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Hi, I just recently experienced some major weight gain after moving in with the parents for the past five years. I have since moved out because of all of the trigger foods, and well, because it was time. I still visit them frequently and do my best to avoid the triggers, but some days I cave. How are some of you avoiding the pitfall?

Hi MelG323,

Can you make sure you eat before you visit them so you are not hungry while there? I would definitely try to stay out of the kitchen area. Do they offer food as a sign of nurturing? That is so common in families. Brenda (MyNetDiary Dietitian)

Trigger foods are a bummer and can derail me for that day and longer! When I was in the losing weight phase, I was strict about seeing myself as an alcoholic with some foods. Which meant not even a single bite was okay. Having a plan before I got to a party was important, Diet Coke or black coffee and hard candy like Werthers helped me a lot! (Something about the flavor of werthers kills my craving temptations). When I am meeting someone at a restaurant, I will suggest a place that works for my choices. Maybe you could volunteer to bring the meal to your parents? That way you can guide the food choices - I do that frequently as well!

Just thought of this as well, people are much more sympathetic on food choices if they think there is a non weight loss reason to skip. Like: sugar messes with my brain and keeps me awake all night like caffeine or processed foods have been giving me terrible heartburn or salty foods have been causing so much water weight my joints hurt. Parents especially are eager to accommodate for these types of reasons!! Just saw this happen with my mo-in-law and bro-in-law two days ago when he brought his own meal to the family get together. No one was irritated with him! If your folks know that certain foods are REALLY tempting but you have to say no for heartburn related reasons they may even stop having them when you visit.

Thanks Drinkmorewater for the thoughtful tips! I couldn't agree more. Trigger foods are hard. For me, eating before I go helps a lot and bringing my own beverages such as fizzy water and kombucha helps. I also bring a healthy dish that I know I can eat whenever I go to a party. I love roasted veggies, so that is a go-to for me. Best, Joanna (Dietician)

Hi, I?m new to MyNetDiary and can relate to trigger foods, mine are convenient eating if anything and sweets. Especially coffee creamer and snacks before bed while watching TV.?That?s good to plan ahead and to just be aware that it?s happening you can control your triggers

So I?ve struggled with my weight most my life the only time I was skinny was once when I was younger on drugs and a few years ago I lost weight and was healthy was after taking a college course on nutrition, I subconsciously ate accordingly to what I learned ?I think?, I had lost 50lbs if not more in like a matter of a few months without exercising, well I was not able to maintain that weight and gained back double, I?m the heaviest I?ve been in my life and I need help to get health again any tips would be appreciate, I?m still trying to understand the whole macros or whatever their called and how to calculate them, I forgot how too, also any suggestions on meals would be great too

Hi Sweetie_88, So glad you found MyNetDiary! It sounds like the nutrition course you took in the past increased your awareness of what you ate. That is similar to what a tracker can do, it makes you more aware of what you eat and what you burn with activity. Check out our MyNetDiary library of articles that you can read as needed to keep learning. Make this a journey where you learn and continue to increase your self-awareness as you go. Here is a link to the library. There are many sections in the blog section.

Also, here is a section of articles in library on getting started that you might find useful.

Please let us know if you have further questions and keep us posted on your progress! Have a healthy day! Brenda (MyNetDiary Dietitian)

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