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Weight Watchers - Core/SFT 1 topics

This group is for members of Weight Watchers who use the Core Plan/Simply Filling Technique. Since this plan is based on Volumetrics, people who use Volumetrics or the Diet Denominator are free to join in, too! 1 topics

Last message on May 20 by Petitalexange: How are you? Same boat

Losing Weight Slow and Consistently! 5 topics

Here we are not worried about "Time". We are are only concerned that we "Do!" lose weight and keep it "Off!" 5 topics

Last message on May 16 by RayGlasscock: Hi Spower, hope you have been well. I eventually put all forty some pounds back on over the first two years of my daughters life. I am only back down to my previous starting weight just now and back at the starting line. It seems harder now but...

Tinsel Chicks 30 topics

Tinsel Chicks are here to support each other in our personal goals. 30 topics

Last message on May 14 by Meg-O: Catching up on mynetdiary and wow, you broke 140 last year. Let?s definitely it again! I?m working on being solidly below 150 right now (I?m bobbing between 151 and 149 right now)

Fasting for (Everlasting) Fat Loss 1 topics

For those who subscribe to intermittent fasting approaches such as ESE, LeanGains and The Warrior Diet. This group is limited to those determined to reduce body fat healthfully! 1 topics

Last message on May 9 by Debbborra: I'm also doing 5:2. I've been at it for 4 whole days, but so far I really enjoy it. Right now my fast days are Sundays and Tuesdays.

Getting fit for a holiday/vacation 2 topics

I have a special trip coming up and would like to connect with others that have a similar motivating event in their future - I'd like to lose a bit of weight and feel very strong for the holiday. 2 topics

Last message on April 25 by PEFranklin: I have made a goal to do three weight/resistance workouts a week (and I do mine with a trainer in 30 minutes per day) - but what if in 10 min increments three times a week I picked up one more??? Game changer?

Vegans 7 topics

Group for Vegans and weightloss 7 topics

Last message on April 16 by Aussie412: Looks like this group is no longer active. Are there members out there that want to reboot and share successes, challenges re: vegan diet?

90 Day Challenge 19 topics

Starting today...I am taking charge. Over the next 90 days I am going to really work on what I need to do. Log every calorie, Log every workout, and work on my emotional eating. Please make your own 90 day challenge and join me on this quest for a healthier self. Please join in me in this 90 day challenge. Think of the possibilities. 19 topics

Last message on March 18 by SlimmingJane: Great!

Gastric Bypass - Preparing, Beginning & Beyond 6 topics

I am currently preparing for gastric bypass surgery and looking for others that have recently undergone the process of preparation and the change of lifestyle for support. 6 topics

Last message on February 10 by Doc3: Can anyone tell me there experiences after surgery? I am going to do the bypass surgery in November this year. Can anyone tell me what it is like immediately after surgery. How soon can I go back to my active life? Will I be homebound for very...

Macrofit Toolbox 1 topics

This is an exclusive group for Body Balance in Elk Grove. Here is where your numbers will be accessed by trainer Ben Madison. You can see recipes and daily logs. This new system will replace the screen shot email system. 1 topics

Last message on February 7 by Tmarie1023: Hi

Generic Fitness Name 2 topics

Our goal is to give each other advice, motivation, and keep each other going when we feel ready to stop. Humor is always encouraged. :) 2 topics

Last message on January 12 by Skampp: Well folks this is the third time I've tried these forums looking for accountability and encouragement, but for whatever reason it never happens. Great software, but the forums are dead. Should anyone check back, I wish you the best of luck in...