21 August 2019 Thinking of Trying the Whole30 Diet?

Are you looking for a guide for weight loss? The promoters of the Whole30 diet claim this is more of an eating plan than a diet. They say it will help you restore healthy habits, decrease cravings, improve digestion, and promote long lasting changes to eating habits.

20 August 2019 How to lose weight & eat healthy when you don't cook

Weight loss often comes with the idea that we have to be a master chef in the kitchen, when in reality a lot of us prefer quick and easy meals that fit with our busy schedules. Learn some practical tips to help keep your life both healthy and happy.

16 August 2019 Do You Skip Meals? Here Are 3 Major Downsides of Not Eating!

Intermittent Fasting or Alternate Day Fasting Plans have become popular out there and the scientific support for effects on overall health is mixed. Could the mixed results mean that what works for one person may or may not work for another? Read on for three potential drawbacks of skipping meals and two tips to avoid unintentional meal skipping.

15 August 2019 Too Busy to Cook? Here are 7 Easy-Prep Healthy Dinner Ideas

Does preparing food from scratch at home in the evening seem impossible? Find out why you don't need a lot of cooking skills to throw together a really fast dinner after a busy day.

13 August 2019 Eight Benefits of Strength Training - It's Never Too Late to Start

The physical consequences of aging are not inevitable. Read about the eight benefits of strength training - and remember, it's never too late to start!

9 August 2019 High Protein Breakfast Ideas Designed to Keep You Feeling Full

Breakfast is important, but it doesn't have to be complicated or high calorie. Here are some simple tips for planning healthy high protein breakfasts that are designed to keep you feeling full!

6 August 2019 How Poor Sleep Influences Your Ability to Lose Weight & Manage Blood Sugars

Not getting enough sleep could impair your ability to control your weight as well as your blood sugar. Find out why this might be happening.

5 August 2019 13 ways to flavor popcorn without adding calories

If you're looking for an unusual but healthier snack to serve for the Super Bowl, or for movie-watching on cold winter nights, try some of these popcorn flavor ideas.

1 August 2019 Why The Mediterranean Diet Was Ranked 2019's Top Diet

There are many eating plans available for weight loss. This post describes the Mediterranean Diet: what it is, the pros and cons, and whether or not it is effective for weight loss. Technically, this is not a specific diet but a way of eating.

30 July 2019 Top Recommended Tips for Portion Control by Dietitians

Portion control is the cornerstone of good nutrition. So how do you learn the right amount of food to eat at meals and snacks? Try these tips to help balance your meals and reduce portion size without feeling hungry.

29 July 2019 A Dietitian's Top 10 Recommendations for Healthy Living

Are you looking for healthy lifestyle tips? Learn what a dietitian-nutritionist considers the top 10 fundamentals of a healthy nutrition and exercise plan.

29 July 2019 The Best Salad Recipes That Use Up Your Summer Veggies

So many summer vegetables, so little time. If you're tired of plain steamed green beans or corn on the cob, check out some of these recipes!

23 July 2019 Yes, Big Portions Do Cause Overeating

A new study validates what we've known all along: big portions cause overeating. Now what can we do about it?

23 July 2019 Why Blueberries Are One of the World's Best Superfoods

How many blueberries a day does a Denali grizzly bear eat? While touring Denali National Park last summer, we learned that an average brown grizzly bear eats 200,000 wild blueberries a day. Not only are they healthy for bears, they are considered one of the superfoods for humans because of their antioxidant activity.

23 July 2019 Men Share What Helped Them Lose Weight

Two men share tips on what worked for them when it came to losing weight. Whether you need to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds, consider these strategies on your journey to regaining your health.

16 July 2019 20 Carb-counted Snacks from a Dietitian's Kitchen

To snack or not to snack? Figure out if snacking is for you and get ideas for carb-counted snacks using foods from a dietitian's kitchen.

9 July 2019 3 Italian Diet Secrets That Have Them Living The Good Life

With pizzas the size of stop signs and pasta laden with olive oil, why is Italy considered the second healthiest country in the world? Read on to learn what we are missing in translation.

2 July 2019 Have You Added Watermelon to Your Summer Health Plan Yet?

Are you celebrating the 4th of July? Then consider including watermelon in your festivities. Watermelon is a nutritious fruit that is friendly to both calories and carb counters!

25 June 2019 Sick of Relapsing? Here are 4 Tips to Help You Keep the Weight Off For Good!

Skipping workouts for 2 weeks or going on vacation can equate to a lapse in managing your weight and may easily result in weight gain. Occasional lapses are normal! If a lapse goes unchecked, it can result in a relapse. Here are 4 tips to prevent relapses and regain your momentum after a slip.

18 June 2019 Is Your Self-Talk Helping or Hurting Your Progress with Healthy Lifestyle?

Self-talk is powerful with our thoughts leading to our actions. Do you find yourself using phrases like "I never", "I can't", I always". If you do, you may benefit from reframing your thoughts.
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