MyNetDiary Food Search Web Services

You can integrate the quick and smart MyNetDiary food lookup features right into your web application or mobile app and use MyNetDiary as a back-end service provider. Such an integration has numerous advantages compared to simply licensing our continuously updated database with 375,000 foods:

  • MyNetDiary search engine maintains multiple up-to-date food indices and applies smart search algorithms every time you submit a request.
  • Food lookup results are returned with all matches highlighted.
  • Food lookup results are ranked by popularity based on multiple years of usage by 4 million users of MyNetDiary.
  • All food data updates are immediately available for your application.
  • You can reduce time-to-market and lower initial investment necessary to deliver your application.
  • Service uptime is 99.9% or better.
  • Average server-side search time is less than 100 milliseconds.
  • Food Search Web Services cost 0.5c per query, no setup charges applied.

You can see Food Search Web Services in action at Food Search page.

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Web Services

We provide two web services, FindFood and GetFoodDetails.
Input format: HTTP request parameters or SOAP.
Output format: JSON or SOAP.

FindFood Web Service

This service returns foods based on search criteria, with search tokens highlighted in food descriptions, in a paginated manner, sorted by popularity within MyNetDiary community. We do not charge for Development usage, Production usage is billed monthly.

Example invocation:

Example output:

Found Foods

GetFoodDetails Web Service

This service returns food details: nutrition facts and serving information. We do not charge for calling this service.

Example invocation:

Example output:

Food Details