MyNetDiary isn't just a food diary. It can help you plan your diet and weight loss, and then track your foods and exercises - to meet your diet plan and achieve your weight goal.

We recommend reading MyNetDiary articles on customizing calorie goals and customizing nutrient goals.

Most of diet planning is done on the Plan page.

MyNetDiary does an accurate, personalized analysis of your calorie and nutrient needs based on the information you provided during sign up process, including current weight, height, age, sex, and activity level. This analysis is done based on USDA Dietary Guidelines. The results are displayed in the first row in "My Daily Nutrition Plan" section. This analysis could be considered the starting point to define your very own nutrition plan.

Next, you need to set your weight goal and target date and click "Analyze!" button. MyNetDiary will calculate and display how much weight you need to lose daily to meet you weight goal on the target date.

This averaged daily weight loss is recalculated into a daily calorie reduction - to lose a pound of fat, a person must consume 3,500 calories less than he or she needs.

If you set an aggressive weight goal - losing too much and too fast - we recommend moving your target date further into the future or reducing your weight goal. For healthy weight loss, your daily calorie deficit should not exceed 500 calories.

Once you know your daily calorie reduction, you need to reduce your planned daily consumption of fat, carbs, and proteins in the "My Daily Nutrition Plan" section and plan extra activities and exercise to burn more calories. One gram of fat is 9 calories, and one gram of carbs or proteins is 4 calories. MyNetDiary supports any diet preference and does not prohibit anything; the nutrient balance is entirely your choice. Some people prefer to reduce fats, some prefer fewer carbs, some reduce fats and carbs proportionally. Some advocate for getting 40% of energy from carbs, 30% - from fats, and 30% - from protein.

The "My Daily Energy Balance" section at the bottom of the Plan page shows the current calculated energy balance. Adjust nutrient consumption and exercises until the planned daily calorie reduction exceeds the needed calorie loss.

You are all set - you have a plan! Try to follow the plan on the whole - it's OK if you miss it by a hundred calories one day, but make it up the next day by eating less or exercising more. Don't go too hard on yourself, you have a long-term goal - safe and healthy weight loss. You'll get there.

Please be aware that a significant deviation from the Daily Recommended Intakes (DRI) could be dangerous to your health. We advise consulting a qualified dietitian.