your food. helps you do it with ease! ”
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Year 2010

Mac | Life

Summer 2010 iPad Handbook

“With a long list of well-implemented features, this $10 app is worth every penny if you’re serious about getting or staying in shape.”

FOX 5 in DC

Mobile Apps to Improve Your Life

MyNetDiary member, TonyBinDC, is interviewed about using the MyNetDiary App to lose 130 pounds in a year! Watch the full story.

Apple Handpicks MyNetDiary as an App Store Essential for “Get in Shape”

MyNetDiary is the top-rated App in the Health and Fitness Category (both for the iPhone and iPad) and ranked #58 overall in the “Free Apps” section of the App Store. Read more (opens in iTunes).

Year 2009


Web Sites: Weight Loss Tactical Support

“Online weight-loss programs are gaining in popularity. Some people are finding they would rather try to lose weight through a database than meet in a group.” Listen to the full story


Phone application helps traveler make the right diet calls

Chris Burns loses 32 pounds using the MyNetDiary iPhone App while on the road and eating out four days a week. “It keeps me at a level to meet my target weight loss. To me, weight loss is a matter of simple math. It's how much you are burning and how much you are putting in." Read the full story

Health Magazine

America’s Healthiest Diet Tricks

Keep a diary — “People who kept food diaries doubled their weight loss, according to research.” MyNetDiary App noted as an option for the “techie.”

Year 2008

The Wall Street Journal

iPhone, M.D.

“Everybody wants a piece of health IT, and everybody wants a piece of the iPhone. [...] A food and exercise diary and weight loss program.” Read more.

Chicago Tribune

iPhone Health and Fitness Applications

“Cell phones can't actually get hot enough to pop popcorn, regardless of what you may have seen on YouTube. But some do have other unexpected abilities that just might help improve your quality of life.”

MyNetDiary Notable Mentions

Fitbie - Brooke Siler — “What's in Your Gym Bag?” — “I am obsessed with the newfound awareness and accountability this program has brought!” Read more

Black Eiffel Blog: Exploring Lifestyle + Design — “MyNetDiary vs. CalorieKing” — “[MyNetDiary] is quite a remarkable little program. It has a large food database as well as the ability to input exercise, water intake, custom foods as well as nifty little tracking charts. Yay!” Read more

CNN Health — 20 ways to get healthier for free - MyNetDiary noted in “Snag free health apps” section. Read more — MyNetDiary Ranked #2 in “50 Coolest Fitness and Health Apps for the iPhone” Read more

Gear Diary — MyNetDiary + iPhone = weight loss made easier - Read more

PadGadget — MyNetDiary for iPad — App Review — “The MyNetDiary app is a one-stop diet solution. It offers a very large foods database letting you enter your foods with only a few taps, and making diet tracking fun.” Read more

Fat Loss By Eating What You Want — Best Fitness Phone Application — “The versatility is incredible. You have the option to update via your PC or your mobile and both are updated in real time. I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve been at an outing and wanted to add in my calorie count after I inhaled my food.” Read more