MyNetDiary Person: Dietitian



Weight chart

Weight Plan

  • Start weight: 130lbs on 09/11/10
  • Current weight: 130lbs
  • Weight loss wanted: ¾oz
  • Timeframe: 12 months
  • Lost so far: none

About me

Current goal: My goal is to help members achieve their health goals with the use of MyNetDiary. Forum & blog posts do not constitute medical advice. Please visit a medical professional if you need medical advice.
Favorite diets: Mediterranean diet, DASH diet, Volumetrics Weight Control
Favorite activities: Swing dancing, skiing, running, hiking, and walking
Need help with: My goals are to 1. maintain at 127 - 132 lb, 2. continue to eat healthfully, and 3.continue to avoid excess sodium or added sugars.
Geographic area: Colorado
More info: I am physically active 6-7 days per week - this allows me to eat a reasonable amount of food and still achieve my weight goal. I prefer to eat 6 times per day rather than the traditional 3 larger meals per day.