25 June 2019 Sick of Relapsing? Here are 4 Tips to Help You Keep the Weight Off For Good!

Skipping workouts for 2 weeks or going on vacation can equate to a lapse in managing your weight and may easily result in weight gain. Occasional lapses are normal! If a lapse goes unchecked, it can result in a relapse. Here are 4 tips to prevent relapses and regain your momentum after a slip.

18 June 2019 Is Your Self-Talk Helping or Hurting Your Progress with Healthy Lifestyle?

Self-talk is powerful with our thoughts leading to our actions. Do you find yourself using phrases like "I never", "I can't", I always". If you do, you may benefit from reframing your thoughts.

11 June 2019 How to Build Strong Friendships around Your Health Goals

Are your friends supportive of your healthy lifestyle? Or do they make it more difficult to stick with your goals? Find out how your friendships influence your weight and health.

4 June 2019 Strawberries: Delicious, Sweet, and Healthy!

Ditch the junk food and try fresh strawberries for your indulgent treat - your body will thank you!

28 May 2019 Work From Home? Here are 5 Tips For Your Weight Management

Do you work from home? While working from home has unique benefits, the proximity of snacks and lack of structure can make weight management more difficult. Here are 5 tips to set you up for success!

21 May 2019 Is There An Easier Way to Log Your Basic Foods?

Learn how to enter staple or basic foods in your meals and recipes. Staple Foods have more complete nutrient content than brand foods and are easy to find and log. You can find them using the Staple screen while entering foods in meals or recipes.

14 May 2019 How Body Positivity Helps with Weight Loss

Being body positive can increase self-esteem, reduce stress, and empower you to make healthier choices which can lead to weight loss. Body positivity should be a starting point for any weight loss journey.

7 May 2019 Can Beer Have A Place In Your Weight Loss Plan?

Love beer but trying to manage your weight? Read this post to learn more about the calories in beer.

1 May 2019 What Are You Really Made Of?

Weighing yourself on your bathroom scale regularly and noticing how your pants fit are good ways to tell if your weight is headed in the right direction; however, you can find out "what are you really made of" through the gold standard of a DEXA scan.

23 April 2019 Can MCT Oil Help You Lose Weight?

Medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) are a type of saturated fat that are found in coconut oil, palm kernel oil and dairy fat. Some evidence suggests that these MCTs may aid in weight loss. Is MCT oil something worth purchasing to help you lose weight?

16 April 2019 Can Stress Impact Your Diabetes?

Diabetes is a demanding disease that can significantly impact a person's life. Managing the stress of living with this disease is important for quality of life and for coping with diabetes.

10 April 2019 Body Fat Testing Through Underwater Weighing

Think the scale is the only way to weigh yourself? Think again! There are several other reliable measures of weight that can also calculate how much fat and muscle your body is made up of. Keep reading to learn all about hydrostatic - aka underwater - weighing!

2 April 2019 Body Fat Testing Using the BOD POD

Our body weight and BMI do not tell us the full story about our health. Do we have enough muscle and/or too much fat? Check out this post to learn more about the BOD POD - an accurate way to measure body composition.

26 March 2019 Two Easy Bean Recipes

What food aids in weight loss, while also helping to control blood sugar? If you guessed beans you are correct. Check out 2 of my favorite bean recipes and some of the many reasons I include beans in my diet.

19 March 2019 Science Supports Health Tracking

Do you ever wonder if the time and effort you make to record your food, exercise and weight are worth it? A recently published study helps answer this questions for us.

13 March 2019 Vegan Diet

There are many eating plans available for weight loss and health enhancement. What is the Vegan Diet and is it nutritionally adequate and effective for weight loss?

5 March 2019 Burning Calories with Outdoor Chores

Need ideas for burning calories while you get outdoor chores done? This post will give you three ideas for great calorie burners.

26 February 2019 Body Fat Testing through Bioelectrical Impedance (BIA)

After the age of 20 we gain between 1-3% body fat each decade. Want to know what you are made of? Here's a painless and easy way to estimate body fat.

19 February 2019 16 Ways Managing Diabetes can Improve your Life

Do you or a loved one have diabetes? Here are 16 ways that managing diabetes can help you live a longer, happier and healthier life.

12 February 2019 Avocado, Walnut, Grapeseed, Almond -- Are boutique oils worth trying?

Call them boutique, novel or unusual -- grocery stores are stocking plenty of different vegetable oils these days. Are they nutritionally superior or better than garden variety canola or soy oil?
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