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40-Somethings 119 topics

Life only begins at forty. This team is for anyone in their 40's who has a goal to be physically and mentally healthy. Come make new friends and reach your goals. 119 topics

Last message on October 30 by Dietician: Greetings All! This group has been quiet for some time. I am writing to say hello and introduce myself. My name is Joanna and I am one of the Dieticians here at MND. What are you all doing to avoid the tempting Halloween candy at work and home?...

60+ Anyone Over 60 45 topics

We are a group of fun loving people looking for support and friendship while moving forward toward healthier lifestyles and losing unwanted weight. 45 topics

Last message on October 18 by Genesings: Well I?m back to using this app again. I lost 95 lbs by using this app a few years ago but I have put a lot of weight back on so I?m going to do it again to get back to where I was and make sure I stay there this time.

50+ Anyone Over 50 58 topics

A team for all over 50 to talk about what you need and to help others in their needs. A team for making new friends and sharing anything that is important to you. Welcome! 58 topics

Last message on October 14 by Ndi67: I new to the group . I am 51and need /want to lose about 100 lbs . I was doing WW and didn't lose anything . Now i have incorperated using mynetdiary. So here is to hoping ... I suffer sever derpression so it becomes a horrible cycle of im...

Losing 50 to 100 Pounds 37 topics

We are strong and wanting to regain our health! We might appear overweight now but just catch us when we meet our goals! Welcome! 37 topics

Last message on September 2 by BlackChange: Hey Paul, keep the faith!!! We?ve all fallen short and felt like giving up but we can do it. Step by step. I?m new here but I?ll have your back.

Living with diabetes 23 topics

Have you been told you have diabetes, pre-diabetes, "a touch of sugar," high blood pressure, abnormal lipids, insulin resistance or other health problems related to being overweight? Let's get together, share the challenges, lose that belly fat and get healthier. 23 topics

Last message on August 23 by ElvinG: Hello everyone. I finally accepted I am Diabetic Type 2. It took a while but I accepted my fate on February 2, 2018 when my doctor warned me to get it fixed now or within the next ten years I will be facing serious health consequences. Since...

New Year - New Focus 86 topics

Many of you find the New Year a kick in the pants to get serious about weight loss. Good for you. But let's keep this team going YEAR ROUND to help motivate us every month. Best, Kathy Isacks, MPS, RDN, CDE 86 topics

Last message on April 5 by Dietitian: Hi Nikkimoo35 - welcome! This group has been silent for so long that I forget to check in. How is your plan coming along? Kathy

30-Somethings 89 topics

For anyone in their 30s serious about loosing weight of any amount or wanting to continue maintaining their healthy weight. Let's stick together to have fun and support each other. 89 topics

Last message on April 1 by MikaMeek: Hi all I'm Mika 33 y/o 5ft 2in SW: 155 lbs CW: 156 lbs (3/29/18) GW: 145 lbs (healthy move); 135 lbs (healthy bmi); 125 lbs (healthy bf%)

Ageless 4 topics

All are welcome. Come on in sit down, make yourself at home. Comfy? Now let's get to it. Support , Motivate, and have fun!!! 4 topics

Last message on March 22 by Debi54: I recently joined this group but removed myself since there was very little happening. Are you on any other groups that are more active? Looking to give and get encouragement!

Low Carbers 18 topics

This team is for those of us looking to lose and maintain weight through a low carb lifestyle. 18 topics

Last message on 12/12/17 by OldandGrumpy: A bit tasteless but does make a base for sandwiches

19+ Teens 18 topics

Everyone between the age of 18-24 years old is welcome to join this team. Let's get in shape, stay fit and look great while we are still young. We all need support. We all need friends. 18 topics

Last message on 08/11/16 by Cajartina??: Hello all - Anitra here! Looking for motivation to loose weight and keep it off (for as long as possible...) Hope to make some friends along the way!