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Exercise, Fitness, and Sports

How to log Steps 2 messages

Last message on January 2 by Dietician: Hello Mark998, What a nice gift for tracking your exercise! That is a great question that many people ask. MyNetDiary automatically subtracts out estimated steps from all walking, running, and jogging exercises logged. This prevents...

Working out and hunger 15 messages

Last message on 12/15/18 by Lisas: I have opened up my blog on 80/20 plan please feel free to add if you'd like

Exercising and no movement on the scales 2 messages

Last message on 12/13/18 by Dietician: Hey Jessicahamilton, This is Brenda, dietitian with MyNetDiary. I responded to your message in the "Ask a Dietitian" section and in it I asked a lot of questions to help prompt you to think about why you may not be losing. It can be frustrating...

Too old too move 5 messages

Last message on 12/12/18 by Dietician: Dear U2228948, I have found a lot of seated exercise videos on YouTube. Here is a link with a bunch of them. Always make sure you follow your doctor or physical therapist's advice on safe exercise for you and modify as necessary. ... Another...

Starting weight loss journey 8 messages

Last message on 12/03/18 by Dietician: Thank you Simplycidalia for sharing. Our little ones sure are motivating! Best- Joanna

Exercise, Fitness, and Sports 1 messages

Last message on 11/29/18 by Curtissierra00: Losing weight is hard to do if we're stressed. I've tried so many diets and exercises, but all of them are not effective to lose some pounds.You can minimize your body's production of cortisol by simply by learning to relax. And if you need a...

Reward--FitBit. 100 lb loss 15 messages

Last message on 10/15/18 by Dietician: Hi Amykee1- How are things? Your weight loss thread on MND continues. Are you still tracking? How is the weight maintenance phase going for you? Your hard work and dedication have certainly inspired others! Drop a line and let us know how you...

Question about Fitbit Calories and Maintenance Calories 14 messages

Last message on 08/31/18 by Justjennie: Indeed. I have to say I am a bit addicted to my Fitbit now. LOL


Last message on 08/22/18 by TuesdayTraveler: The three dots on the top left of the home screen, then settings. It should be the 3rd or 4th option down on the next page.

How To Stay Motivated In Summer Heat 8 messages

Last message on 08/12/18 by Slimafter40: I have been doing work out DVD?s inside for days it is too hot to get out

Exercise, Fitness, and Sports. Exercise, Fitness, and Sports