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Exercise, Fitness, and Sports

Exercise routines 12 messages

Last message on October 24 by Ben: Nice! I just got a Straight Talk card code for FREE! :D ...

Fitbit Step Counting/Backpacking 2 messages

Last message on October 11 by Dietitian: Hi Gary, it does burn more calories to carrry a 25 lb load vs. carrying no load. If you are using FitBit to count steps, you could just accept the underestimation of your exercise calories burned and know that it is contributing to creating a...

Updated App: No longer able to customize exercise 2 messages

Last message on July 12 by Dietitian: Hi SilentKnight, that does sound frustrating. Can you please send an email directly to support@mynetdiary.com about what happened? Include the app that you are using (Android vs. iPhone app). Thanks, Kathy (I'm one of the dietitians).

MS diagnosis 3 messages

Last message on June 2 by Dietician: Hi U1186738679-Welcome to MND! Let us know how the tracking and healthy eating go this week for you! As for lower intensity exercise I think first off listen to your body. It sounds like you are already doing this, which is huge! I second what...

Therapy 2 messages

Last message on May 28 by Dietician: Greetings LaFarren2013- Welcome back! That is awesome that you are getting in your chair more and more and that it is possible for you to include some wheeling around your house AND weight lifting. Pat yourself on the back! When you wrote in back...

Protein Shakes 4 messages

Last message on May 11 by MelG323: And yes I am attempting to drop some excess weight in the process.


Last message on May 7 by Dietician: Hi Simplycidalia- Sounds like you are thinking through this in a very practical and realistic manner. It is all about progress not perfection. Thanks for sharing~ Joanna (MND Dietician)

weight loss 2 messages

Last message on March 22 by Dietician: Yes, walking is an excellent way to burn off the calories and is a type of physical activity that requires very little other than a good pair of sneakers!

Rapier? 2 messages

Last message on March 8 by Dietician: Hello Soulkeeper- The American College of Sports Medicine and Center for Disease Control define fencing as moderate physical activity 3.0-6.0 METS which equals 3.5-7 kcals burned per minute of activity. Fencing is listed as an option under the...

Dizzy at the gym 5 messages

Last message on March 5 by Dietician: Hi Ericaclonts- It sounds like you have a high level of awareness of how your body feels, which is a healthy thing. When our body is talking to us it often does so in a subtle way at first and then ramps up the volume and screams at us. Why now...

Exercise, Fitness, and Sports. Exercise, Fitness, and Sports