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As of November 2015, MyNetDiary online dieting service had more than 5 millions registered user accounts. Many people have lost weight, improved their lifestyle and left very positive reviews of MyNetDiary at App Store and Google Play. The MyNetDiary team had featured some inspiring user stories on the Live Success Stories page. At that point we had enough statistics to evaluate the effectiveness of MyNetDiary service.

User selection criteria

Since MyNetDiary is a self-service program, many users open an account, try some features and then never return. Other users stick to the program, achieve their target weight and then stop using the program. Sometimes, they return after several months in order to lose weight again or to maintain their current weight. Some pregnant women use MyNetDiary to track their weight changes before and after delivery, and bariatric patients have used MyNetDiary before and after surgery.

With so many deviations, it can be difficult to build a realistic statistical portrait of an “average” MyNetDiary user. This is why we had to take into account only the people who really participated in the program. The following user selection criteria were defined by the MyNetDiary team.

Condition 1. Weight loss wanted

Starting weight should be at least 10 lbs more than target weight. This is only a desired loss; actual loss is discussed below. This condition ensures that this user was not planning to gain or maintain weight.

Condition 2. MyNetDiary was used actively

Active usage period has at least four contiguous weeks, with the user logging foods at least four days per week and each day containing at least 400 calories worth of consumed foods. We also excluded the periods with body weight change rate greater than 6lbs/week. Only the users with one or more active periods are included in this study.

Actual weight loss is measured as a difference between first and last known weigh-in.

Active weight loss is a cumulative weight change summarized for active periods only. Active loss may be quite different from the actual loss.

Condition 3. One pound lost

Both actual and active weight loss should be at least 1 lbs for inclusion.

Not being able to lose one pound indicates an anomaly, a significant deviation from the “average” person we are trying to describe statistically. We also want to exclude users whose goal is simply to maintain weight.

The results

The following table contains average weight loss stats for users who met selection criteria:

Users Actual average weight loss Active average weight loss
4047 27 lb 12% 221 days 17 lb 8 % 85 days

The following table provides average weight loss stats for different user types and sex:

Sex Users Actual
Free female 886 27 14 143 16 8 81
Free ♂ male 625 26 11 119 17 7 79
Premium female 250 32 lb 15% 251 days 19 9 115
Premium ♂ male 353 30 lb 12% 211 days 18 7 115
Pro female 900 27 13 131 16 8 80
Pro ♂ male 1033 27 11 425 17 7 78

So how effective is MyNetDiary?

  1. The average member lost over 27 lbs or 12% of body weight in only 7 months
  2. Average pace 1.4 lbs per week!
  3. Premium users lose more weight than Free and Pro users
  4. Mobile apps speed up weight loss

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Appendix A: Weight chart examples

Live examples of user weight charts can also be found at Live Success Stories page










Disclaimer: The information provided here does not constitute medical advice. If you are seeking medical advice, please visit your healthcare provider or medical professional.
Nov 25, 2022
Disclaimer: The information provided here does not constitute medical advice. If you are seeking medical advice, please visit your healthcare provider or medical professional.

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