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Hi Igor! I too have started and stopped using MND and want to keep using this time. I joined this group for a social aspect that I hope will increase my chances of success.

My weight is going up! I must be underestimating the amount of food I am eating and will start measuring it more closely.

Hello, I'm a relative newbie to MND. Put on 30 lbs this past winter and am struggling to take it back off. Recently met with a registered dietician and am hoping that will help put me on a better path to good health along with building a healthy support network. I engage in structured exercise 4 to 7 days a week and enjoy walking as well (so does my dog). I've done Atkins Diet in the past and moved over to Weight Watchers for a more well rounded variety of foods. Both worked well, but when they changed the WW didn't work so well for me and the pounds started creeping back on. I thought I'd give this app a try as I have heard good things.

It seems like consistency and good habits are key no matter what tools one uses. I am very impressed with your exercise regimen, I will have to emulate it.

Hi , Im 41 years old and come from Germany. today I measured my weight after Long time and it was a shock for me. I did not recognize that Im gaining weight so fast. So I signed up hier and look what happens. I really Need your help and Support because I dont get any at home :(

we are here to support each other! I have some success and accountability with regular weighing in. The surprises aren't so extreme! Good luck!!

my big issue : "work out" .
I know, that I have to exercise but I have a desk Job and work 10h a day. have a small garden and gardenning is my only Hobby. So at Weekends Im in the garden all day. last week I was in the gym and all around me were mirrors and I hated to see myself the whole time. (the big belly and all that fat that goes up and down) I was ashamed.
I want to buy a crosstrainer for home but Im not sure. any tipp for me?

Kathy49then50 i feel you! lol! My biggest problems are sweet tooth and evenings??

Hpapayan69 very impressive. I too was a very late learner but am so glad to have figured it out. Feeling healthy ??

Hi all

I have been using the app and website for a couple of years now on and off, and it has helped me to drop weight each time, however I do have problems with maintaining.

This time I have decided to seek a little help and support from the community, as well as lending help and support to other where i can, in the hope that I will not only be able to drop the weight again, but keep it off without dropping exes weight

New member -- hello group!!