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The Best App to Stay on Top of Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes

MyNetDiary provides a great, easy and most comprehensive tracker app for Android, helping people track and manage their diabetes or pre-diabetes, to keep track of blood glucose and control carbs. Whether you had diabetes for years, or you are newly diagnosed, or diagnosed with pre-diabetes - MyNetDiary has all the tools to help you, to stay in control, to eat better and feel better.

Our web-based and mobile Diabetes Tracker was used by millions of people. An active user loses 12% of body weight on average. Average self-reported A1C reduction is 1.4%.


MyNetDiary Diabetes Tracker is the best Android diet app plus easy and comprehensive diabetes tracking.

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From User Reviews

The following users tracked diabetes with MyNetDiary on the web and iPhone. Our Android app has the same core features.
Great App!

As someone newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, this app has really helped me stay on top of my diet, medications and glucose levels.

by Arj3rd - Feb 15, 2015
First App Review

I have been a diabetic (insulin dependent), for 15+ yrs. I have fought A1C all those yrs (readings range 8.3-7.3). This App gave me the missing link for full control and weight loss as a plus. Now have all readings below 7.0.

by SteveMorro - Apr 7, 2015
Great app! Covers all areas of diabetes management

This app covers everything. I can plan my meals and snacks for the day. I can plan my meds, vitamins. I can log all of my glucose readings so that when I go to the doctor, I just hand him my phone and let him scroll through.

by AF7GIANT - Mar 20, 2015

If you are diabetic, this is the program for you. Don't look any further. This is the perfect program to control your blood sugar and lose weight you need.

by Boston Fan - Mar 13, 2015

What Makes MyNetDiary the Best Diabetes & Diet Tracker for Android

Android Diabetes Tracker Home screen

First of all - comprehensiveness. MyNetDiary has everything you may need to stay on top of your diabetes or pre-diabetes - food and carb tracking, medications, exercise, test results, body measurements and much more.

Secondly, MyNetDiary is easy. The most frequent words in thousands of MyNetDiary reviews by its users are “easy” and “very user-friendly”. Taking only a few minutes per day, MyNetDiary can be with you for a long time. It's both comprehensive and friendly - the features are there when you need them, making tracking easy and you - successful.

Finally, MyNetDiary is the most advanced, modern diabetes app for the Android. It is optimized for all phone and tablet sizes.

You can link MyNetDiary can with Fitbit, and Withings, automatically syncing your fitness data (included with MyNetDiary Premium).

MyNetDiary is more than just the app - you can use our online service, log foods and exercises and participate in our Online Community supported by Registered Dietitians for more help and motivation.

Blood Glucose

Blood Glucose tracking in MyNetDiary Android Diabetes app

MyNetDiary provides easy and comprehensive blood glucose tracking. You can enter multiple readings per day, specifying time and optional notes.

Also, you can assign a label to each blood glucose reading, specifying, for example, whether this was a fasting, before meal, or 2-hour after meal reading. Moreover, you can assign multiple labels, not limited to these meal-related labels, but also capture your feelings, symptoms - anything you want to track and associate with the reading, to help you see patterns.

The Blood Glucose row on the Home screen calculates your daily averages.

MyNetDiary supports mg/dl and mmol/L units.

Blood Glucose Ranges

Flexible Blood Glucose target ranges in MyNetDiary Android Diabetes app

You can also create multiple ranges of blood glucose levels, for different situations.

You can create special ranges for fasting, pre-meal, post-meal. In fact, as you specify which labels are applicable for each range, you can create ranges for any other conditions, for example, for 2-hour post-meal readings.

Low out-of-range readings are highlighted in red and high out-of-range readings are highlighted in yellow.

Also, you can specify the lowest reading below which is considered as hypoglycemia for you and highest reading above which it is considered very high blood glucose and have MyNetDiary assign these labels automatically.

#1 Food Database, Easy Food Tracking

Easy food logging, huge database in MyNetDiary Android Diabetes app

To keep tabs on your diabetes and blood glucose, you need to track your carbs and other nutrients. Logging foods is the real challenge in diabetes tracking, as you measure blood glucose only a few times a day, but you need to enter many more foods each day.

