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We are strong and wanting to regain our health! We might appear overweight now but just catch us when we meet our goals! Welcome!

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407 members lost 27.8lbs within last week, 72.3lbs within last month, total loss is 5136.5lbs.
13 members exercised and burned together 4816cals within last 24 hours.
Precious2501, Wbl2745, Eirdeone, Mrsk54 and 8 other people succeeded with personal food calorie plan within last 24 hours.
Deckerman, Wbl2745 and NYCAmazon2 exceeded personal exercise plan within last 24 hours.

New member from NSW Australia 5 messages

Last message on February 25 by Jloughlin: Hi Joycetime My wife?s arthritis was getting very bad and a Doctor who is a neighbor ask if she was taking a statin. She was and he said that many people react to statins with a lot of joint pain. She talked with her doctor and is now taking a...

What keeps you motivated? 12 messages

Last message on February 25 by Jloughlin: Things still going well down to 9 lbs to lose to reach my goal of 51.4 lbs by May 29. That will get me to 250 by the time a musical I am rehearsing for starts. That has been my driving motivation. Tonight ,however, I am being careful because I have...

Hi (new here) 37 messages

Last message on February 9 by Joycetime: I didn't even record the foods I ate today I blow it! So mad...I'm not at all a cooker. When my husband was alive and my daughter growing up I did...big meals and I just got bored of it and now hate to cook. I'm thinking about getting some...

Dance Party 3 messages

Last message on January 28 by Glendak: I have dance parties as well , I love it , good way to get up & get moving

Just started today 9 messages

Last message on January 6 by Joycetime: So MBlythe88 how are you doing...it has been 9 months? I to was in WW I did well lost 120 pounds but I stop going and started eating junk food and here it is almost all back on. I keep telling myself our bodies are the flower God gave us and stop...

Weight gain 3 messages

Last message on 06/26/19 by Paul: Hi, Have any of you heard of Intermittent Fasting?

Want to get out if this group 8 messages

Last message on 03/20/19 by Shortythick1998: Did this before had great success. I went back to eating my way gain the Wight back all but 15 pounds. Knowing that it works I jumped back on the wagon

Loooong road to still go 1 messages

Last message on 06/24/18 by Kimdanurse: In 6 months I have lost around 37 pounds. Today I am truthfully 100 pounds off the ideal weight for my height. I want to continue to lose 2 pounds a week for a year. So far I have and have been losing 2 pounds every week in May & June. I have...

new to the team - hoping to share my success 15 messages

Last message on 06/24/18 by Kimdanurse: You have to eat protein (eggs, beans, meat, tofu, peanut butter )whatever at breakfast if you hope not to be hungry at night. Force yourself to have breakfast & have an earlier supper the night before so you might be hungry. Eat some protein with...

Weight loss help 3 messages

Last message on 06/12/18 by Kimdanurse: The first place you lose fat from is visceral or the fat surrounded on your organs. But then you lose fat all over your body equally, the subcutaneous fat. Your face will look older with less fat under skin but get good sleep & look at the colour...

Losing 50 to 100 Pounds. We are strong and wanting to regain our health! We might appear overweight now but just catch us when we meet our goals! Welcome!