Let's lose this last 28lbs! Topic

I am so excited to finally only have 28lbs to lose! I started at 290lbs, and it took me around a year and half, to get down to 228. My Goal is to get down to 200lbs. I am starting today, a diet that is 2B Mindset from Teambeachbody.... this is the absolute best plan I have ever seen to lose your weight, but without eating less, you can eat so much food with this plan, it all comes down to the type of food your are eating. Anyways, I plan on losing this last 28lbs within 2-3 months. I wish everybody the absolute best towards there weight loss.....

Let's see were we are today! I love talking to myself, lol!

Good for you! You have come a long way and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Good idea to join a community. I know it makes a difference to share.

I?m on a ketogenic plan because it?s very helpful for my diabetes control. Now that I have finally worked out the macros I need, I am using this app to calculate them. Makes it much easier to be aware of what I?m eating.

Let's lose this last 28lbs!