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To lose weight with a food diary, the first - and by far the most important thing - is to make it extremely easy and fast to enter your daily foods, the most laborious process, so that you don't get overwhelmed and give up. Every tap and keystroke counts.

Let us explain why losing weight with MyNetDiary is easier than you think.

Sure, it's possible to keep track of your diet on paper, but doing this is extremely tedious. Healthy weight loss without yo-yo dieting takes months, sometimes years. We believe calorie-counting went out of vogue precisely because of its time-consuming and tiresome nature. And awkward software made things even worse. It is much easier to try elimination diets that limit certain kinds of foods, such as carbs, as the Atkins or South Beach diets do. If you simply stop eating some foods, you don't need to start recording. But can you hold out for long with bun-less burgers or no delicious sweets?

Eating well and losing weight should be a joy, not a burden. Dietitians recommend the only scientific way of losing weight or limiting your calorie intake: by having a normal, balanced and healthy diet, and exercising. In other words, losing weight with help of food and exercise diaries.

The very act of recording makes you aware of what you eat and helps you make healthy choices. The August edition of The American Journal of Preventive Medicine published the results of a study of 1,685 overweight adult participants, reporting that those who kept a daily food diary lost more than twice as much weight as those who did not record their food intake.

The good news is that MyNetDiary provides exceptionally easy and fast food logging, both on the Web and on iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry®. None of the other available software - online or on smartphones - even comes close. Our customers, especially those who previously used any other software or web sites, are raving about the ease of using MyNetDiary.

We took a four-pronged approach to making food logging easy

1. Fast and Easy Food Entry

MyNetDiary intelligently searches as you type and instantaneously suggests foods both on the web (no "search" buttons and waiting until search result pages load), and on iPhone and BlackBerry. MyNetDiary learns and remembers your food preferences. Often you need only to type the first few characters of a food name to find it.

Even more importantly, the MyNetDiary searches are much smarter and uses sophisticated algorithms to find what you need with minimal typing. For example, if you search for "whole milk," other sites and iPhone apps will return dozens of irrelevant foods that have the words "whole" or "milk" in the name. MyNetDiary will show "milk, whole, 3.5% of milkfat" as the first item. With MyNetDiary, you can enter foods 2 to 3 times faster than with any other site or application. This saves you time everyday and helps you stick to your diet long-term.

2. Huge Food Database

Our comprehensive database means that you very rarely need to enter food label information. We have one of the best food databases - accurate, up to date, and continuously updated. Currently, it has more than 1,126,000 foods and grows weekly. Starbucks and Whole Foods, Vitamin Water and Odwalla, Kraft Foods and Mars - you can find every major food brand and restaurant name in our database. We don't rely on users to enter data, as many free sites do.

We have a great team working on food research every day. If some foods are not yet in our database, let us know and if this information is available from the vendor, we will enter food labels for you. We call it the Continuous Food Research process. Compared to that, other calorie-counters pale. For example, there are a few iPhone apps with 10,000 foods, and one with 37,000 foods - each with much less than the 1,126,000 provided by MyNetDiary. We don't even want to talk about free sites or applications since they all have notoriously bad food databases yet boasting huge numbers. Most even have much wrong and old data. Quality does not come free: we know this firsthand.

3. Log Anywhere - Online or Mobile

We provide a state-of-the-art online diary and iPhone and BlackBerry apps, storing information online on MyNetDiary servers. Some people prefer the web site, some love our mobile apps, but the majority of those who own a smartphone use both. It's so convenient to log foods on a phone right after a meal. When you're at home, you can do more; you can log foods, analyze your diet, view reports, or download Excel files from the comfort of a large screen and keyboard. Healthy weight loss takes months, sometimes years, and you want the flexibility of using both the web site and the smartphone apps. Not everyone can keep a food log for months by typing on a little phone keyboard day after day.

4. We Are a Dieting Community

The science of losing weight with food diaries is sound and proven, millions of our members lose weight every day. But sometimes we need just a bit more motivation, a bit of a help to fight a weight loss plateau, or some friendly support so that we don't feel alone in our journey to better health. MyNetDiary Community is a friendly place where you can team up with other people to get support, keep your motivation high and build long-term dieting accountability. Our community forums are supported by a Registered Dietitian.

There is More in MyNetDiary

These are the four key features that make MyNetDiary unique and better than any other calorie counter or food diary. And this is not all - there is even more in MyNetDiary!

Professional, Mature Service

MyNetDiary is much more than a calorie counter. Our service opened to the public in summer 2007, and we provided the very first iPhone-optimized food diary in January 2008. We relentlessly refined and improved the service since then, adding features requested by our members.

We have everything - measurements, recipes, chart, reports, export to Excel, and much more. Our support team responds quickly to your questions and inquiries.

We offer Premium membership starting from $5 per month, which is less than the typical online weight loss program fee. We also provide much better service and iPhone and Android apps for on-the-go access. We do not show any ads and never share or sell e-mails. Paid service enables us to provide you with the best service possible. We keep our 1,126,000 food database up-to-date and we quickly respond to your questions and support requests.

Our Free membership is a good way to get introduced to MyNetDiary service, but it provides only a limited access to the Web site and Mobile apps.

Our Members Love MyNetDiary

The most important thing for us is that MyNetDiary helps people to reach their goals. We poured months and years of work into making MyNetDiary a real pleasure to use and our members see that.

Read reviews and testimonials from our members to find out how MyNetDiary has helped them.

Safe Choice, Fair Billing

We provide a Full Test-Drive of all the functionality of the Web site and the iPhone and BlackBerry apps. Anyone can try it and see if MyNetDiary is what he or she is looking for. We don't even ask for an email address or registration. On top of that, we provide an unconditional 14-day money-back guarantee. You can try MyNetDiary for a few days, and if you find it is not a good fit, we will fully refund your payment. There are no signup fees or early termination fees; we do not store credit cards and we do not renew automatically.