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Last message on January 20 by U1194262728: hi im new im going to loose 52.2 pounds in 184 or less days

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Last message on January 9 by TaylorTNT: Awesome I look forward to getting results!

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Last message on 12/06/22 by The_DAK: Lmao 😩👉👌

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Last message on 12/05/22 by JenniferDPP: Great! Thanks!

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Describe the group and its goals here. 1 topics

Last message on 10/31/22 by Chrono9000: Test

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Just a great supportive group of friends here to encourage, exchange ideas and help one another meet our weight loss and health goals.All posting might say it didn't post, but it really did, so please do not post duplicates. _____________ Remember to consult with your doctor before starting any exercise or weight loss regimen! _____________ 12 topics

Last message on 10/19/22 by AnguishAnonymous: Doing really great. Weighed in after a long time and lost another 12 kg. That makes 44 kg of weight loss total in pretty much 6 months.

New To Diabetes 1 topics

Help each other get through our dietary and fitness goals because you’re new to Diabetes. Learning to control high and low blood glucose and what diet and exercise impact it. 1 topics

Last message on 09/30/22 by CaptainAmerica88: You probably feel overwhelmed and confused. You're asking yourself, “What now?” Well, the good news is you have a community to fall back on. You don’t have to maneuver this by yourself. You have the support of countless others who have felt the...

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Last message on 09/16/22 by BrileyDaGoat: BLM - Bang Local Milfs

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Need no description. Operation commando. 1 topics

Last message on 08/13/22 by Adsylv: Hello

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Friends from Sparkpeople. 23 topics

Last message on 08/05/22 by Suzib123: I like to add 1 talb. Sugar free pudding mix, it adds 25 calories and makes it more like soft serve ice cream!