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Weekend Morning Motivation 2 topics

A place to touch bases on Saturday and or Sunday mornings. Members share weekly victories and defeats; what has and has not worked. Together we share each others inspirations and aspirations by setting weekly goals and providing encouragement to meet them. We support one another in REAL TIME by posting anytime from 930 - 10:30 am EST on the weekends. However do keep in mind posting anytime is welcomed and encouraged. 2 topics

Last message on July 3 by CityGirl129: Hi Rozy, I've just signed back up with MyNetDiary and am finding it easy to use and love that it calculates everything for you so you can see where you're going right and also going wrong. So far so good. I've been staying on track and doing...

The motivation lounge 12 topics

Created this group to support each other through all stages of life. 12 topics

Last message on July 3 by Millzie1996: We have found that MyNetDiary is working well for us, but what other apps are you using to achieve your goals? I'm using MapMyWalk Strava Gymaholic AutoSleep Challenges Activity Live Better Medibank Lifecycle What are you an android or a iPhone...

28lbs to lose! Let's finally meet our goals! 3 topics

This is for people that only have 28lbs to lose to meet there goal, I want to hear excitement! 3 topics

Last message on June 27 by Momofbeth65: Welcome! How is everyone doing? I've got 18 lbs to lose and it's coming off sooooo slowly now. I started walking every day and am pretty consistently doing 11000-12000 steps. Lowest this past week was 8000 when it was over 90 degrees out.

Fitbitch 2 topics

Revenge Bods are a go, Mom bods are goodbye. 2 topics

Last message on June 15 by Sharonwildvolunteer: Hi There, FITBITCH is what I hope to be! I'm not a mum, but I have a mum bod. I need a revenge bod and I refuse to give up! I'm 160 pounds and want to get to 130/136 (ish) Oh and I'm in Australia. Cheers all. Sharon

Amanda Hanson Personal Coaching 1 topics

For all clients who are working with Coach Amanda Hanson in the Twin Falls area. 1 topics

Last message on May 6 by Coach.Amanda.Hanson: I wanted to take a moment and share a documentary that I find both entertaining and informative. During this health journey, I encourage all of you to seek out information from RELIABLE sources and spend time immersing yourself in all things...

LLL 1 topics

I have really enjoyed learning from simply logging what it is that I am eating each day. I think this site is easy and you can keep track of your exercise and the app for our iPhones is free as well.....Check it out..... 1 topics

Last message on March 17 by Georgepopeccs: I signed yyp yesterday on the web & loved the easy setup & use, to log my first couple meals. I saw sometghing indicating there's an app, so I downloaded it for my iPhone & connected to my account I set up here, but the data I input yesterday for...

GetFit2020 1 topics

Describe the group and its goals here. 1 topics

Last message on January 9 by Megg04 : Hi

Fitbit users - get it on 1 topics

Get a motivation/information source as well as experience sharing 1 topics

Last message on January 7 by U1187414672: Is anyone sync'ing with Fitbit? Does it work well?

Osteo-Arthritis Sufferers 1 topics

This group is created for people suffering with osteo-arthritis to share what works and doesn't work for pain relief: exercises, particular foods, recipes, whatever. 1 topics

Last message on 12/03/19 by Mtczajka: I have had arthritis in my legs since childhood, now at 60, I have arthritis in nearly every joint. I try to keep moving with both exercise and weights. But I'm interested in food that can help or hurt.

????? 2 topics

2?????? 2 topics

Last message on 11/24/19 by ????: ???