Tracking foods is much more labor intensive and thus it's critical to make it super easy in a diabetes app!

MyNetDiary provides the best food database in the world, saving your time entering foods. Currently, MyNetDiary has over 1,080,000 verified foods.

The quality of the database is ensured by MyNetDiary's PhotoFood Service. If some food is not in the database or out-of-date, you can send us its photos directly from the app, and we will enter or update all of its nutrients, saving you time and ensuring accuracy.

MyNetDiary is so fast that it searches as your type, you don't need to type whole words and you can see results faster.

Carb Tracking for Diabetes

Carb tracking in MyNetDiary Android Diabetes app

MyNetDiary Diabetes Tracker goes beyond providing the best food database and food entry.

Timing is very important in diabetes and MyNetDiary allows recording time of everything - foods, exercises, insulin, medications, and other trackers.

Also, if you eat more than three meals a day (as diabetes educators recommend) and record their time, MyNetDiary shows additional meals as several snacks, keeping track their time and carb count.

MyNetDiary food database keeps track of over 45 nutrients, including fiber and sugar alcohols. MyNetDiary can calculate net carbs and diabetes carb count, and lets you select them as your main carb type.

Carb counts are displayed on the Home screen, Meals, and for individual foods.

Optional Insulin Tracking

Optional insulin tracking in MyNetDiary Android Diabetes app

For Type 1 diabetes and other insulin users, you can turn on insulin tracking in MyNetDiary, adding it to the Home screen.

MyNetDiary has many types of insulin pre-loaded for you - you just need to select them from the list.

You can also define your own insulin types.

Similar to blood glucose, you can assign one or more labels to each insulin dose. As always, you can create your own labels.

Medication Tracking

Medication tracking in MyNetDiary Android Diabetes app

For your convenience, MyNetDiary can help you keep track of your medications.

You enter your medication types and doses, and then keep track of your intake, saving time, amounts, and optional labels and notes.

More Trackers

Custom trackers in MyNetDiary Android Diabetes app

Beyond blood glucose, insulin, and medication tracking, MyNetDiary provides several other pre-loaded trackers, such as blood pressure, LDL and HDL cholesterol, Hemoglobin A1C, quality of sleep and so on.

You can also create your very own, custom trackers, and track anything you want with MyNetDiary.

When entering new values, you can also enter time, assign one or more labels, and store notes.

Diabetes Reports

Overview report in MyNetDiary Android Diabetes app

Once you have your information in, MyNetDiary provides easy and powerful reports, helping you see everything together - foods and carbs, insulin, exercise, blood glucose, medications and other trackers.

The information is grouped by day periods and displayed chronologically. You can also tap each item, to see and, if needed, edit the details.

You can see different periods of each day on the same screen, swiping left and right to see different day periods.

Diabetes Weekly Overview

Weekly report in MyNetDiary Android Diabetes app

MyNetDiary also provides weekly reports, with the same information as daily reports, only adding an extra dimension - seeing your day periods over the course of week.

For example, you can see how your mornings differ and educate yourself on what's working best for you.

Diabetes Charts

Blood Glucose chart in MyNetDiary Android Diabetes app

In addition to reports, MyNetDiary provides many charts - for weight, blood glucose, calories, nutrients, measurements, and trackers.

On blood glucose charts multiple ranges are indicated with horizontal lines.

Both portrait and landscape modes are supported.

Flexible and Customizable

Settings in MyNetDiary Android Diabetes app

MyNetDiary is highly customizable, allowing to select your diabetes type (or indicate that you don't have diabetes), turn insulin tracking on and off, select blood glucose units and preferred carbs type. MyNetDiary support regular "total carbs", net carbs, and diabetes carb count.

You can configure many other settings, such as metric or US units, food time tracking, weight display on the Home screen and more.

In tracker settings you can configure many other options, such as target ranges for glucose, target values, units, and chart colors. You can create custom trackers for recording and charting your values.

Type I, Type II, pre-diabetes, and gestational diabetes are supported.

Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanning in MyNetDiary Android Diabetes app

For fast food entry, MyNetDiary provides a built-in barcode scanner. When you enter your daily foods, tap the scanner button to activate it and scan the barcode.

