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SuperPHIT 1 topics

This group is exclusively for challengers and clients of SuperPHIT 1 topics

Last message on January 18 by SuperPHIT: Welcome to the SuperPHIT group

Power 1 topics

Describe the group and its goals here. 1 topics

Last message on January 18 by Krista_1123: Same

Disability & Weight Loss 7 topics

This group is for anyone disabled and trying to loose weight. 7 topics

Last message on January 18 by Kayla_fat2fit: I started my weight loss journey 3 1/2 years ago weighing in at 315 pounds. I am 22 years old down 56 pounds so far. I have a math disability, 3 different types on anxiety disorders. I’m a single mom to a 6 year old boy. I recently just started...

Health with Chronic Illness 3 topics

Some of us have chronic illness and/or pain. Even though we might be more sedentary than most, I believe that we can be healthier with weight loss and good nutrition. I believe that those of us who are on steroids or other medications that tend to pack on the pounds, need that little bit of extra encouragement. 3 topics

Last message on January 11 by RAD: Good for you for making the effort. I want to say something motivating but the best I can offer and perhaps the most sincere is good for you.

2021 Let's do this! 2 topics

I notice some inactivity in the forums and am hoping others join up and become active. It doesn't matter how much you have to lose, we all have a common goal. Looking for others who have just started to support and motivate each other on our paths. Lets be active and support each other!! 2 topics

Last message on January 8 by V.: I can relate to this. I have never been skinny, I have been very fit as I did a lot of sports in my youth, but never skinny. I don’t think skinny equals healthy either. But I definitely want to “not wobble” when I jump or run or ...breathe ??

Weekend Morning Motivation 2 topics

A place to touch bases on Saturday and or Sunday mornings. Members share weekly victories and defeats; what has and has not worked. Together we share each others inspirations and aspirations by setting weekly goals and providing encouragement to meet them. We support one another in REAL TIME by posting anytime from 930 - 10:30 am EST on the weekends. However do keep in mind posting anytime is welcomed and encouraged. 2 topics

Last message on 11/09/20 by SundayWarrior: Just saying Hi and looking for motivation to get me off my couch on the weekends. Trying to get back into my running once again and seems like I just can't get out of the house on the weekends, maybe its a Corvid 19 fear thing or I just basically...

28lbs to lose! Let's finally meet our goals! 5 topics

This is for people that only have 28lbs to lose to meet there goal, I want to hear excitement! 5 topics

Last message on 11/06/20 by Wildanbs11:

#LeastAnnoyingFam 1 topics

Describe the group and its goals here. Account for one another 1 topics

Last message on 10/14/20 by Amberm622: I am starting eating healthy next week

The motivation lounge 14 topics

Created this group to support each other through all stages of life. 14 topics

Last message on 09/30/20 by April123: Well done

Gemini 1 topics

Describe the group and its goals here. 1 topics

Last message on 09/16/20 by Cat73b: Hello ??