Step Bonus feature: Your reward for moving more!

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Katherine Isacks
Katherine Isacks, MPS, RDN Registered Dietitian

Learn about Step Bonus—this useful MyNetDiary app feature allows you to get “rewarded" with more calories in your budget for moving more than your planned activity!

Moving more

How does Step Bonus reward you for moving more?

MyNetDiary likes the idea of getting "rewarded" for moving more!

Step Bonus estimates calories burned from steps beyond those expected for your selected activity level in Your Personal Info (in Settings screen under Me in your MyNetDiary mobile app).

Step Bonus is an optional feature for users who do not link MyNetDiary with activity trackers, such as FitBit, Withings, or Garmin, which already measure burned calories. Estimating distance and time walked, Step Bonus assumes that you've made the extra steps walking at 2.5 MPH and rewards you with extra calories in your food budget.

Activity Level Step Bonus is applied if your steps are above:
Sedentary 4,000
Low Active 7,500
Active 10,000
Very active 12,500

Step Bonus works when:

Where do I see my Step Bonus calories?

You'll find Step Bonus in Exercises. Tap Step Bonus for a description of how your Step Bonus calories were estimated.

What about exercises I log in MyNetDiary?

MyNetDiary automatically subtracts estimated steps from logged walking, running, and jogging exercises, as well as from activity recorded through MyNetDiary GPS Tracker. This adjustment prevents overestimating total calories burned when using Step Bonus.

However, if you log an exercise other than walking, running, or jogging in MyNetDiary, and the exercise adds to your daily steps (like dancing), Step Bonus might overestimate calories burned.

If you use your iPhone or Apple Watch to track steps, choose one of these options to prevent overestimating calories burned:

  1. Don't wear your iPhone or Apple Watch, and log the exercise in MyNetDiary. This option is more accurate for activities that burn more calories than walking, such as moving furniture, shoveling snow, and rock climbing.
  2. Wear your iPhone or Apple Watch, and don't log the exercise in MyNetDiary. Doing this is reasonably accurate for activities that burn about the same calories as walking, such as golfing, gardening, and playing with kids.

When do I turn off Step Bonus?

If you link with an activity tracker that calculates and imports both calories burned along with steps into MyNetDiary, turn off Step Bonus to prevent double-counting calories burned from exercise.

Enjoy your Step Bonus feature! You might find it interesting to check your Step Bonus calories throughout the day to see how it adjusts up or down, based upon steps accrued by moving more and logging your walking, jogging, or running.

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Nov 24, 2023
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