MyNetDiary barcode scanner works on iPhone 3GS, 4, and 4S. Currently, iPod Touch is not supported.

Diet Planning

Weight, nutrition and diet planning in MyNetDiary Android Diabetes app

In MyNetDiary, planning is easy. You enter your current weight, height, gender, age, and activity level. Next, MyNetDiary will calculate your calorie needs. After you enter your target weight and target date or weekly weight loss rate, MyNetDiary will estimate your daily calorie needs.

You can also estimate and plan your weekly exercise.

You can also customize and override your calorie targets, and customize macronutrient balance - great for low-carb and low-fat dieters!

Exercise Tracking

Exercise Tracking in MyNetDiary Android Diabetes app

With MyNetDiary, you can also track exercise.

Most exercises have MET value assigned, allowing calorie calculation based on duration. If you use exercise equipment, you can enter calories directly, for any exercise. The notes field helps you keep track of other information, such as peak heart rate.

You can also create your custom exercises.

If you purchase Premium membership you can link MyNetDiary Exercise with Fitbit or Garmin activity tracker or Withings Pulse.

Recipe Editor

Recipe editing in MyNetDiary Android Diabetes app

If you often eat the same foods together, you can create a recipe. The next time you eat them, you only need to enter one food - the recipe itself.

MyNetDiary Diabetes provides a powerful recipe editor - allowing you to adjust the recipe, to add or remove ingredients, or adjust their amounts.

Daily and Weekly Analysis

Daily and Weekly Analysis in MyNetDiary Android Diabetes app

The Daily Analysis screen show your daily energy balance, estimating how much weight you are losing (or gaining) on each day.

For each day, it compares your key nutrient totals with recommendations by American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, helping you eat more healthfully.

It also provides you tips and recommendations on good eating habits, helping you be more successful.

The Weekly Analysis screen shows you energy balance and nutrient analysis for a whole week, expanding the number of nutrients included into into analysis.

More Tools

Additional Tools in MyNetDiary Android Diabetes app

There are many more tools in MyNetDiary - overall, there are more than 50 screens in MyNetDiary Diabetes & Diet Tracker. They are there when you need them - water tracking, notes, vitamins and a full set of body measurements - not only weight!

Check out our articles on weight loss and healthful living. Send a support request from the app, we will respond via email within 24 hours or sooner.

Works with MyNetDiary.com

The Diabetes Tracker app could be used standalone and it can also work with MyNetDiary.com.

With MyNetDiary.com you can do more, and we recommend creating at least a free account. MyNetDiary.com provides data backup for the app. In case your phone is lost, damaged, or you are getting a new phone - your latest data are saved on MyNetDiary.com servers and could be restored on a new phone.

With a free MyNetDiary account you can use the website for food and exercise entry when you prefer using a computer with a large display, mouse and keyboard.

If you already have or will sign up for a paid MyNetDiary Premium account, you have access to all features of the website, including full online diabetes tracking, extra charts and reports, printing, and more.

Finally, using MyNetDiary Community tools, you can setup data sharing for your account, allowing read-only access to your diary by your spouse, relative, or care provider.

Linking with Fitbit, Withings and Garmin

MyNetDiary Premium accounts could be linked with Withings scale and blood pressure monitor, as well as with Fitbit and Garmin. If you link your Premium account and use it with the Diabetes Tracker app, the app will sync information automatically.

Beyond Android

First of all, MyNetDiary diabetes tracking is always available on the website - it's provided for free for MyNetDiary Premium members.


MyNetDiary Diabetes Tracker for iPhone has inspired creation of Android app. It has even richer, solid set of features and has been used by millions of people since year 2012.


On the iPad, we recommend using MyNetDiary's Diabetes Tracker for iPhone app. Although not optimized specifically for the iPad, it is full featured and allows tracking of everything diabetes on the iPad.

Disclaimer: MyNetDiary Diabetes is an educational tool, it is not a medical device, it is not a substitute for a medical device or medical care, and it does not provide diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of any disease.
Information provided on MyNetDiary web site and in MyNetDiary applications is for general use only and is not intended to provide personal medical advice or substitute for the advice of your physician. If you have questions or concerns about individual health matters or the management of your diabetes, please consult your diabetes care team.