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Mobile calorie counters - iPhone and BlackBerry

The Ideal Mobile Diet Tools

To make it even easier to keep track of your diet in the modern fast-paced world, we provide mobile apps for the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry® and iPad. All of the apps can work with your MyNetDiary account - use them on the go, and the web site when at home or office.

Many online diet sites offer so called "mobile access", which turns out to be simplistic web pages formatted for small phone screens, and these pages have to be opened from phone's web browser. Such "mobile access" could be useful for occasional food entry, but not practical for regular use - it's too slow and limited in functionality.

Our mobile apps are full-featured applications, downloadable and installed on the phone (or iPad). They are much faster than browser-based "mobile sites", and fully leverage your phone's capabilities - from optimal screen design, to fast keyboard entry searching while you type, to special touch gestures and shortcuts supported on each phone.

Fast and easy: all of our mobile apps are powered by Instant Food Entry (it's like Google Instant), greatly reducing food entry time compared to other apps.

MyNetDiary mobile apps work with MyNetDiary web site, so that you have the flexibility of using either mobile app, or the web site from your home or office computer. Healthy weight loss takes time and such flexibility is important in the long run.

Integration with our web site lets you incorporate your diet into your lifestyle even better - providing integration with Twitter and soon - Facebook.

MyNetDiary mobile apps are so easy, fast and full-featured, that some of our members use them most of the time, only occasionally using the web site for food entry, extra charts, reports, and community access.

Please note that as MyNetDiary mobile apps synchronize data with our web site, they require Internet access. To avoid carrier charges for data transfers, we strongly recommend unlimited data plan.

iPhone calorie counter and food diary

iPhone and iPod Touch

MyNetDiary iPhone Calorie Counter PRO is the fastest, easiest, and smartest diet app available on the iPhone App Store.

MyNetDiary was handpicked by Apple as an App Store Essential for “Get in Shape”.

High-quality 677,000 foods database and our magic - fast and easy food entry, make diet tracking much easier than with any other app. Free MyNetDiary account for online access is included.

If you would like to get even more from MyNetDiary service, purchase Maximum membership providing more diet tools on the web site, to help you better understand your body, plan your nutrition in greater details, and be even more successful with MyNetDiary!

If you are on a limited budget, get iPhone Free App! It's easier and better than any other free iPhone calorie counter and includes free MyNetDiary account for online access.

Learn more about iPhone Calorie Counter versions offered by MyNetDiary.

iPad calorie counter and food diary

iPad HD app

iPad HD app is a beautiful and comprehensive diet application, optimized for iPad, to fully leverage its unique capabilities - the large screen and simple, intuitive touch-based interface. High-quality 677,000 foods database and our magic - fast and easy food entry are a perfect match for the iPad, letting you enter your foods with only a few taps, making diet tracking fun. iPad HD app is available on the App Store for $9.99 (the link opens iTunes).

We worked on the iPad app almost around the clock for two months, from the moment the iPad was announced, and we made it - iPad HD app was the first, high-quality, and comprehensive iPad diet application available when on the iPad App Store has opened. We are continuously improving it since then, making it the best, most natural way to lose weight with the iPad.

Learn more about iPad Food Diary.

iPhone Diabetes Tracker

Diabetes Tracker

If you have diabetes or have been diagnosed pre-diabetic, or interested in carb counting and keeping track of your blood glucose, the Diabetes Tracker app would be perfect for you. The Diabetes Tracker for iPhone does everything the iPhone PRO app does, including barcode scanner and PhotoFoods service, and adds comprehensive and easy tools for tracking carbs and diabetes - blood glucose, optional insulin tracking, medication tracking, as well as special charts and reports.

Diabetes Tracker works with MyNetDiary's verified food database with over 382,000 foods - the best food database among diabetes apps and websites, providing the same magically fast and easy food entry, making diabetes tracking easier than ever.

Diabetes Tracker is available on the App Store for $9.99 (the link opens iTunes).

Learn more about iPhone Diabetes Tracker.

Android calorie counter and food diary

MyNetDiary for Android

MyNetDiary for Android is the latest addition to the MyNetDiary service. We've spent over six months working, testing, and improving the app.

MyNetDiary is the first and only professional, uncompromising, high-quality diet app for Android. It is built following our highly successful, top-of-the-line iPhone and iPad apps, taking no shortcuts. Everything our users love in the iPhone app is available on Android. And we made every effort to make MyNetDiary a pleasure to use every day. We are very proud of it.

MyNetDiary's huge database - 677,000 foods, comprehensive feature set, and legendary speed and ease of use has finally arrived to Android. Learn more about our Android Calorie Counter Pro features.

Learn more about MyNetDiary for Android.

Windows Store app screenshot

For Windows 8 Tablets and PCs

MyNetDiary Calorie Counter for Windows is the latest addition to the MyNetDiary family.

The Windows app is easy and comprehensive, very similar to our leading, state-of-the-art iPad app, while taking full advantage of unique Windows capabilities and features. It also provides access to the best 677,000 foods database, instantly and intelligently searching while you type. The Windows app is available on the Microsoft Windows Store for $4.99 - you can try it first with time-limited trial.

BlackBerry calorie counter and food diary

For BlackBerry

MyNetDiary Calorie Counter for BlackBerry is the most comprehensive and easy to use diet app available on the BlackBerry platform. We provide three versions of it: for BlackBerry Storm™ - optimized for touch interface and large screen, for BlackBerry Bold™, BlackBerry Tour™, and Curve 8900, and a version for previous models - 8800, Curve, and others.

The BlackBerry app is as advanced in every aspect as our leading, state-of-the-art iPhone app. It also provides access to the best 677,000 foods database, instantly and intelligently searches while you type, and fully leverages unique Storm capabilities, such as flicking through days and providing shortcut bars.

Please, notice that using MyNetDiary app for BlackBerry requires Maximum membership.

MyNetDiary for BlackBerry app is available on the BlackBerry App World, and also from our web site as a free, over-the-air (OTA) download.

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