14 August 2018 Spotlight on Korean Cuisine

The recent US-North Korea summit in Singapore put the spotlight on Korean food. It's more than Korean barbecue and kimchi.

7 August 2018 Will Vinegar Help Lower Blood Sugar?

Do you or someone you know have Type 2 Diabetes? Taking 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar with meals may lower post meal blood sugars.

2 August 2018 Tips for boosting breast milk supply in women who may or may not be trying to lose weight

Whether you are trying to lose weight or not, the inability to produce enough breast milk to feed your newborn can be very stressful. Below are a few foods that might help increase the production and flow of milk. May your breastfeeding journey be smooth sailing!

24 July 2018 Cuba: More than old Buicks and the Buena Vista Social Club

Are decreasing calories and increasing exercise really effective in losing weight? Learning the history of Cuba and spending time among the Cuban people this summer showed clear support for this old remedy.

18 July 2018 20 Carb-counted Snacks from a Dietitian's Kitchen

To snack or not to snack? Figure out if snacking is for you and get ideas for carb-counted snacks using foods from a dietitian's kitchen.

10 July 2018 Summer, Sweat and Electrolytes

Sweating in hot weather is a fact of life. Most people just need to drink a bit more water to replace the lost fluid. But in some extreme situations, you also need to replace sodium.

2 July 2018 10 Tips for Healthy and Delicious Summer Grilling

Why not start a new trend this July 4th to help get America a little healthier? Learn some summer grilling techniques for healthy and tasty meals.

27 June 2018 5 Essential Steps for Setting SMART Health Goals

Treat your health goals like a business plan. Read on to learn the 5 essential steps for setting SMART health goals.

21 June 2018 Choosing Healthy Carbs for Diabetes and Diabetes Prevention

Did you know that labeling carb foods as good or bad is not a great idea? Learn a healthier approach to managing carbs. This is especially helpful when you have diabetes or prediabetes.

18 June 2018 Get to know Forbidden Rice

Forbidden Rice is a dark black variety of rice with unique nutritional qualities and a unique flavor. Read this post for a delicious summer salad recipe using this type rice.

11 June 2018 Tracking weight, calories, and nutrients with MyNetDiary while pregnant or breastfeeding

Can you use MyNetDiary to help support pregnancy or breastfeeding? Yes! However, because MyNetDiary was not designed for pregnancy or breastfeeding, you will need to customize your calories and nutrient targets higher than the default targets, as well as use appropriate weekly weight goals.

29 May 2018 Make New Habits or Break Old Ones?

Are you interested in strategies for maintaining weight after losing it? Read on for expert tips on successful weight maintenance.

24 May 2018 Tips for Tracking with MyNetDiary When You Have Chronic Kidney Disease

A number of folks have asked MyNetDiary how to track when they have chronic kidney disease (CKD). Because so many people with diabetes also have CKD, I thought a post devoted to this subject would be helpful. This post is also helpful for folks with other chronic medical conditions which have altered nutrient requirements.

15 May 2018 Reclaiming the Joy of Food

Do you feel guilty or conflicted when you eat certain foods you used to enjoy? Do you catch yourself labeling foods as good or bad? Read on to explore the concept of enjoying food while nurturing your health.

9 May 2018 TOPS - Support for dieters, but not a diet

TOPS - Take Off Pounds Sensibly - is not a diet program; it's a support system for dieters. This type of additional support might work well for many MyNetDiary members.

4 May 2018 Calorie Deficit Diagrams added to Daily Analysis

Dear MyNetDiary users, we have extended our web app with new Calorie Deficit diagrams. We need your feedback while working on the deficit diagrams for Android and iPhone. If your plan is to lose weight, please take a look at flask animation in web app's Daily Analysis section

1 May 2018 Hey, It's Just Lunch!

While few of us plan to fail, we sometimes fail to plan. This is especially problematic when it comes to our eating habits. Read this post for some quick and easy lunch ideas that are satisfying and will support you as you move closer to your weight loss and healthy eating goals.

25 April 2018 Fast & Easy Thai Coconut Curry with Fish, Tofu, and Greens

This is my favorite low calorie meal to make when I want something hot and savory but not a lot of time. This recipe cooks in about 20 minutes with very little prep time.

17 April 2018 Is HIIT Exercise a Good Option for Diabetes?

Is HIIT exercise a good option for you? Learn about the basics of HIIT and whether or not it is appropriate for those with diabetes.

10 April 2018 Protein intake tips for older women from the new book "Food Wisdom for Women"

As we age, we gradually lose muscle mass. For older adults, this muscle loss can increase risk for falls and impact strength and fitness. As discussed in the new book "Food Wisdom for Women", many health experts now recommend higher protein intakes for this age group.
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