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Lost weight the first week, then gained a couple second week ! Have struggled since! I?ve stayed in the same 5 lb. area for 4-mo. If I work outside (I mow yards and trim trees/hedges) I gain anywhere from 1-3 lbs. ? I?m staying at or under calories and within or under macros. What am I doing wrong?

Have you been taking measurements as well? I too haven?t lost any weight but I am shrinking in size. I have lost an inch thus far. It could be that you are reshaping your muscle mass while reducing flab. At some point the reshaping will catch up and start reducing weight value.

Just keep on knowing it will happen. The body knows the safest way to reduce itself.

Drink lots of water, keep up on exercising and eating well balanced and soon enough the pounds numbers will change.

But again you may want to start checking your dimensions because you may be shape changing before the weight changes.

Hey Mjhutson- Welcome to MND! Glad you found us.
It sounds like you have hit a weight loss plateau. I am one of the Dietitians on staff here. Happy to help offer some tips!
A few questions for you to better understand your situation:
1. How dedicated are you to tracking RIGHT when you eat/drink something? The reason I ask is sometimes folks get busy and don't track till the evening attempting to recall all that they have eaten during the day.
2. How much planned activity do you do besides yard work?
Have you tried turning off "add exercise to calorie budget" in the settings? This way you will not be encouraged to eat back the calories you burn via activity (as it sounds like you are active which is great!).
3. Have you tried increasing your fiber intake? Foods high in dietary fiber such as veggies and fruits and beans are quite filling while lower in calories. Thus, if we eat these foods daily we feel full on less calories, which can help with weight loss.
4. Do you have any health issues such as diabetes or thyroid issues that might make it harder to lose weight? Every body loses weight at different rates and certain health issues can mean it takes a bit longer to reach goals.
Finally, here is an article that might provide some tips to help the scale start moving in your desired direction. Let us know how else we can help! Joanna (Dietician)

I track and post at the beginning or during each meal snack or drink. I make sure to get in at least 100+ oz. of water daily. Have no health issues, and I did turn off the exercise /calorie budget that was to confusing. I will be more mindful of measurements. I?ve been slacking there. It?s spring time so I?ll be working outside every day til the end of fall. Thank you for all your input, I will read up on the site you send me! Thank you so much

Hi Mjhutson- Working outside every day sounds fabulous! Enjoy your time getting in sync with the natural world. Let us know if any nutrition questions should arise for you or if the scale does not begin to trend downward. Best, Joanna

I was struggling to lose weight until about 4 weeks ago. I went and got my Resting Metabolic Rate(RMR )measured, in my case my hospital has a wellness center that does RMR measurements, body fat using the POD and a more accurate scanner.

The calcs for my RMR plus sedentary in MyNetDiary was 3300 a day. Other programs we're lower but 2700 seems to be an average.

Needles to say my calories needed to maintain was 1760 * 1.3 or 2322. My numbers might be wrong because I changed my height to match my real height and that reset my calories cycle numbers.

In the last four weeks, I lost 8 pounds.

I am doing the 5:2 diet. I make sure I get as close to my 2300, even going over sometimes. On my fast days I limit to 600.

On my eat days, I eat my calories as well as any exercise calories. I dont makeup calories on fast days. 600 is the limit

I would like to see a way to change my allowed calories in MyNetDiary but for now, I am forced to manually track and mostly ignore the great advice the program gives

Hi U1186534112- Glad to hear your are having success and the scale is reflecting your hard work! I wanted to make sure you were aware of a feature on MND premium.
Premium is the paid portion of the app that will allow you to change your calories in MND.
The feature you might find helpful is the calorie cycling feature. Since you are doing the 5:2 diet you can adjust your calorie budget to reflect the 2300 on 5 days and the 600 cal budget on 2 days a week. From your iPhone, simply go to the PLAN section. Then you will see a horizontal tool bar. Scroll over till you find the Calorie Cycling section. There you will see the days of the week listed and you can manipulate the calories as you'd like.
Let me know if this doesn't make sense or if you have any diet or nutrition questions.
Best, Joanna (MND Dietician)

HI, I am struggling to maintain my weight . I have dramatically reduced my calorie intake (eat lots of veg and fruit and balanced diet) very active but for some reason the weight is creeping back on around my middle. Some days I burn as much as i eat. Has my body gone into starvation mode? is it to do with insulin levels? will being post menopausal have an effect?

Hi Palcol3- Loosing weight is difficult! Here are a few articles from our blog that may shed light on what is going on:

One thing I am curious about is how you figure out portions of the food you are eating.
Have you experimented with weighing your food? Sometimes we may be eating larger portions than we realize! Here is an article on measuring portions:
It can be helpful to re-visit some things we know we need to do to lose weight- to make sure we have not accidentally let our portions creep up (which is very common and can make it hard to maintain weight).
I would encourage you to select "sedentary" as your baseline activity level. We find that this works well to not over estimate your calorie budget. Then if you have a 1 hour hike on say a Saturday, enter that exercise into the app, though turn off the "Add Exercise to Calorie Budget." This way, your calorie budget for that Saturday won?t go up because you burned calories on a hike. Does this make sense?
As for putting your body into starvation mode- that is very very rare. If you had a stomach virus and not eaten for a week, then you may be in starvation mode for that short duration. However it is very rare for people to consume such a low calorie diet for intentional weight loss (as our body?s hunger kicks in an prevents this from happening).
You mentioned menopause. Here is an article that I think you might enjoy.
It is a firm reminder to move more and sit less. Something that no matter the age, we could all improve upon.
Please let me know if this answers your question! All the best in your journey towards better health. Joanna (MND Dietician)

Just going to say it out how it is, you may need to get your thyroid checked, because when it is out of balance, it can make you gain weight super easy, how do I know, I had a benign brain tumor 12 yrs ago, 2 surgeries, and my thyroid permanently messed up, so because of it, my weight went from 215 to almost 300lbs for about 11 yrs, until I finally got off my butt, and did something about it, I have been in the 220;s for almost a year now, but before the end of the year ends, I am going to go to 200lbs. Hope this helps you or makes you enthusiastic, take care, Brian