MyNetDiary Products and Features

MyNetDiary Maximum is the best way to achieve your diet goals.
Pro Apps
Full-featured iPhone Pro app, iPad HD app, Amazon Kindle app , Android app or iPhone Diabetes app, limited Web site included. Full-featured Web site, full-featured iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry apps. iPad app cost compensated.
The Web site: best in the industry food and exercise tracker searches as you type in 677,000 food database, automatic recent history, recipes, custom foods.
Full-featured food planning and tracking: up to 45 nutrient break-down, food customization, food entry time, auto-spelling of food and activity names, resetting weight history, food labels personalized according to nutrition plan, show/hide page parts and much more. More features are available for iPhone only Full-featured Web site, iPhone and BlackBerry apps
Exercise planning with weekly worksheets. iPhone only
AutoPilot for keeping your diet plan updated when body weight, target weight, exercise plan and other factors change. Helps you avoid weight plateau and frustration by lowering food allowances according to your current weight and weight target.  
Daily and weekly energy balance analysis, daily report that can be printed or exported to file iPhone daily and weekly analysis, view only
Diet trend analysis with 9 types of charts and 6 types of reports with flexible time periods, printing and export. More features are available for iPhone and Web.
iPhone extensions: food entry with voice dictation and email reports
Tracking up to 20 body measurements, including BMI, BMR, hips, waist, chest, body fat, bone weight, hours of sleep, step count etc.
Health Tracking. A full set of health trackers with targets: cholesterol, HDL,LDL, tryglicerides, A1C, blood pressure, pulse, medications and custom trackers. Tracker entries record time, multiple labels to see the patterns and relationships, and notes. iPhone Diabetes app only
Diabetes Tracking *. Easy and comprehensive tracking of blood glucose and cholesterol, medications, insulin, combined with our precise food and exercise tracking, completed with custom trackers. Special charts and reports paint a "big picture" helping you avoid or manage diabetes. Available on the website and iPhone! iPhone Diabetes app only
Withings and Fitbit linking. Make your life simpler, track better and easier, get better calorie analysis and planning insights! MyNetDiary can sync exercise calories with Fitbit and Jawbone UP, send detailed daily foods to FitBit (MyNetDiary tracks food better than FitBit), sync weigh ins from FitBit, and sync with Withings body scale and blood pressure monitor.
Online mobile community for peer support, motivation and accountability. Supported by Registered Dietitian. Allows for sharing diary information with peers, trainers and dietitians. Integrates with Twitter and tweets your diet progress and achievements for you.
No advertisements, we value your time and attention and focus on your diet. No ads in iPhone or iPad app No ads in apps and on the Web site
Priority technical support via built-in support screens, e-mail, and forum. E-mail and forum
iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad mobile apps. Your diary on the go. Offline-enabled, instantaneous two-way synchronization when connection is available. Full-featured.
Android mobile app. Your diary on the go. Instantaneous two-way synchronization. Full-featured.
BlackBerry mobile app . Your diary on the go. Instantaneous two-way synchronization. Full-featured.
Cost $3.99 for iPhone Pro app
$9.99 for iPad HD app
$3.99 for Android app
$3.99 for Amazon Kindle app
$9.99 for iPhone Diabetes app
From $5 per month
paid during signup or account upgrade.

MyNetDiary Maximum cost

  • 12 months - $60 payment (that is only $5 a month or 17 cents a day)
  • 6 months - $42 payment ($7 a month)
  • 3 months - $24 payment ($8 a month)
  • 1 month - $9 paying monthly

We offer unconditional 14-day money back guarantee for MyNetDiary Maximum subscription.
For mobile apps, please check terms and conditions of the respective app store, as purchases and refunds are handled not by us, but by the app store, and may be non-refundable in some mobile app stores.

Maximum membership obtained via the website provides the same features as in-app subscription on iPhone or iPad: food entry with voice dictation, email reports, diabetes tracking, health tracking etc.

Meal Planning

MyNetDiary offers Meal Planning solutions via 21-day meal plans (currently for TLC and Paleo diets). One week of Meal Planning costs only $3.99.

Bonuses and Discounts

  • Existing MyNetDiary Maximum members get 2 additional months of service after signing in with iPad HD app app. This is our compensation for the cost of iPad app.
  • We offer a great referral program for Maximum members: if you refer your friends and they become MyNetDiary Maximum members, you get additional month of membership for each referral.
  • We provide significant discounts for families, trainers and clubs, dietitians, nutritionists and doctors.
  • Give the gift of health with MyNetDiary Gift Cards!

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    * Disclaimer: MyNetDiary Diabetes is an educational tool, it is not a medical device, it is not a substitute for a medical device or medical care, and it does not provide diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of any disease.
    Information provided on MyNetDiary web site and in MyNetDiary applications is for general use only and is not intended to provide personal medical advice or substitute for the advice of your physician. If you have questions or concerns about individual health matters or the management of your diabetes, please consult your diabetes care team.