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I live in Thailand. Man it?s so hard to count calories because of the myriad curries and stir fries there are in this country. Just needed to vent that ...

Hi! I understand your pain..I moved to saudi a while ago and it?s hard to eat healthy here!

Hello U1865830,
It's fine to vent! Let us know if there are specific foods we can help you find. Even if you may not be able to track the exact ingredients in your foods, there is still value in tracking to increase awareness of choices and portions.
I imagine there is such a wide range of amazing flavors available there. :)

Sue (MyNetDiary Registered Dietitian)

Just joined MND and saw your comment. What are your favorite dishes and would you be willing to make them yourself? I make a lot of Thai food, so maybe I can suggest something that wouldn?t be sugary or high in calories. Do you like Nuea Nam Tok? Thai meat salad is easy to make and can easily be a main dish. Or how about some Larp? (I lived in NE Thailand near Laos.) larp is usually a healthy salad.

I been doing this app for about a month. I guess it?s time to make some friends on here

Hello Slorider1! Welcome to MyNetDiary! What has been your experience tracking so far? Any eye opening experiences? I am always amazed by my increased awareness about my portions and food choices when tracking!

Glad you found us! Brenda (MyNetDiary Dietitian)

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