Autopilot Setting? Topic

Is it recommended to use the "autopilot" setting for your calorie goals? Can someone explain to me how my plan will change with vs. without using this setting? Thanks!

Hello Liliepad,

Here is an explanation of the autopilot feature:

AutoPilot option tells MyNetDiary to adjust your Planned daily calories, Fats, Carbs and Proteins depending on your Current weight, Target weight and Target date entered at Plan tab, your body Height, Date of birth, Gender, Activity level entered at Account tab and Exercise plan entered at Plan tab. Existing exercise plan is recalculated based on your body weight changes. Selecting AutoPilot option has the same effect as clicking "Reset calories", except "Reset calories" command changes your plan once, while AutoPilot keeps adjusting your food and exercise plan whenever you enter new body weight or change any data mentioned at Plan page.
Notice: While relying on AutoPilot, please, make sure Target date is far enough. AutoPilot cannot guarantee achieving target weight timely when target date is too close or desired weight loss is too great for the period till target date. Under those extreme conditions AutoPilot switches to a safe 1 lbs/week strategy.
AutoPilot feature requires Maximum membership.

Hope this helps you decide whether you want to use it or not.

Take care! Brenda (Dietitian, MyNetDiary)

Autopilot Setting?