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I have really enjoyed learning from simply logging what it is that I am eating each day. I think this site is easy and you can keep track of your exercise and the app for our iPhones is free as well.....Check it out..... 1 topics

Last message on March 17 by Georgepopeccs: I signed yyp yesterday on the web & loved the easy setup & use, to log my first couple meals. I saw sometghing indicating there's an app, so I downloaded it for my iPhone & connected to my account I set up here, but the data I input yesterday for...

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Revenge Bods are a go, Mom bods are goodbye. 1 topics

Last message on February 26 by SummerBorden: Got ittttt

GetFit2020 1 topics

Describe the group and its goals here. 1 topics

Last message on January 9 by Megg04 : Hi

28lbs to lose! Let's finally meet our goals! 3 topics

This is for people that only have 28lbs to lose to meet there goal, I want to hear excitement! 3 topics

Last message on January 8 by Gothiclord: New member here, I hope you are still on track for your goal

Fitbit users - get it on 1 topics

Get a motivation/information source as well as experience sharing 1 topics

Last message on January 7 by U1187414672: Is anyone sync'ing with Fitbit? Does it work well?

Osteo-Arthritis Sufferers 1 topics

This group is created for people suffering with osteo-arthritis to share what works and doesn't work for pain relief: exercises, particular foods, recipes, whatever. 1 topics

Last message on 12/03/19 by Mtczajka: I have had arthritis in my legs since childhood, now at 60, I have arthritis in nearly every joint. I try to keep moving with both exercise and weights. But I'm interested in food that can help or hurt.

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Last message on 11/24/19 by ????: ???

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Describe the group and its goals here. 1 topics

Last message on 10/11/19 by Facrockett: I got you on the PC anyway. I had my weigh in at 150.6 today....honestly I was hoping to hit the 140s...but after realizing I was 153.0 on my last weigh in...I shant complain! Not to mention I was still climbing out of the sluggish thyroid hole....

Get Fit, Get Lit 2 topics

Weightloss is the goal!!! Support and encourage and motivate! 2 topics

Last message on 09/23/19 by Cj189: Using a diary this week , I am tracking what I REALLY eat before I decide what plan will work best for me. Def know I need to decrease calories 500-600 a day and less Carbs so going with 3 days tracking and see! Good luck to all!

People willing to post/comment/contribute at least 1x a week (until at least 12/19) for support! :) 1 topics

"They" say community goes a long way in a weight loss journey. After noticing many other forums haven't been posted in for months, I'm creating this group (in August 2019) for others like myself who want frequent (daily - weekly) chat/support until at least December 2019. Four months seems like a good baseline. : ) 1 topics

Last message on 09/11/19 by Stumpy75: Well, I have started again, and am doing fairly well in the 1st 3 days. It's hard to get measuring everything again, and getting into an exercise routine. One day at a time....