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Success needs a plan

One of the best tricks for weight loss is planning meals and exercise. It’s easy with MyNetDiary Premium.


Meal planning keeps you from binging when hungry and help you naturally eat better foods.


Plan your weekly exercise and fine tune your daily calorie plan to make sure you get the extra energy for planned activities.


Plan your macros — fats, carbs, and protein — by grams and percentages. Feel fuller adding more protein and fiber to your diet.


Live the healthy lifestyle — with Easy Tracking

Dieting is only part of the equation. Activity tracking is the other. Link with activity trackers, body scales, BP monitors from Fitbit, Garmin and Withings for automatic exercise tracking, keeping an accurate track of your daily calories expenditures, sleep hours, daily step count, and more.


Some days you move more, some days you move less. Every calorie counts. Give a power boost to your weight loss — make sure you burn more calories than you eat and lose those pounds!


Good sleep and tracking your daily steps are super important for weight loss. Activity trackers are the most accurate way to track them.

Take care of your health

MyNetDiary Premium can help you with managing your health conditions and taking better care of yourself. You are worth it.


Medications may affect your hunger, digestion, and weight loss. Keep track of your meds and see their effects with medications tracking in MyNetDiary Premium.


Get detailed PDF reports to share with your dietitian or doctor — print or email.


Custom trackers can help you track symptoms and test results over time and see the trends. Custom trackers can track anything.

Take care of your health
Healthy eating

Healthy eating, Simplified

Smart eating can be simple. Use nutrition goals and comprehensive reporting in MyNetDiary Premium to improve your food choices and reach your weight goal.


Control carbs and stay in control of your diet.


Not all fats are equal. MyNetDiary Premium can help you eat better, keeping track of saturated, trans, mono- and polyunsaturated fat.


All nutrients are important, make sure you are getting enough of each. Track up to 51 nutrients.


Lose weight faster and smarter with personalized tips and advice from Virtual Coach.

Your personal virtual coach

A good advice at the right moment can change the game and make a difference. MyNetDiary Premium has advice and guidance personalized and ready for you.


Accelerate and streamline your weight loss with exclusive personalized tips and advice available only with MyNetDiary Premium.


Learn your key nutrient averages with weekly analysis to make sure you are getting enough of each nutrient.


Get weekly summary progress reports to keep you on track.

Your personal virtual coach
Healthy living — More to track

Healthy living — More to track

There is more to healthy living than just calories.


Get the balanced nutrition you need: all nutrients are important. Make sure you are getting enough of each.


Track and chart your body measurements over time — waist, hips, chest, thighs, biceps and more.


Track anything — your mood, hunger, emotions — with custom trackers in Premium to help you succeed.

Get MyNetDiary Premium online and in mobile apps

MyNetDiary Premium purchase unlocks the most advanced weight loss tools — online on the website and in MyNetDiary’s mobile apps. Most Premium tools immediately become available in both.

For example, if you link an activity tracker, it will update both the online diary and your mobile.


Take your blood glucose under control

Do you have diabetes or prediabetes? Worried about your blood glucose? Scientific studies demonstrate that regularly tracking blood glucose, having a balanced meal plan and keeping a diary can help with blood glucose control.

App today

Keep track of your BG with personalized target ranges.


See the big picture with special charts and reports — you will learn what you need to change to get the results you want.

Get the best experience with MyNetDiary Premium

We created the most advanced, modern and comprehensive weight loss program — MyNetDiary Premium.

Let us guide and support you, along with the comfortable feeling of being taken care of as our premium member.

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Lose weight faster and smarter with virtual coach tips and advice personalized for you.


Any problems or issues? Get priority support — our support team always takes care of Premium members first.


Ad-free experience helps you focus on your goals, without distractions.

Feature Free Premium
Food and Exercise Tracking, Diet and Weight Loss
Food tracking Check Check
Exercise tracking Check Check
Diet planning Check Check
Weight loss charts Check Check
Water tracker Check Check
Steps tracker Check Check
Recipe editor Check Check
Daily analysis Check Check
Community and friends Check Check
Premium Diets - Low-carb, Mediterranean, keto, low-fat, vegetarian, and more
Premium Recipes - Check
Linking Apps and Devices
iOS Health App Check Check
Apple Watch app Check Check
Google Fit linking Check Check
Samsung Health linking Check Check
Fitbit activity trackers and body scale - Check
Garmin activity trackers - Check
Withings trackers, body scale, BP monitor - Check
Available Measurements 4 Up to 20
Daily Step Count Check Check
Waist size Check Check
Hip size Check Check
Thigh size - Check
Virtual Coach
Daily Analysis Check Check
Weekly Analysis - Check
Diet advice and tips Check Check
Personalized advice - Check
Advanced Features
Macros planning and tracking - Check
Autopilot adjusting calorie targets - Check
Web recipe import - Check
Shopping list tool Check Check
Weekly exercise planning - Check
Nutrients and targets 8 up to 45
Custom Trackers - track anything - Check
Reports - Check
Charts Weight Calories, nutrients, measurements
Data Export - CSV, Excel - Check
Diabetes, Pre-diabetes, Health Tracking
Blood glucose - Check
BG reminders - Check
Custom BG target ranges - Check
Medications tracking - Check
A1C, LDL, HDL tracking and more - Check
Special Charts for BG and more - Check
Premium Experience
No advertisements Check Check
Priority Customer Support - Check

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