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So i want to ask regarding ( add exercise to calories budget) option. I am using my smartwatch to track my calories burning throught the day either at gym or daily activity by walking or working etc..

Now my question is, do i need to add in the exercises every calory my watch gives that im burning other than gym activity? I.e. walking to my car or going up the stairs or washing deshes etc.. or only enter my calories burning throughout the gym time?

Does my activity Level in my plan already inculded these daily activities so there is no need to add them in the exercises entery? Or i should enter it as well there to increase the daily calories budget?

Does my activity level in my plan already calculated the estemated calories burning daily so there is no need to repeate it in the exercises entery along with my gym activity or i need to add it as well?

Hope you guys answer my question to better track my diatry.

Hi U1186911814, Great questions!
MyNetDiary uses the DRI energy equations so even the sedentary activity level includes basic activities of daily living, including incidental walking of up to about a mile (or about 15-20 minutes). At the very least, set your overall activity level to sedentary to minmize the overestimation of exercise calories if you use a fitness device and link it to MyNetDiary. If you are trying to lose weight, I would just log the exercise calories from the gym.

I use the Apple Watch and have stopped logging exercise altogether. I use the Step Bonus to estimate calories based simply on steps. This will underestimate my exercise calories somewhat since I weight lift, but still, I'm trying to maintain my weight loss so some underestimation of exercise calories ultimately works to help me stay in weight maintenance. You could do that too (Step Bonus requires Premium membership).

If you use an activity level other than sedentary, then yes, it is already included your average exercise calories for the day. This is also a time saver since you don't have to log exercise. However, it is important that folks do not choose an activity level that is higher than what is actual for their average daily routine.

You might find this article on calories planning helpful too:

Let us know if you have more questions.

Kathy (Dietitian with MyNetDiary)


add exercise to calories budget?