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Getting rid of stomach fat 5 messages

Last message on May 3 by Simplycidalia: It?s certainly an option to go really low carb or keto (20 grams or less of net carbs) but not necessary. If you do choose to do so, you can slowly reintroduce carby foods once you?ve lost the desired fat.

Struggling to gain weight while cutting fat 3 messages

Last message on April 16 by Dietician: Hi Justinmichaelz- Welcome to MND! Glad you found us. Weight gain can be difficult for sure. It sounds like you are going about it in the right way. It is accomplished through strength training + eating more calories + eating enough protein. I...

Recovery :) 2 messages

Last message on April 9 by Dietician: Hi SimplyArtsy- Recovering from an eating disorder can be quite a journey. Here are a couple of tips: 1. Working alongside a therapist that specializes in eating disorders will greatly improve your chances of getting better and meeting your goals...

Anorexia Recovery 3 messages

Last message on April 8 by SimplyArtsy: Hi! It could be because of the types of food you?re eating and you may not be eating enough! Maybe no on purpose but because the food may seem a lot but not calorie dense! :) Try eating things like avocado, peanut butter etc. you can probably do...

Trying to gain weight but nothing is working 4 messages

Last message on 07/25/18 by KeeleySpencer: I had this same problem until, one day, it got really bad and a blood test told me I had extremely low iron levels. This may not be your problem but it wouldn?t hurt to check your blood results and make sure everything is ok.

Anyone else on here trying to gain weight? 30 messages

Last message on 06/29/18 by Beawise: Hello iv been trying to gain weight for a couple years now I see the doctor 3 times a week and ever think I have done iv lost weight is there any think I can do

Need to gain weight QUICK! 4 messages

Last message on 06/29/18 by Beawise: Hi my names Bea and iv been trying to put weight on now for a couple of years everything i do make me loss more Waugh?s I see the doctor 3 times a weeek I rally need help with this is there any thing any one can tell me

Sugar Addiction 11 messages

Last message on 11/01/17 by Dietician: Hello Lchatriand- Kudos to you for identifying what works and what doesn't work for you! I really admire folks who are honest in identifying their triggers and finding solutions to work around them. I have worked with many clients over time who...

Gaining weight/ Six pack abs 3 messages

Last message on 06/18/17 by Dietician: Hi Zak- I am curious what your calorie and protein budget are from MND and how you feel the budget is working? As you likely know in order to reduce body fat while also maintaining lean body mass you must create a negative energy balance. In...

Body fat measurw 2 messages

Last message on 06/08/17 by Dietitian: Hi Chavatapia88, you can get your body fat measured with different devices, not all of which are very precise or accurate. Many folks use a specially designed scale that uses bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) technology to get an assessment of...

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